How to Emotionally Prepare for Negative IVF Results

How to Emotionally Prepare for Negative IVF Results

16:11 30th January 2017 | Negative IVF Treatment

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Trying to conceive a child naturally is an exciting, special prospect for most couples. Unfortunately, an increasing number of couples find themselves trying for months without succeeding. The next logical and often stressful step is to consult a fertility specialist and arrange assessments. Once and if the challenge is identified, a treatment – for example IVF – can be recommended.

But what if the treatment fails? Apart from the associated costs, missing work, all the invasive physical procedures and timing intercourse, you also have to prepare yourself emotionally for negative IVF results.

The stress and potential disappointment can be overwhelming, so knowing what to expect will help you deal with the procedures and outcomes. Here are a few things you need to know and emotionally prepare for:

  • There is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Let go of the things you cannot control.
  • Communicate your feelings with your partner.
  • You will likely be on an emotional rollercoaster.
  • There is a big chance your first treatment won’t take.
  • Your husband may not be as involved as you would like.
  • Understand that your partner doesn’t always want to talk about it.
  • Do not blame yourself for not being able to get pregnant on your own.
  • Have a support system in place: certain family members and/or friends; or even a group.
  • Ignorant/insensitive family/friends may not be as supportive as what would expect.
  • Certain social situations, e.g. baby showers or kids parties may be uncomfortable.
  • Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, emotionally depleted and anxious is normal.
  • There will be times when you feel out of control; helpless and powerless.
  • Find a way to accept and be happy for other women who do not struggle with infertility.
  • Take care of yourself during this challenging journey. Eat right, rest and be mindful.
  • Worrying about becoming pregnant is also normal, but the stress is bad for you.
  • Some days you won’t want to leave your bed or the house.
  • You may gain weight while on fertility treatments.
  • As physical changes can occur due to hormones, your body image and confidence can take a knock; in addition to this, you may not feel like, or be allowed to, exercise.
  • Prepare answers to uncomfortable questions people may ask you in social situations. Most people are only trying to make conversation, so don’t take it personally, however painful.
  • Even if your husband has the fertility problems, you will be the one undergoing all the tests, treatments and procedures. Because of this, the man cannot fully comprehend what the woman feels during these times. Try to understand his feelings and convey your own.
Emotional Preparation for IVF Procedures Summary

Before, during and after IVF procedures, continue communicating openly with your partner and fertility counselor and don’t be afraid to rely on your support systems. Also do things that make you happy and especially activities that help you relax. Finally, have a plan in place in case the results are not what you hoped for.


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