God makes everything beautiful in His own time. I had an ICSI done which failed. Seven spare embryos were frozen and we were asked to come for a frozen embryo transfer. My husband and I started the process. On the day of the embryo transfer, I was told four were dead. One was graded 3CC and two were early blastocysts. I was so scared, but I kept telling myself that if one can get to blastocyst stage, it will stay. We kept praying to God. My wonderful doctor (Dr Oyeleye) and the whole team were all there to support me. Even with my phobia for oral drugs, I kept taking the drugs diligently. I decided to take the pregnancy test two days before the date (5 August 2016), I noticed a faint line. I was still sceptical so I decided to take a blood test and it came out positive. I couldn’t believe it (NB: the embryos transferred were 3CC and 2). I repeated another urine test and it came out positive. I shouted out with joy I am pregnant! Today my baby is 7 weeks and 2 days old and doing well. I want to thank everyone at Bridge Clinic (Dr Oyeleye, nurses Kemi and Cynthia as well as Nancy and Ola) and all the others for being there for me. Embryologists, thank you for showing my baby love during his stay with you in the lab. Muah! I love you all!

I feel like saying “Thank you, Jesus” is too small for my God. If only I had better words to express my gratitude to my God because He is a wonderful God. I was married for five years (2011 – 2016) without a child until God said my time has come. He opened my husband’s eyes one day when he was browsing the internet. He saw ‘Bridge Clinic’ and told me. That was how we came to Bridge Clinic in March 2016. In my case, I was not even menstruating, not to speak of getting pregnant, after all the tests for me and my hubby. I started treatment with Primolut N for bleeding. Then Clomid, 1, 2 – 3 doses for three cycles, but there was no response. It was not an easy journey. We persevered and encouraged ourselves. During the 4th cycle I was given FSH for ten days. The first scan I did in this cycle was not that encouraging. After the second scan, the FSH was increased. In the third scan I was congratulated by the doctor because I responded very well and that was the beginning of the testimony. I was given injections and the doctor told me and my husband to meet him 16 days later. I was called to run a pregnancy test, although I was sick and I thought it was Malaria. I asked the nurse if it will show positive. She said, “Yes, by the grace of God.” So, I waited till the next day and I did a urine test at home. I could not believe what I saw, and I called the nurse to say I don’t understand. I was asked to bring the strip to the clinic and when I got there the congratulatory bell was ringing. God is awesome. I still could not believe that I was pregnant until two weeks later when I was asked to come for my first scan. Behold, I saw the image of God in my womb. We cannot drop our pen without saying thank you to all the doctors and nurses at Bridge Clinic. They are wonderful, very friendly and encouraging. I say God bless you all in Jesus’ name, Amen. I want to encourage anyone reading this testimony that when God says it is your time, nothing can stop you. Prayer, faith and perseverance is very important in life and God who has done this for me will do it for you, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Bless the name of the Lord Almighty, for He alone deserves the glory for making us the joyful mother and father of our children. We want to thank God for the wisdom given to all the staff at Bridge Clinic who produced excellent results. Also, thank you staff members for your hospitality, care and counselling. We appreciated the smiles that were always on your beautiful faces. Please keep it up. If we have the opportunity to refer clients, we will definitely do so. God bless you all. God has made our case different. To Him alone be all the glory!

We really want to thank God Almighty for the mercy shown to my family. After about 4 years and a few months of waiting, we give God Almighty all the praise and adoration for making it possible for me to conceive (twins). We have confidence in his hands that has begun good work in me and hope that this pregnancy will be fulfilled in Jesus’ name. We really appreciate and want to thank all the staff at Bridge Clinic including Dr Bamidele, Dr Onyinye, Dr Ibrahim, Nurse Ann, Nurse Busola and other lovely staff who supported us throughout the procedure of our first experience with IVF. May the Almighty God bless you all and grant you all of your hearts’ desires. Thank You.

We would like to show our appreciation to the Bridge Clinic staff for putting smiles on our faces! We got married in 2011 and decided to wait 2 years before trying for babies. Little did we know there would be medical issues to deal with. When we were ready to start trying for babies, we visited a clinic in Malaysia where we resided. During a normal check-up, medical issues were discovered. We were able to manage some of the issues, but the gynaecologist categorically told us that IVF/adoption was the only way for us to have kids. My husband decided we should start the process immediately, but I refused because I was still trying to process the whole IVF vs. adoption option. So we placed it on hold. Fast forward to September 2016. He brought up the issue of IVF and possible ways of having a baby and told me to do my research, including whether to go back to meet the gynaecologist in Malaysia for the process. I wanted to find out what Nigeria had to offer, considering the travelling cost and all. So we started searching online, reading reviews (some encouraging, some not so encouraging) and eventually decided to try out Bridge Clinic. We thank God for the day that decision was made. We walked into Bridge Clinic on the 7th of October 2016, the staff were so professional. We met Dr Olaniyi and presented our medical history to her. She explained the process and we started the FertilitySure Comprehensive tests in November and the IVF journey in December 2016. By 24 January 2017 the pregnancy test came out ‘positive’, just within one cycle. God is great and merciful! We would like to thank every one of the staff who interceded, prayed and encouraged us after every visit: may God bless you all, may He visit you during your point of need. Amen. I also want to use this opportunity to encourage any couple considering IVF. Whether through normal conception or IVF, babies are gifts from God and he has blessed the hands of doctors/nurses to take part in such miracles, so don’t look at what people will say. Seek help if needed and all the best!

We really appreciate the Almighty God for a successful procedure at the Bridge Clinic. We came to the clinic and met wonderful people like Dr Bamidele, Dr Onyinye, Dr Ibrahim, Nurse Ann, Nurse Busola, Angela and all the other amazing staff who gave us great support throughout the period of our first experience with IVF. Once again, we thank God and pray that God blesses every eye that reads this and that your own testimony will come speedily, in Jesus’ name. Thank you.

I give thanks to Almighty God for making it possible for me to conceive. I appreciate Almighty God for doing this for me after losing hope. What I thought is not possible, God make it possible for me. After looking for the fruit of the womb for years, God gave it to me at age 48. Thank you Almighty Father! What God has started, I believe he is going to finish it in my life. I thank all the staff at Bridge Clinic, from the doctors, nurses, admin staff and even the security at the gate, they all perform excellently. Almighty God will bless you all. Thank you the Bridge Clinic for putting a smile on my face.

