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When it comes to costs, you have options

When it comes to costs, you have options

06:34 23rd June 2016 | Fertility Options

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Have you seen the cost comparisons and success rates on our website,which have compared us with other fertility clinics in Nigeria and around the world?

The first thing to understand is that all our costs do not necessarily apply to you and your partner. Our FertilitySure assessment programme has been designed to start with the basic tests and progress to more complex tests as may be required [hyperlink to FertilitySure Lite, Comprehensive and Plus]. The progression of the FertilitySure assessments mirrors the progression of the treatment plans which are described on our website

With FertilitySure you only undergo and pay for the tests and procedures that you need to diagnose your problem. These assessments can be undertaken by you, or your partner or both of you together, which we recommend. When we have conducted the tests we need to effect an accurate treatment plan. You will first need a consultation with one of our fertility specialists who will give you a detailed report and an individualized cost plan, so you will know exactly what your treatment will cost.

If you and your fertility specialist have decided that IVF is the right way forward, we hope that you conceive during your first cycle but, if not, you will see that the costs are reduced for subsequent cycles. We also offer cost effective two and three cycle packages

We practise IVF with IMSI as a standard procedure as our research shows it achieves noticeably better results [hyperlink to specialist treatment –IMSI] than standard IVF. Our costs, therefore, reflect this but you may discuss the possibility of standard IVF, which comes at a lower cost, with your specialist.

Advanced Care includes the Cryopreservation (freezing) of eggs, sperm, embryos and Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). These are highly sophisticated procedures which fulfil the needs of couples wishing to postpone pregnancy

We also offer professional services in terms of sperm and egg donors locally, and surrogacy in collaboration with our partners, The IVF Clinics, Prof. Zech in Austria

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