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Our partnership with IVF Centers Prof. Zech

The IVF Centers Prof. Zech is one of the most renowned IVF clinics in Europe. They have over 30 years’ experience with over 30,000 babies being born through their clinics. They run clinics in five different countries across Europe – Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and Liechtenstein.

The guiding philosophy of the IVF Centers Prof. Zech is that they provide their clients with the shortest possible time in achieving a pregnancy and this is backed by one of the highest pregnancy rates in Europe. They continue to maintain their position at the forefront of the IVF industry through continuous research and innovation. We collaborate with IVF Centers Prof. Zech on a number of levels to bring our patients here in Nigeria all the advantages of a top-tiered clinic in Europe.

Prof. Zech celebrates over 30,000 successful deliveries across their European clinics

Improvements in pregnancy rates

The science of assisted conception and IVF treatment are rapidly advancing, and IVF Centres Prof. Zech operate at the cutting edge of this science. They are in fact leaders in their field internationally. By collaborating with the group, we have built all our systems to be in line with theirs. This means we have been able to significantly improve our pregnancy rates through some of the world’s most sophisticated systems.


Our collaboration affords us the use of Dynamed, an IVF client management and electronic medical record system pioneered by IVF Centers Prof. Zech. The system focuses on ensuring the highest standards of consistent client care and safety. Every client is assured of receiving the same standard of care and processes being followed irrespective of the person or time who serve them. These regulated processes align us with world-class treatment standards.

Through this system we can share information with IVF Centres Prof. Zech allowing them to help us with valuable advice on the management and treatment of all our patients. When you become a patient of Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre you have access to the best level of international service right here in Nigeria.


We send staff to IVF Centres Prof. Zech in Europe to work and train with the best so that when they come back they can continue to deliver the highest standard IVF treatment in Nigeria.

Review and Collaboration

Every month we review how our clinics are performing in terms of pregnancy and fertilisation rates and compare them to the expected results from IVF Centres Prof. Zech. By continually improving on our results when comparing to international benchmarks we deliver to you the best chances of getting pregnant.

If you are in treatment but have not yet achieved a pregnancy we review your case with a member of the IVF Centres Prof. Zech team who assist us in refining your treatment plan. You also have the option to travel within our system to Europe for further treatment.

Together Bridge Clinic and IVF Centers Prof. Zech have agreed to adhere to a common code of conduct to ensure the highest ethical standards in treatment and client service.

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