I thank God for using the Bridge Clinic to bless me and my family for the third time. I am so happy that God pointed me to the Bridge Clinic from the onset and I have no regrets about that. I also thank God for the Doctors, nurses and all the staff at the clinic for their good work. I will share this testimony with my friends and relatives. I will personally talk to people I know who need the same help and tell them to come to the Bridge Clinic. I thank God for this blessing. Also, thanks to Bridge Clinic.

Hmmm, where do I even start? This is the Lord’s doing and it’s great in my mind. Although, I was full of optimism when a friend introduced me to the Bridge Clinic last year July (2016). All because she also turned to the Bridge Clinic and was blessed with a set of twins (boys). She convinced me by telling me that my time has come. After about two decades of looking for a fruit of the womb, here I am today – an expert mother! To Almighty Allah be the glory. As a joyful pregnant woman, I seize this medium to pray for all the readers of this my testimony that things of joy will always come your way. You will dig and find water, you will plant and reap plentifully. I was crying like a baby the day I tested positive for pregnancy, it was awesome and overwhelming. My thoughto was “So I can also test positive for pregnancy?” God’s time is the best. Long live the Bridge Clinic. I appreciate all the doctors, nurses and everybody in the clinic. Thank you.

Hmmm, where do I start? A journey of seven years. During my fourth IVF/ICSI treatment God visited and blessed the journey. I battled with ovarian cyst before and after my wedding with a distended tummy. Due to ascites and ovarian cyst I needed surgery to have it removed, yet, it returned. Hmmm… went for various excruciating procedures I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemies. Did I say that, during the surgery to remove the ovarian cyst, they cut out one of my fallopian tubes and called it ‘medical mistake’? I also battled with hydrosalpinges. It was tough emotionally. It was draining financially. It was painful spiritually. Every Dick and Harry became advisors. But, through it all, I had and still have a caring husband who supported me. My childhood friend and classmate, now a medical doctor, encouraged me to go for IVF treatment after she experienced problems with childbearing. We Googled and found a place! Nordica. The first procedure failed. I was devastated. I was detached. I was a wreck. It was unexplained as to why it failed. The hubby was strong, feeling macho, as if nothing happened. Then the second treatment. Same, he acted as if nothing happened. Higher dose of injections. Ah! Did I mention the very unpleasant injections that left my abdomen sour? Well, I guess you always need to have a bowl of ice cream while injecting. Went for yet another pregnancy test, negative! At that point, I didn’t care. I walked away but God knows, I bled in my heart. I wasn’t interested in another excruciating journey. To me, I wasn’t meant for motherhood! What next?! Hubby bought some herbal meds prescribed by a friend. Gosh! I hated it! But, I obliged. Still, nothing happened. Month after month, Lady Care sanitary pads was my forced companion. Aunty monthly period did not even delay to give me a little hope. Then a doctor friend referred us to the Bridge Clinic. Hmm… ‘Is it not like the others?’ I asked myself. Then I had my first treatment with them (third IVF treatment). Failed. Had two cysts drained. Hubby kept pushing to go through another treatment, yet he was the same person who declined when I first mentioned it some 4 or 5 years ago, lol! God works! Finally, I had the fourth one done, at the best time ever, Christmas. Did I also mention that hubby and I brought in his nephew and made him ours? We were advised bringing in a child to warm the house will bring good luck. He once came to me and said, “Mommy, when you have your twins, please name them, Victoria and Victor.” I laughed liked Sarah in the bible and claimed it in my heart. The New beginning! January 2nd, 2017 will be a day I will never ever forget in a hurry. Even in heaven. With not much hope, I did the urine test for pregnancy as early as 5:55 am. Got back 5 minutes later to see the AMAZING DOUBLE LINES. My first BFP ever! I cried, I laughed. We prayed. A week later, our joy increased. Two gestation sacs! You know what that means right? Lol. Feel free to call me Iya Beji. God’s mercy is His greatest attribute. He is never late. I continue to pray for a smooth pregnancy. He has started it. It is well with us. The god of hosts shall bless all waiting mothers to be this year in Jesus’ name, Amen. Thank you to everyone that took care of me at the Bridge Clinic. Awesome people! Awesome Doctors! Very neat environment. Keep it up guys. Love you all!

As I write this testimonial. I am 8 weeks pregnant. While one might think that 8 weeks is early, it is the furthest I have come to being pregnant. This is the first time that my dream of carrying a pregnancy to term that has not been dashed within antenatal care. In our three year marriage, my husband and I have dealt with two chemical pregnancies and an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in a loss of my right tube. We have been through a lot. We decided to work with The Bridge clinic based on recommendations from friends who told me that her sister had dealt with 5 years of infertility, this was before her decision to work with The Bridge Clinic. She now has three beautiful children and her reproductive issues have become a distant memory. Working with The Bridge Clinic, has been a complete pleasure. My first consultation was professional. Dr Oyeleye was personable, knowledgeable and willing to answer all the questions I had (I had a lot!). my husband and I did not want to start immediately with IVF. Dr Oyeleye worked with us on ovulation induction using Clomid. In November 2015 I got pregnant after the first try but unfortunately the pregnancy turned out to be ectopic and a difficult decision had to be made to remove the right tube. Dr Oyeleye showed compassion and concern. I was touched. After taking a few months to heal, we decided that IVF would be the best way forward. In April 2016, I commenced the protocol that Dr Oyeleye and Dr Udenis had laid out for me. I was pleasantly surprised, contrary to everything. I previously feared the process that was no horrible. Dr Oyeleye and Dr Udensi did everything to ensure an optimal and safe egg stimulation, collection and embryo transfer. It also helped that everyone at the clinic was so kind. There was always a smile from the receptionist and some words of encouragement or show of concern. Nurse Kemi was my assigned nurse. The other staff members took the time to know my name and to familiarise themselves with my case. When the protocol was over, and my positive result was confirmed, everyone (medical and non- medical staff) took the time to personally congratulate me. I have now been referred to another clinic for antenatal care. While I am happy to be moving to the next phase of this journey I will certainly miss the compassion and professionalism. The Bridge staff showed compassion throughout the entire time. There was never a time when I called Dr Oyeleye that she didn’t answer my call or get back to me. There was never a time I sat in the waiting room for longer than necessary during an appointment. If I needed to change an appointment time, the clinic was ready to work with me. I could go on. I would highly recommend TBC to anyone looking for reproductive assistance. The quality of care is worth every penny. As a total package, TBC ticks all the boxes.

