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Professional counselling is a vital part of our service

Professional counselling is a vital part of our service

12:57 17th April 2016 | Counselling Services

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Symptoms of depression and anxiety are extremely common in women who are having difficulty conceiving a child or who are going through the tortuous ride of infertility treatment. Feeling stressed and inadequate because you cannot conceive is a normal reaction, especially in societies where it is expected – that women have children as soon as they get married.

We do not know exactly how negative emotions and stress affect a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant but we have all heard about couples who give up trying to conceive a child after a year or two, adopt a baby and then become pregnant within a year. So relaxing is the ideal but this is very hard to do.When it comes to approaching a fertility clinic, many women have already been through the gamut of emotions from disbelief and concern to desperation. The clinic is a source of hope which has taken a fair amount of courage to consider. It is of course the right decision and the likelihood of achieving the dream of having a baby is extremely high.


Some of the proposed solutions - IVF, embryo transfer, egg collection, semen analysis – sound scary and are likely to cause pain or discomfort. Some patients respond to the stress of infertility by aggressively pursuing treatment and procedures. Others are depressed and withdraw from family and friends. The latter are even likely to drop out of treatment. We understand all this and believe in helping you as much as we can. To this end we have highly qualified professional counsellors as part of our team. These men and women are trained in support and therapeutic counselling will make sure you understand all the options before you make any treatment choices.  Our counselling services are provided free of charge to all clients undertaking Fertility Sure assessments


We invite you attend our friendly Welcome Forums which are held quarterly at our clinics in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt during the months of February, May, August and November. At these Forums, you can meet other couples who are facing the same challenges as you are, as well as families who have gone through the treatment process successfully. Our Welcome Forums are free and you don’t need to book. They start at 10am and everyone is welcome

At Bridge Clinic we believe in making your experience as stress free and productive as we can. If you would like to discuss our counselling service in more detail or believe it can help you, please phone us at 01 631 0092 or email

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