Excellence in fertility treatment for your patients

Your patients turn to you in their time of need. They know they can trust you and rely on your good judgement to get them the highest quality treatment available. You know you can trust The Bridge Clinic to give them that care. Since we opened we have played a pioneering role in fertility treatment in Nigeria and offer fertility services on the same level of quality as the best European and international clinics. We work closely with IVF Centers Prof Zech in Europe to help couples conceive healthy children as early as the first treatment cycle.

Trust in referring

Certified for European standards and what this means for your patients’ peace of mind

Fertility clinics and treatment is not regulated in Nigeria and this leaves your patients open to risk and poor results. Because there is no regulation, many clinics take advantage of the fact that many couples will require more than one treatment cycle before they conceive.

While it is simply not possible to provide fertility treatment abroad without a special licence confirming that your clinic is able to provide the right level of service, of which inspections are done annually, in Nigeria, anyone with the right equipment can say they provide fertility services.

We believe that all our patients, and your patients too, have the right to the highest standards in fertility care and the highest chances of conception. That is why we implemented a quality management system in 2004 to assure our clients of the quality of treatment they will get at The Bridge Clinic. This system is certified and regulated by Quality Austria to meet their required standards.