We came to The Bridge Clinic, with the hope of undergoing the IUI procedure but tests carried out showed that it may not be the best option. With the encouragement of Dr Udensi, we decided to try out the ICSI procedure. The whole process took 2 months. On the day of the embryo transfer, we decided to have 2 embryos transferred. The embryo transfer was simple with very little pain. We were sceptical of the outcome as it was our first time undergoing IVF. I was to test about 2 weeks after the embryo transfer, but I tested a week after which was shortly after the HCG injection so I felt the HCG in my system. Nurse Nancy called me in the morning of the official test to remind me to carry out the test and I did. I got a positive result immediately! The nurses and Dr Udensi were so excited when I called them to let them know. We have been trying to conceive for 5 years and for the first time we got a positive result. We are happy with the outcome. On my 6th week scan, we saw two sacs in the scan and eventually saw two heartbeats on the 8th week scan. We were expecting twins. I would like to use the opportunity to thank Dr Udensi for his support and appreciate Nurse Nancy, Cynthia and Kemi for their encouragement. I would also like to thank all the other staff at TBC who always had a smile on their face during the visitation days. I would also like to use this medium to recommend TBC for their professionalism. We thank God for making this process a success.

To God be the glory, honour and adoration. For He is faithful. God never fails. When all hope was lost, God used TBC to restore my hope and put a smile on my face. I got married in November 2013 and after two miscarriages, I was not ovulating at all between 2014/2015. As I was searching through the internet, I came across TBC which we decided to visit. I started the treatment cycle in February 2016 in which my system was no responding well for the ovarian stimulation. By the special grace of God, God used Dr Udensi to keep trying and impacting hope on us. On the day of the egg collection four eggs were collected and two fertilized. The two were also implanted. We kept praying for God to help us. On 4/4/16 which was the day they gave me a pregnancy test, early in the morning. I prayed before doing the test and God answered me and the test came out positive. Today, as I came for scanning it revealed my baby’s heartbeat. I also saw its movement and he was 11 weeks and 3 days. Thank you TBC, thank you Jesus. My special thanks goes to my one and only Dr Udensi. The way you took my case, the way you responded to my calls. I say to the Almighty God, continue to bless and impact more knowledge and skills for you to help many couples looking for happiness too. All thanks to all the staff at Bridge Clinic in Port Harcourt. May God of Heaven bless you and also grant all your heart’s desire. In Jesus Name.

What the Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all. I was not sure of what I was doing when my husband and I came in two months ago but my husband had a very strong faith, that we will include our testimonial in your hospital file. Alhamdulillah, we congratulated that we were expecting our first child. We are happy. Thanks be to God and the entire staff of TBC. God bless you all.

I have been married for 9.5 years. In 2014, I came to The Bridge Clinic after trying one or two hospitals. After the first consultation, I was sceptical about the procedure, probably because of my age (36), the possibility of getting pregnant was slim. In late 2015, I prayed and asked God for His grace. I decided to come back in 2016 in March. I started the process with courage and believing in God. Trust me when I say no pain, no gain. The process does take a toll on you. Today, I am 7 weeks pregnant. I give God the glory. I also want to take the opportunity to thank all Bridge Clinic staff for their personal care, attention and love. Thank you.

Glory to God- Until now, it is like a dream for me because I have waited. I waited a solid 8 years. It all started February 2016 when my husband and I came to The Bridge Clinic to make enquiries and from there, the journey started. In May 2016, our journey ended positively. God used Dr Abiara on my second visit to make me understand that all hope is not lost, no matter how bad it seemed. From all the indications, our case was not that bad at all. When we started, we realised that the stories being fabricated about IVF is nothing compared to the stress-free treatment we had here at The Bridge Clinic. In all God is indeed awesome and we are very grateful. Thank you for the entire team at The Bridge Clinic. May God continue to promote and bless you.

The Bridge Clinic is a divine intervention in bringing this much awaited joy into my family. Come to think of it: NA-TWIN-OH! After our first IVF treatment at one IVF facility, we thought of trying another facility. On the same day, through the internet, we came across The Bridge Clinic. I am inspired by the high level of technology and professionalism that is the unique selling point of the facility. With God, nothing is impossible.

I give glory to the Almighty Allah for making this a reality. Though it seems like a dream, it is real. After a long fight of tears and waiting, a very long five to six weeks of treatment, but thank God it happened. I always asked God for two children and thanks to God, He is giving me two. I give thanks to the Almighty God. I want to thank all the doctors and nurses of The Bridge Clinic for everything. We are grateful. I also want to thank my family for their support and care. May God be with each and every one of you. Amen.

GLORY TO GOD, I CAN WRITE MY TESTIMONY! We were referred to The Bridge Clinic by Dr Sawyer after unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally for 5 years. He had explained the odds and we were ready to try and hope for the best. After meeting with wonderful Dr Abiara, I felt at peace despite the odds being against us. I really took it to heart when she said we should have faith and be positive. The process was never wrecking, painful and stressful but Nurse Busola and Dr Abiara were ever so supportive. I thank God for everyone I met at The Bridge Clinic. Right from the security gate to the doctors in the clinic. Words cannot express our gratitude for such a great team. We leave The Bridge Clinic as a success, with our first IVF procedure. I was prepared for heartache, I got a reason to celebrate instead. My advice to all aspiring parents is to be patient and ask questions where they need to. Anything is possible. Thank you The Bridge Clinic. I can finally give my 9 year old son a sibling.

All glory to God. All praises to the most high. He has turned my mourning into dancing. All the years of crying out to Him. Month after month, year after year God has not forgotten me. He has not abandoned me. He has heard my cry for help. It is like a dream that I am floating in but a dream I will not wake up from, because it is finally true. 11 years ago, my husband and I were blessed with a wonderful child. Since he was a year old, we started trying to conceive for a second child. It was a very traumatic period. I had an ectopic pregnancy, a blistered ovum and an ovarian cyst. Series of operations left my body weak and my soul perplexed- grateful to be alive. I still asked God why? What have I done that you chose my womb? Will I not be like other women carrying babies on my back. God answered us through The Bridge Clinic. After 10 years, God has opened my womb and on the first try! Truly, there is nothing God cannot do. If you are here searching for answers, may God hear your cry for help. May He wipe the tears from your eyes and give you the desire of your heart. NEVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE. God bless.

