Comparing apples with apples


You have chosen IVF. It is expensive but the rewards for you and your partner are beyond price. How do we compare with other fertility clinics in Nigeria and round the world in terms of costs and standards?


IVF has proved its worth worldwide by helping many thousands of couples have healthy babies. It is a specialist process and you need to know that the clinic you choose has the experience and proven success rate that you require. You also want to know how much it will cost. There are approximately 40 IVF clinics in Nigeria, with success rates varying from 15% to 48% in terms of embryo transfer. This success rate has improved steadily during the past five years and Nigeria now delivers over 500 IVF babies every year. It also has the largest number of IVF clinics in West Africa.


Comparing Cost

Investing in fertility treatment is a big step for most couples. It is an expensive procedure and in Nigeria there is no regulation in terms of costs or standards. We have researched clinics both locally and abroad to give you some perspective.


Comparing first consultation fees in Nigeria

The first consultation varies between clinics. Some perform tests and scans during the initial consultation while others only perform these tests after meeting you.
*Prices indicated here are from January 2016 and based on information received from clinical enquiries and information available on the internet.



Comparing IVF fees in Nigeria

The IVF fees indicated below are standard IVF procedure fees only and exclude medication and consultations.
*Prices indicated here are from January 2016 and based on information received from clinical enquiries and information available on the internet. Please note that The Bridge Clinic does not perform standard IVF based on the success rates being achieved. The fee indicated below is to showcase our fee in comparison with other clinics if we were to perform the standard IVF procedure.


Comparing IVF + IMSI fees in Nigeria

The fees indicated below are procedure fees only and exclude medication and consultations. The Bridge Clinic has decided to make IVF + IMSI its standard treatment procedure after an audit of success rates comparing standard IVF procedures with those of IVF + IMSI. It is important to note the difference in offering between The Bridge Clinic and our competitors as at first glance our procedure is very different from our competitors’ because it automatically includes IMSI.
*Prices indicated here are from January 2016 and based on information received from clinical enquiries and information available on the internet.



Comparing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) fees in Nigeria

IUI fees below are for the procedure only and exclude medication and consultations.
* Prices are based on information received from clinical enquiries and information available on the internet.


Should you go abroad?

IVF is practised all over the world and the costs and standards vary as much as the countries. The cheapest options cost less than $3,000. In some European countries, IVF can cost as little as $2,000. At the other end of the scale, IVF in the United States cost upwards of $10,000. Here you will find a comparison between countries where IVF treatment is popular and how they compare with The Bridge Clinic. Fees indicated are for standard IVF procedures and exclude medication and consultations. Please note that the fees indicated below do not include IMSI which is included in The Bridge Clinic’s fee.




The fees indicated above are average costs of private fertility clinics in each of the countries and compare to The Bridge Clinic in terms of success rates and regulation standards. US Dollar exchange rates are as per December 2015 and the rates above may change due to exchange fluctuations.

* Travel expenses have been calculated on return economy airline tickets for two adults. All additional expenses like accommodation, local transport and meals have been excluded from the calculations above.


Things to consider before you decide

Going abroad for fertility treatment may interest you but there are many factors to consider. For example, prices quoted may not include essential procedures which could add thousands of Naira to your bill. You should also consider the volatility of the world’s exchange rates.


No family support

Being far away from home means that you won’t be close to your family and friends who care about your emotional and physical wellbeing. In many cases, your partner may not be able to travel with you due to work commitments. This can prove to be lonely and stressful and influence the effectiveness of fertility treatments.


Travel and accommodation

Travel is expensive and you would have to pay for your accommodation and meals. You should also remember that you will need follow-up appointments which would extend your stay or necessitate the expense of return trips.

Success Rates

Just because a clinic is located in a first world country, does not necessarily mean that it provides the best treatment. Be sure to research success rates thoroughly.



How do we compare?

The Bridge Clinic maintains the highest standards of professionalism and care. We have a high successful conception ratio and have recorded the successful live births of over 1943 babies (Figures true for February 2016) since we opened our doors in 1999. We offer the best service and are the only fertility clinic in Nigeria to have an internationally monitored quality management system in place.


Maintaining our standards

Our doctors, nurses and embryologists receive regular training from our European partners at the IVF Centers Prof. Zech in Austria and our state-of the art equipment is sourced and regularly serviced to maintain international standards of excellence. We also adhere to stringent requirements in terms of air purification and the temperature control of our laboratory, theatres and equipment. Because of all this, you can rest assured that you will receive the best treatment available and that your money will be well spent.


In the interest of transparency we include a detailed breakdown of our prices. Our treatments are divided into Primary Care , Specialist Care , Advanced Care , Alternatives.


Please note that all the costs listed do not necessarily apply to you and your partner. When you have been assessed by one of our fertility specialists, you will receive an individualised cost plan. We also offer our patients free financial planning.