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Stress and infertility

Stress and infertility

03:25 24th June 2016 | Infertility - Stress

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You cannot get pregnant and your partner can’t deal with it. You can’t deal with it either, if the truth be told. You both want to start a family but the more you try, the worse it gets. Stress is eating you up and while you don’t want to play the blame game, it is difficult not to when the stakes are so high. And the stakes are high when it comes to having, or not having, a baby in the Nigerian society. A woman is expected to produce a child after marriage and the sooner the better. When she fails to do so eyebrows are raised, disparaging comments are made and, in the worst case scenario, the woman is sent back to her family in disgrace.

Stress, pressure and anxiety do not help a couple to conceive, it rather inhibits conception… It is not clear how exactly stress impacts fertility, but it has been frequently noted that women who cannot conceive, seek fertility treatment and achieve successful pregnancies, normally conceive naturally a year or so later, when the pressure to have a baby is off.

While no one expects patients to approach fertility treatment stress-free, finding ways to minimize stress will be highly beneficial to the woman. It will afford you more clarity to consider the pros and cons of the treatment options and put you in a better position make the right decisions. Regular exercise, such as walking, hiking, swimming or joining an aerobics, yoga or pilates class are excellent stress reducers. Professional counselling is also helpful, as is joining a local support group. The Bridge Clinic holds regular Welcome Forums where you will make new friends and connect with people who understand your problem.

A friend or a relative who is willing to listen is the best resource you can have. Lastly, remember that all problems can be solved and while it may take time, a solution will be found. Read the testimonials on our website and you’ll see that this is true.

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