I have been asked to write an essay on infertility and I think I could use many pages to express myself. I am writing this to encourage someone out there to take the right step. The rest of the story and the success you have been waiting for is at the Bridge Clinic! I had my fears but having read the profiles and success stories of other mothers, I was encouraged to try myself. I started my treatment in October 2015 and had my embryo transfer on 7 December. Before it was time for my test, I had almost all the signs of early pregnancy. Today I am 12 weeks pregnant and God has been awesome. I had 2 embryos transferred but when I had my first scan, one heartbeat was shown. This is to say that God determines what he wants to give you. Please my brothers and sisters, don’t wait if you have the resources to have IVF. It’s true. It’s real. It’s natural and so little stress compared to the days, months and years of waiting that are full of pain. A hymn to the Bridge Clinic. A very big thank you to my doctor (Mrs) Oyeleye for her patience and understanding. I also say a big thank you to all the nurses and staff. I think one of the greatest things you can do in life is to put a smile on someone’s face. The team at this great clinic did that to me and my whole family. I am so grateful for their commitment and all their services. You were not just interested in collecting the money, you were really interested in achieving a positive result. Thank you Doctor Fabi .Thank you Lord.

We got to know The Bridge Clinic through a radio programme called, ‘Sharing Life Issues’ with Charles B. We were asked to text ‘FERTILITY’ to 20050, which we did. We got a call from the Bridge Clinic who booked an appointment for us. In 2014 we went to the Bridge Clinic. They told us all about IVF and what it would cost. We decided to do FertilitySure. After the tests they discovered that my husband has no sperm cells in his semen. We were very shocked and they advised to use donor sperm. We were horrified but the doctor said we could try surgical sperm collection but in case it didn’t work, we had to agree to a sperm donor before the surgical procedure could be done. It was very difficult for us to make a decision. We went home sorrowfully that day and decided to hand everything over to God for Him to turn the situation around. In October 2015 we went back to Bridge to start the treatment. On the day of egg collection God manifested His Power. My husband had been asked to produce semen that morning. He did but no sperm were found in it. The doctor said that he would try surgical sperm collection. He did and lo and behold, as they cut, they found sperm. Praise the Lord! About 20 eggs were recovered from me, of which about 10 were mature enough to be fertilised. The next day the eggs were fertilised with my husband’s sperm. Only 4 embryos survived up to Day 5 (the day of transfer). I had a complication which the doctor called Hyper Ovarian Stimulation (OHSS). Because of this, the embryos were not transferred that day . The doctor said that I would have to wait some months to recover before continuing with the treatment but in the meantime the embryos would be frozen . During the period of waiting we were so worried because we’d heard that freezing reduces the quality of embryos and that the success rate is lower. But we kept on praying. After about three months I continued with the treatment. On the day of transfer, the embryos were thawed . Only 2 embryos survived the freezing and they were transferred. To the Glory of God I was pregnant. I am grateful to God and the entire Bridge Clinic family. Their doctors and nurses are wonderful people. We specially thank Dr Oyeleye. God is really using her in a special way to put smiles on people’s faces. Also special thanks to nurses Kemi, Stella, Nancy and Cynthia. May God bless you all

I give thanks to God Almighty, the Giver of Life and every good thing, who made my journey a success after seven years of waiting. The journey started in December 2015 when we went to the Bridge Clinic to find out about the IVF process. We met with a wonderful counsellor who encouraged and advised us about the whole process. We started the process and by March the embryo was transferred after two weeks. To the Glory of God I tested positive. It was joy and thanksgiving all the way. As I work on this testimony I’m already 7 weeks gone. I also want to thank all the doctors and nurses I came across during this journey. May God bless them all.

This is just fantastic. I had my first IVF a year ago. It failed and I was so depressed. I didn’t know how depressed I was until I hugged my sister a month later and cried my eyes out. I thought I should try Bridge a year later and commenced treatment in December 2015. I was so impressed with the services I got until the embryo transfer. The report was not so nice. 11 eggs were collected. 6 were fertilised and 2 survived until Day 5 with Grade A and Grade C embryos . All I did was ask God to take control and He did. I’m a gynaecologist and I understand the science but I knew it was all up to God and He Did It! Bridge Clinic was fantastic. Superb services. Very professional workforce and very successful result. Thank you Bridge Clinic

I give all the glory to God Almighty who made today come to pass in my life. My journey in marriage was 14 years on 15 December 2015. After a very long search for the fruit of the womb, the devil vowed to see to it that I didn’t have children but God came to rescue me and I return to Him, all the glory. This is my first pregnancy ever! I came to TBC on self-referral after my boss told me how God answered his wife’s prayers. I came in January 2015 and paid for two cycles. The first cycle was perfectly done by clinic in May 2015 but the devil didn’t allow it to work. I came back in June 2015 to tell my doctor that I know the clinic did a professional job but the devil worked against it. I asked him to give me more time to pray. After some spiritual exercise, I came back in Nov 2015 and I started the second cycle on January 2016. I was confirmed pregnant to the glory of God. I thank TBC and all the members of their staff. I encourage anyone who reads this testimony not to lose hope, but to be encouraged. If I can be confirmed pregnant then I am more than sure that anyone who reads this testimony and who trusts and prays to God and does what is required by The Bridge Clinic will definitely smile. More grace to TBC. More blessings and wisdom. You will forever remain God’s weapon of solution to people’s lives. I am eternally grateful. I wish you well and good luck.

To God be the glory for making my dream come true. I had my baby girl 8 years ago and since then, all efforts towards having another child became difficult until I heard about Bridge Clinic through a radio programme. I sent a text to the number and booked an appointment. My husband didn’t agree to the plan initially, but when God touched his heart, he raised it and we came to the clinic. The glory is God’s alone and I took my first treatment. I use this opportunity to thank all the staff and management of the Bridge Clinic. Thank you and to God be all the praise.

