Steps to IVF Treatment – After Embryo Transfer

03:55 18th December 2013 | In-Vitro Fertilisation

Pregnancy Test Embryo Implanting Ectopic Pregnancy Vaginal Ultrasound

For the next two weeks, you should try and carry on with your every day life as normally as possible, as rest, holidays, taking time off work etc, will not increase the chances of the embryos implanting and thus pregnancy.  If you have not had a period 14 days after egg collection, you should have a pregnancy test performed on a sample of early morning urine. If the test is positive, we will arrange a vaginal ultrasound one week later, to confirm the pregnancy is within the uterus, and the number of sacks. Another scan will be performed two weeks after that to confirm the viability of the pregnancy (to check if there is a heart beat). After this, you will carry on your antenatal care at your local hospital or with your doctor. Unfortunately, pregnancies do not always have a successful outcome. There is still a risk of miscarriages or ectopic pregnancy, despite the fact that the embryos are transferred back into the uterus. Sometimes surgery is needed to evacuate the uterus or remove an ectopic pregnancy, but we can sometimes arrange this locally if appropriate. If the treatment is unsuccessful, and you have a period, you should contact the clinic to let us know and to plan what to do next.

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