The Bridge Clinic Success Rates

As the most fertile fertility clinic in Nigeria, The Bridge Clinic prides itself in above average success rates and a growing number of happy families made possible through our treatments.

Since we opened our doors in 1999, The Bridge Clinic has delivered on average one baby every three days. 

21 April 2018
2 3 8 7
The Bridge Clinic celebrates 2387 babies!
That is 1 baby every 3 days since 1999

Our success rates by year



Our success rates speak for themselves. We have a 49 per cent success rate in women under the age of 34 and seeing an increase in successful treatments of women over the age of 35. Through our affiliation with IVF Clinics Prof Zech, we are able to stay on top of international fertility developments, ensuring that our patients receive only the very best treatments suited to their unique needs.


Not all treatments offer the same kind of results. Often clients ask why IVF is the preferred treatment for infertility problems and the reason your specialist might recommend IVF is because of the high success rate and effectiveness of the procedure.


Your natural chance of falling pregnant on a month to month basis is at its peak at 25 per cent in your early 20’s. With age, your chances decline and after a year of unprotected sex you need to consider speaking to a fertility specialist.



Our success rates by age group

Our success rates by age group measured against our gold standard rates.

The Bridge Clinic has established itself as a pioneer in fertility treatment in Nigeria, with the following
comprehensive list of firsts for the country behind our name:

  • The first conception and births by ICSI
  • The first conception and births by surgically collected sperm
  • The first conception and births through IVF surrogacy
  • The first conception and births with Micro Sort sex selection