Firstly, we sincerely want to express our gratitude to God Almighty for the miracle He has given us. He is indeed Jehovah Ebenezer (Our God of Help). May His name alone be praised. Secondly, our thanks go to all the staff and management of The Bridge Clinic whom God used to make our miracle a reality. Special thanks to our wonderful doctors, Dr Bamidele, Dr Abiara, Dr Onyinye and our counsellor Abang and my lovely caring nurses Busola, Cynthia , Tina, Ada and Sandra for all your support, love and care. Good Lord bless you all more abundantly. It all started as if it was not going to work. It was our first time and there was so much fear. My husband was asking me whether it will be successful because he didn’t want to waste his resources on something he’s not sure of. But I kept encouraging him until we came to an agreement. We were praying and believing in God for a positive result. Finally God of impossibility specialist, the All sufficient God made our IVF attempt successful. Our advice for those asking God for a miracle like this, is to come to The Bridge Clinic. Trust in God and pray earnestly. The same God who made us, will equally answer you through this wonderful clinic. Amen.

My gynaecologist referred me to many IVF clinics but my instincts chose TBC where I found perfect reception from the staff and the doctors. After the first attempt here, I got pregnant through two embryos that were transferred. One survived and I trust it is the best and most healthy embryo. I want to thank God for the success of this cycle. It wasn’t easy - especially the injections - but God saw me through it all. We checked the baby’s heartbeat today and it is perfect. My special thanks to Dr Bamidele and Dr Onyinye. You are wonderful. My advice is to be positive about your cycle and listen to the instructions given by your caregivers. Good luck.

We are very grateful to God who directed us to The Bridge Clinic when we needed the gift of life. We thank the staff of The Bridge Clinic for their care, love and professionalism. We are happy that God has used this wonderful clinic to help us laugh once again and shed tears of joy. Thank you God, thank you Bridge Clinic. We wish you more success in your establishment.

We got married on 20 Nov 2010. I was 25 years old and blessed with a wonderful husband. The only thing I wanted to make us complete as a family, was the gift of a child. We starting anticipating pregnancy and every time I had a negative test result, I was heartbroken. I went for a consultation and discovered that I had a fibroid and had surgery to have it removed on 27 May 2011. I finally learned about The Bridge Clinic and my husband and I decided we should try IVF Treatment. We started treatment on 27 July 2014. I had to give myself injections and was guided by doctors and nurses to do this. I was even given a personal nurse to guide me through the process. I went for the egg collection and few days later the embryo transfer was done. We were asked to wait for two weeks before taking a pregnancy test but just before the date I had OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome). I literally thought the IVF Cycle will fail but, to God be the Glory, I had the test done and I was pregnant. The OHSS miraculously disappeared. No pain anymore.

We have been married for 4 years and 6 days today. We started trying to conceive a year after our marriage but to no avail and decided to go to a hospital. From 2012, we have been moving from one hospital to another, spending lots of money and taking many tests, with no definite solution. Along the line, my husband was diagnosed with Azospermica. I was crushed when I heard the news. They give him drugs but there was no significant change. I was told that I have PCOS and that patients with PCOS do get pregnant at some point, but I gave up and stopped going to the hospital. An old friend introduced us to a doctor who referred us to The Bridge Clinic. We were lucky enough to see Dr Obineche just before he left the country. He did a couple of tests and suggested that we do IVF. Dr Omojowa at TBC then ordered a comprehensive test which we had. He explained the whole procedure but at that time we couldn’t afford it. But the Almighty provided us with the means and I started my injections 10.03.15. It was difficult at first, but I got used to it. Then Dr David Nandul took over my case. He is equally an excellent medical doctor. On my Day 9 scan I didn’t respond well to the FSH Injections and treatment. I was devastated because it meant I had to go through all those injections again. It also meant a double cost on drugs. I composed myself and prayed about it. I started my injections for the second time on 11/05/2015. This time, the dose of FSH was increased and I responded very well. At every hurdle, remember to stop, reflect and give thanks to the Almighty. I had my egg collection on the 16/06/15. I was so nervous the night before and couldn’t sleep. I prayed all night and asked the Almighty to make it easy for me. The egg collection went quite well. Even though I was sedated, I felt a bit of a pinch during the procedure but it was bearable. When I woke up I started to vomit. I felt sick for a couple of days. The same day I had my collection, my husband had ICSI and I hoped they would get a viable sperm to fertilise the egg. At the beginning, the doctors stressed the importance of having a donor sperm in case ICIS didn’t work. If ICSI didn’t work it would be the end for us because we didn’t want a sperm donor. We managed to cross that hurdle. The following week, the embryologist told us the 5 eggs had fertilised. We were thrilled! On the day of embryo transfer, I was nervous as usual but with the team of doctors I was privileged and lucky to have, it went without a hitch. Two weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test and I couldn’t believe it. I had to take four tests to be sure. The most amazing thing was seeing my baby’s heart beat on the first scan. It’s an indescribable feeling. We give our unending appreciation and thanks to Allah. Without him, none of this would have come to be. Our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude goes to Dr David Nandul, Nurse Ijeoma, Nurse Ann and the entire team at TBC Abuja, and those who came from Lagos. The team at TBC are very warm and supportive. To me TBC has become part of my family and I will never forget them. We will not hesitate to recommend TBC to friends and family. Thank you TBC!

Taking the decision to embark on this journey was not an easy one. Once we started, it was unbelievably smooth, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the doctors and nurses of TBC. Each step was eventful but we thank God for the success of the whole procedure. We are sincerely grateful for the support and encouragement given through each step and for the follow up calls and kind words. To the ever cheerful and warm staff, I say a big thank you. You all made this process easy and bearable. May God bless and keep you all and may TBC continue to grow bigger and bigger in Jesus’ name.

I am indeed grateful to God and thankful to everyone at TBC for the blessing of our pregnancy. By the grace of God, this is my 4th child. This was my first experience with IVF and thanks to God’s grace and everyone here, it was successful. I want to thank all the doctors and Nancy, Stella, Ann, Ola, Amina and all the others for their encouragement and kindness. I pray that God will continue to bless many other couples seeking the fruit of the womb. God bless you all.

