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Get Peace of Mind with Private Fertility Tests

Get Peace of Mind with Private Fertility Tests

11:56 28th January 2017 | Fertility Solutions

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Planning a family is an exciting journey many couples look forward to, but struggling to fall pregnant is not part of that dream. In fact, it can be very stressful and emotional to face the possibility of infertility and discussing the situation is never easy.

There is a solution. Instead of constantly worrying (or blaming yourself when it’s never anyone’s fault), be proactive and get answers. You can go for fertility assessments – with or without your partner. This private option allows you to get to know your fertility status and understand where challenges may come from. With the new information you receive, it’s easier to plan the next step.

FertilitySure & How it Works

Bridge Clinic offers a series of assessments which help us accurately diagnose and therefore understand the reasons for infertility challenges. Once we have the results, we can recommend a treatment plan and schedule that’s individually suited to you.

There are several three fertility assessments, but if your fertility challenge is identified in the first one, you might not need further assessments.

FertilitySure Lite

This option is for first-time couples (engaged or married) and individuals who don’t know their fertility status. Men or women can independently request an assessment, before involving (or worrying) their partners. However, since infertility affects both partners, a couple assessment is recommended.

After a FertilitySure Assessment, 9/10 couples know the cause of their infertility challenge.

Why FertilitySure Could Help You

From the start, we will make this challenging experience as unnerving as possible. You’ll also receive a detailed report as well as a review appointment with your specialist. The report will help you understand the challenges you face and a treatment plan will also be proposed, based on your results. You will be supported every step of the way by your specialist, a designated nurse and a counselor.

Get Peace of Mind. Receive exceptional medical treatment and the emotional support you deserve.


FertilitySure Lite
for Women
FertilitySure Lite
for Men
FertilitySure Lite
for Couples





Save N20,000 upfront when you skip the general consultation and book a FertilitySure Assessment directly.

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