To God be the glory, for I was worried and scared. Today I am smiling at my bundle of joy. It all started when we got married on 15 September 2011. Four years went by without an addition to our family. By God’s grace, we were able to learn about TBC via online and decided to give it a try. We tried IVF through the Port Harcourt Bridge Clinic and it was successful. Thanks to God and all the doctors and nurses at this clinic for their prayers and words of encouragement. May God that is using you to do the good work, continue to bless and favour you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

To God be the glory, we are already 16 weeks gone. It has not been an easy journey and I’ve had some bleeding and spotting. But Almighty God was there at every stage of the procedure and we have every reason to thank Him and the wonderful TBC team of TBC, Port Harcourt. This second successful journey started in February 2014. We had our first success on the 4th attempt. I say never give up. Patience is the key. We had to wait a whole year for a suitable egg donor. The procedure started in April 2015 with injections, which one never gets used to. We thought all was going well but were faced with ‘no sperm cells’. We rejected the donor plan and prepared for surgery but God showed up again. A few cells were found and gradual storage done as a backup. Thirteen eggs were collected and, to God alone be the Glory, sperm cells were found. Only two were fertilised, and we hoped against hope they would make it to blastocysts. Day 5, the two embryos were transferred and we waited for two weeks. On the evening of Day 13 I started bleeding heavily. On the morning of Day 14, as instructed by the clinic, we carried out a home pregnancy test that returned positive. We came for an ultra sound scan which confirmed our pregnancy. Today all is well and our bundle of joy is growing daily to the Glory of God. We encourage everyone passing through this route, that God will use the skilful hands and knowledge of TBC team and that God himself will show up for you throughout the procedure.God bless.

First and foremost we want to thank God Almighty for His Grace and Favour throughout our treatment. We also want to say a big thank you to the doctors and staff of TBC for their efforts in making us parents. This is our second procedure. The first in 2013 was also successful and our son is healthy, smart and handsome. The most challenging part for me was injecting myself. It’s scary at first but actually it is nothing to fear -especially knowing that you might get a positive result at the end of the treatment. The second procedure was like the first one and everything went well. God be the glory, I am 7 weeks gone! I want to encourage anyone reading this testimony, who is about to go through the procedure, to have faith in God that it will have a positive outcome. You will get good results in Jesus’ name. Never give up and always think positively. To TBC, thank you very much for putting a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. Nancy dear, thanks for always answering my questions and calls. I hope to have a baby girl. May God continue to use you, to put smiles on people’s faces. It is not easy but God is faithful.

God is wonderful and may his name be praised. It all started aound July 2015 after being to many places with no result. So my husband and I decided to come to The Bridge Clinic. The treatment started slowly because our first schedule was cancelled because I wasn’t reponding well to the injections. Another schedule was given to us which we started around September 2015 and yet again the devil wanted to do his work. But my doctor, Doctor Joseph kept encouraging me that all be well and today God has done it on our third attempt. We came last two weeks to see our baby for the first time and today we heard the heartbeat of our precious baby. Our joy knows no bounds. God is indeed great. Our profound gratitude goes to my doctor, Doctor Joseph, who tells me the truth and who keeps encouraging me without minding my calls and text messages even at odd hours. Dr Abiara is a wonderful doctor. She did my embryo transfer with so much love. The Bridge Clinic has wonderful nurses and they were very encouraging and they all showed me sisterly love. Nurse Cynthia, Nurse Busloa, Nurse Bimpe, Nurse Nnelca, Nurse Ebele and others. I can’t remember their names but God bless you all. I will always remember you. Long live the Bridge Clinic

After working for two years after marriage, out of desperation I went online and read about TBC. Even though after reading about TBC, my husband and I couldn’t make up our minds about taking the bold step. However I put a call though to the number I saw on the TBC website and I spoke to a sweet lady called Oyin. She comforted me and encouraged me to come and meet with the doctors. I was still sceptical and thought about the distances and the fact that I had visited so many places, hospitals, clinics, herbal homes etc. To my surprise, Oyin did not give up on me. She kept calling and encouraging me to find the time and come. Then one day, after a long question and answer session with Oyin, I agreed to come. She booked me and the moment I stepped into TBC my life changed. I met the nurses at reception . They were all warm, passionate and welcoming. The environment reminded me of clinics in the UK and the US. The first doctor I met was Doctor Benpospe. He took his time to explain and told us all will be well. The encouraging words he always uses” All will be well” became my everyday statement to quote. On behalf of myself and my husband I want to specially thank the Almighty God for his grace and mercy upon our house. Also for using the following staff members of TBC for us: Dr Abiara, thank you for your prayers, advice and calls. I am short of words but thank you for standing by us. You treated us like you knew us from somewhere before. Dr Benpospe our friend, our brother and prayer partner –thank you . Nurse Cynthia and Nurse Itumulowe, thank you greatly. Oyin, again I say you are the best. To the security man who welcomed us and the night guards at the gate I say thank you. I have to say that I give God all the glory for answering our prayers and using TBC for us.

On behalf of my husband and I, I want to glorify the Almighty God for making it possible for me to succeed with a baby today. It is not by power nor by might. It’s just God’s grace. I want to give him all the praise. May his name be glorified. Secondly I want to thank the doctors, staff and everyone working at Bridge Clinic. They are truly wonderful people and God has used them mightily. Let everyone one of them celebrate in Jesus’ name.

First of all, my appreciation goes to the lover of my soul, my Creator, my Father. The one that says a thing and brings it to pass. All glory, honour and adoration is given to Him. Secondly, before I decided to come here, I had three fertility centres to choose from, all in Lagos. But I prayed to God to lead and direct me to TBC and He told me that “I WILL LAUGH AT LAST.” I thank God because whatever He says, He will do it. Thirdly, the staff of TBC have been wonderful people, accommodating and warm. I thank God for the lives of Dr Tayo Abira, Dr Bamidile, Dr Joseph, my nurse, the receptionist and the pharmacist for the words of encouragement . They have been wonderful people. Lastly my word of advice to others is that they should put their trust in God that can do all things. It is only God that can do it. TBC cares but God gives life.

Dr Onyonye, I can’t forget you at all. Thanks for announcing our twins to us. I also want to say a big thank you to Tina -you are simply wonderful. Thank you for your smiles and welcome and for the biscuits and tea. We also want to thank the security guys. To all the staff at TBC, we say thank you and God bless you all. To all the other patients, never lose hope and be happy. Loads of love and gratitude.

The perfect gift I need to start off by saying, “Praise God.” It took us two years but the Lord has finally bought undiluted joy into our lives. I’ve always heard and read about TBC and how the hopes of increasing your family turn to reality when God uses the clinic staff members to give you your heart’s desire. Truly everyone here has always been the best from start to finish. I wish everyone - Dr Bamidele, Nurse Busola, Ada and the many wonderful people - a perfect year. You guys are the best for sure. A very big thank you.

My wife and I came to TBC for the first time in 2008 for fertility treatment, which we did not conclude because she reacted adversely to the medication. Dr Abayoni was so kind as to refund our payments after we thought of going abroad for the treatment. Little did we know that the Almighty God had predestined TBC as the medical intermediary for the conception of our children. In 2015, we found that the awesome TBC team led by Dr Abiara, Dr Joseph and the wonderful nurses have made it happen, to the glory of the Almighty God through Christ Jesus Amen. Today my wife is very pregnant with our twin children. She has been spotting all through but God has been faithful and our children are doing fine. We thank God for this great miracle in our lives and thank the entire TBC Team. Thank you and God bless

In about the seventh year of our marriage, someone referred my husband and I to TBC. He said that it was one of the best in fertility treatment. He is a doctor friend. After some months we made up our minds to visit the clinic. I must confess that I knew I was in the right place when we got there. The ambience, the reception and the manner in which the doctors (Dr Onyiye attended to us) were reassuring. We commenced the treatment immediately, believing God that he was set to visit us in our seventh year. The first treatment was not successful. l guess this is because I had a serious anticipation that really stressed me and which hindered the implant action. We started the second round, still trusting in God that He will do what He has promised to do. At last He did it. The implantation was successful and the baby is intact. I give all the glory to God for his faithfulness. We thank all the members of staff at TBC for their kind words during the process. The nurses who took care of me - Busola, Toyin and several others- God bless you. The doctors were wonderful and very professional. Dr Onyinye, Dr Shaun, Dr Abiara and other doctors- may God l continue to bless you. Amen

Glory be to God Almighty in the Highest, who gave me another opportunity to have children at TBC. I gave birth to a baby girl on July 15, 1995. She was my only child and she died after 13 years. She was knocked down by a motorcycle on 11 November 2008 and passed on 12 November 2008. Before the accident I had been trying to get another baby but to no avail. I was in my house when I watched a programme by TBC on TV. I called the clinic and obtained their address. When I got there, I met the nurses and I was introduced to Dr.Babatunde Bamidele. I explained myself to him in tears. The Doctor told me not to cry, that I will laugh at last. He prayed with me. Then he explained every process that I will undergo and asked about my husband. I told him that my husband is a tough man. Dr.Bamidele asked me to leave that to God. He later saw my husband and they spoke together. He listened and agreed with Dr Bamidele. We listened to the doctor’s advice and went through the process. On behalf of my entire family, we really appreciate the good work that God has done through TBC and the doctors and nurses. I sincerely thank God for Dr Babatunde Bamidele, for his prayers, guidance and counselling me through the pregnancy period and God for using him to put an end to my shame. On the 2nd of November 2015, God terminated my shame and gave me a set of twins (a boy and a girl), after 20 years of waiting. Once more, I really appreciate Dr Bamidele’s kind gesture and I pray that God in his infinite mercy will increase your wisdom, knowledge and understanding and that TBC will go higher and higher in Jesus Name. Thank you all and God bless

To God Almighty, we give you all the praise, thanks and glory. He is a God of all possibilities. I also want to thank my friend, sweetheart, boyfriend and husband for his love, support and care. Thank you and God bless you abundantly. It has been an interesting journey. I have gone through all the emotions you can possibly think of; faith, hope, fear, pain, laughter and happiness. God crowned it all with a huge smile. Thanksgiving and awe! I had thought of a lot of things to write but it all seems to have disappeared. The important thing to say is that all couples who searching, or better still, praying for the gift of children should not give up hope. Their faith in God makes all things happen. Also the thought of happiness should never be for your minds. Like my wonderful friend and doctor will say, “always be happy.” Dr BabatundeBamidele, thank you and God bless you and your endeavours in life. You were and are a source of blessings to us. We thank you for your words of encouragement and for your prayers. You are more than a doctor to us. Thanks also to Dr Abiara, Dr Sharon, Dr Emmanuel, Dr Jospeh and Nurse Cynthia. Thank you for your welcoming hugs and love. My special Nurse Busola, thank you for your smiles, hugs, empathy and encouragement.

When I got here for the first time, I was hoping to be given a clean bill of health with no need for IVF. I was wrong - dead wrong. We started an IVF journey on 7th August and it has taken me through all the emotions possible. Some I wasn’t sure I was capable of. The Bridge team made the journey easier .They checked up on me and made sure I was comfortable at all times. After the embryo transfer we hoped for twins. Today I’m ecstatic as, for the first time, I heard my baby’s heartbeat. Not two. Just one. I am most grateful that God made it possible. We feel very fortunate for everyone who encouraged us to try IVF. But most of all we are thankful that God saw fit to give us this precious gift. We are thankful to the Bridge Clinic and their amazing team of cheerful hardworkers. As you made our journey through life easy and enjoyable ,your journey through life will be nothing short of amazing. God bless the Bridge Clinic.

This happens to be my third cycle and after the second I was discouraged but thank God for Doctor Sharon who encouraged me to try one more time. During my two weeks wait, I wrote my own testimony believing that it was my time to shine. When the pregnancy result came out, it was joy overflow. It was positive! I can’t stop thanking this wonderful family called the Bridge Family. I’ve come to know all my doctors – Ontinye, Abiara, Sharon and my sisters Lola Busola, Toyin and Yuddie. I say a big thank you for the love and care you gave me in this journey. Every prayer and tear the Lord saw and heard. I believe the Lord and his word. I know it might be personally draining, but in the end the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way. To those looking for a wonderful clinic, come to the Bridge Clinic. I think it is still the best that I’ve seen so far, with dedicated friendly staff and very clean and neat arrangements. God bless you all.

It took a long time to convince my husband for us to try The Bridge Clinic. He wanted us to still use one of the fertility clinics that we had earlier patronized. Actually I got pregnant with the first treatment in the other clinic. They transferred 4 embryos and all 4 implanted but I lost all four about 6 and a half months into the pregnancy. We decided to try again but this time their services were totally poor, they showed no concern for patients and I could not stand it. Obviously the second time was negative. Then I decided to take the bold step which I am grateful to God I did. I personally went to see Dr. Sharon at The Bridge Clinic explaining my plight. I wanted to use The Bridge Clinic and did not want to go back to the other clinic but my husband wanted us to still go back to the other clinic saying that “The devil you know is better than the angel you do not know”. I told Dr. Sharon everything. She assured me that my husband will definitely be happy. She started calling, texting and encouraging my husband and I, until we eventually came for our first appointment together. Immediately his perception changed because there is something about the atmosphere, nurses, doctors, counselor and even the pharmacists that tell you that this is a solution ground. And indeed it is. I am now 2 months pregnant. Glory be to God Almighty. He who has started a good work in me will be faithful to complete it. The Customer Service and attitude of every staff at The Bridge Clinic; right from the gateman to the doctors is extremely commendable. I feel I am at home. My gratitude and regards go to my sister and friend Dr. Sharon, Dr. Bamidele, Dr. Ogunkinle, Mrs. Abang, Dr. Abiara, Nurse Busola “finest”, Nurse Bimpe, Nurse Lola “Quick Action”, Nurse Tina, Nurse Udy. In fact no space to write more names. My prayer to you all is that God Almighty in his infinite mercies will continually be with you and cause you to smile and be happy always and all the days of your life

We got married shortly after crossing the thirty-something age bracket and for the first two years we tried starting a family but after going from one doctor to the other realized we really needed help, this was the beginning of our journey to The Bridge Clinic, Lagos Nigeria. My wife who got all carried away with the “Oyinbo” way in which things were done attended the first visit. To cut a long story short, we started treatment, which involved tiny injections to precede the harvesting of eggs (mind you, my wife can’t stand a pinch; I wondered how she could bare the jabs). On the day of egg collection, three eggs were fertilized out of five, which were selected as being good, and the three were transferred. During the nervous wait to see if we had achieved pregnancy, Ovarian Hyper Stimulation (OHSS) set in. This had my wife looking like an elephant. We saw a clinician at the clinic who advised that she drink lots of water. This was not a very pleasant experience for her. While drinking gallons of water (treatment for OHSS) and being absolutely uncomfortable, we came for a pregnancy test and were informed that we had not achieved pregnancy! Crushed hope of this magnitude isn’t the sort of thing one talks about outside the house even to the best of friends. You can say it all, not after the needles, not after the emotional pain, the hope, the tension, not after all the plenty naira, this was not what we were expecting to hear. My wife was devastated but in all of this, I was calm. I don’t think it was from strength; it was more like from wondering how we got here and what to do next! We had to make some decisions; this implies that I do some thinking while my wife is going through emotional pains and agony. The counselor at the Clinic tried her best but we had to go home to nurse our pains and heal. We made a decision to move our grief and disappointment underground and try a second cycle. The second cycle was more like a walk in the park and before long the eggs were harvested and transferred. This time around we took our minds off it and tried to go through our normal life. (I still wonder how she coped with the 2weeks wait). For fear of the unknown my wife refused to go for the pregnancy test until she got repeated calls from the clinic and was told the implications of delay. On the 8th of October 2005 she went for the test and it was confirmed positive. She had her pregnancy scan and we were informed we had achieved a twin pregnancy! Our joy knew no bounds, the excitement was so overwhelming. The pregnancy was celebrated by the staff in such a way that we were so thrilled. A few days after, there was some bleeding and I initially thought my wife was expelling or having a miscarriage. We would tell no one what was happening this was because we did not want to become people to be pitied or worried over. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. We visited the clinic and met our doctor who counseled us and advised my wife to rest for a couple of a days; an appointment was also given to us for an ultrasound scan. The anxiety we felt while awaiting our appointment was also given to us for an ultrasound scan. The anxiety we felt while awaiting our appointment was so intense. In the scan room, we hoped and prayed for the best and we had it glaring at us; when the doctor showed us our babies’ heartbeats. It was an amazing experience. Today we have a son and daughter from this same story. Special recognition needs to be made about the professionalism of the team at The Bridge Clinic; they were there for us all the time. Should you require assisted conception, believe me, there is a special place in Nigeria called “The Bridge Clinic” where excellence happens on a regular basis.

We are so happy. Our marriage is just 1 year and 8 months but to us it has been like ages. After many months of taking herbs, visiting black and white doctors we never knew that our baby has been at The Bridge Clinic all this while waiting for us. We return the praises to the King of Kings. The answer to all questions, the bright and morning stars. We also want to use this medium to say a big thank you to everyone at The Bridge Clinic: Dr Okonkwo, Nurse Busola, Nurse Nneka. Nurse Toyin and all the doctors and the lab. Glory be to God in the Highest.

My first day at Bridge Clinic was a rewarding experience. I was warmly welcomed by the nurses at the reception. They were so pleasant and very professional in their approach. The consultant that attended to me, Dr. Abiara was very friendly. She patiently explained the IVF processes to me, in a professional manner. At the end of her talk she said “By the grace of God, the procedure will work for me” and that she will be praying for me. Her words of faith really touched me. Instantly, I believed I was in the right place for my IVF. The state of the art high tech equipment at the disposal of the clinic all put together reinforced my belief. I had my implantation and waited two weeks for the pregnancy test. Low and behold the test was positive. I got my pregnancy; just at a shot’ putting to an end almost 20 years of waiting. At five weeks, I had my scan test and the doctor reassured me even further. My advice to the clinic is not to relent on its excellent service to humanity. To me, The Bridge Clinic ranks very high among the best fertility clinics in the world. So also, I will want to implore the management of The Bridge Clinic to introduce ante-natal and pediatric services in addition to its fertility program. Glory be to God for his wonderful works.

We got married 7 years back and since then facing problems to conceive and so decided to go for IVF. We chose The Bridge Clinic. We are visiting TBC since 2 months. It’s very hygienic and very caring staff. Thanks to all doctors. They treated us very well and guided us properly. Special thanks to Dr Richa, my wife is now pregnant. Once again thanks to The Bridge Clinic.

Our gratitude goes to the staff of The Bridge Clinic. Words cannot express how happy we are today.

We are so grateful that our gynecologist referred us to The Bridge Clinic, today we area a happy family of four