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Ground-breaking innovations or futuristic fantasies

Ground-breaking innovations or futuristic fantasies

10:21 18th April 2016 | IVF Technique

Stem Cells Undeveloped Eggs Ovarian Tissue Mitochondria Organelles Healthy Embryo Healthy Child Disease Nucleus DNA Donor Transplanted Womb Fertility Treatment Innovations Skin Cells Infertile Men Sperm Cells Mouse Skin Cells Powderised Eggs

The practice of fertility treatments including IVF has undergone remarkable developments over the past few years. The first baby was born using a stem cell in-vitrofertilisation technique in 2015. This technique utilised the stem cells of healthy, undeveloped eggs as precursors to form eggs. An ovarian tissue sample was taken from the mother, and analysed to identify the egg stem cells. Once identified, the egg stem cells were removed f...

Am I a candidate for donor eggs?

Am I a candidate for donor eggs?

09:12 18th April 2016 | Egg Donation

Healthy Eggs Donor Eggs Pregnancy Healthy Baby Menopause Donor Bank Ovum Donation Agency Hormonal Drugs Egg Donation Menstrual Cycle

If a woman is finding it difficult to become pregnant and the problem lies in her lack of healthy eggs, then she may need to use donor eggs to be able to achieve pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child. Your doctor may suggest this option if you have any of the following medical conditions:

1. Premature ovarian decline, a condition in which menopause starts earlier than usual, typically before the age of 40 years.

2. Diminishe...

Professional counselling is a vital part of our service

Professional counselling is a vital part of our service

12:57 17th April 2016 | Counselling Services

Infertility Treatment Depression Anxiety Stress Negative Emotions Disbelief Desperation IVF Embryo Transfer Egg Collection Semen Analysis FertilitySure Assessments Welcome Forums

Symptoms of depression and anxiety are extremely common in women who are having difficulty conceiving a child or who are going through the tortuous ride of infertility treatment. Feeling stressed and inadequate because you cannot conceive is a normal reaction, especially in societies where it is expected – that women have children as soon as they get married.

We do not know exactly how negative emotions and stress affect a woman’s cha...

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening

09:39 17th April 2016 | Genetic Defects

PGS Assisted Reproduction Chromosomal Defects Embryo Stage Unborn Child CVS IVF/PGS Genetic Disease Sickle Cell Disorder Genetic Abnormality Defective Genes

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is arguably one of the most valuable developments in the assisted reproductive world. Essentially it is a means whereby chromosomal defects, which can cause a variety of diseases, can be detected at embryo stage. This is of particular value to couples who are at risk of passing on any of their genetic defects to their unborn child.


Before PGS, the only way to diagnose a defect was to perf...

Contraceptives and their effects

Contraceptives and their effects

05:43 17th April 2016 | Birth Control Methods

Condoms Caps Diaphragm Hormonal Methods Birth Control Pills Implants Injections Contraceptive Pills Sterillization Cervical Caps Vaginal Ring IUD Methods Shorter Periods Menstrual Cramps Premenstrual Symptoms Endometrial Ovarian Cancer Spotting Bleeding Vaginal Irritation Breast Tenderness Breast Enlargement Mood Swings Nausea Bloating Liver Cancer

There are at least 15 different types of contraception that allow you to enjoy sex without the risk of getting pregnant.These birth control methods include barrier methods –condoms, caps and the diaphragm; hormonal methods – birth control pills, implants and injections;Intrauterine devices (IUDs), sterilization and the emergency morning after contraceptive pill.


Contraceptives work by :

Preventing an egg from being released ...

Sex selection

Sex selection

01:53 17th April 2016 | Sex Selection

Baby's Gender Embryo Gender Selection Elective Gender Selection PGD IVF

Sex selection is the deliberate determination of a baby’s gender at embryo stage and transplanting only the desired embryo(s) into the uterus. Advances in the ability to genetically assess embryos before transfer into the uterus aided the high degree of precision this practice enjoys. The main reason for gender selection is for family balancing. Gender selection could be used to prevent a genetic disease from being passed on from o...

Management of pain in egg collection

Management of pain in egg collection

06:06 11th March 2016 | Oocyte Retrieval

Laparoscope Vaginal Ultasound Probe IVF Procedure Pregnancy Rate Egg Collection Vaginal Skin Ovarian Capsule Aspirating Needle Conscious Sedation General Anaesthesia Operating Theatre Pain Management IVF Success Rates Fertilised Oocytes Pregnancy Rates

Author: Olubimpe Adetunji, Senior Fertility Nurse, The Bridge Clinic, with Agency reports.

The 1980s witnessed a drastic change from the use of laparoscope to vaginal ultrasound probe for egg retrieval during an IVF procedure. Although the technique of using a vaginal ultra-sound probe is less invasive and associated with higher pregnancy rates, it is one of the most stressful and painful components of the entire assisted reproductive...

Can the right diet help you to conceive?

Can the right diet help you to conceive?

05:54 11th March 2016 | Diet & Fertility

Diet Conception Ovulatory Function Vegetarianism Healthy Fats Plant Based Foods Reproductive Hormones Multivitamins

Much has been said about whether the correct diet can help you conceive and the consensus from reputable sources is yes it can. According to a study of diet and fertility from Harvard Medical School, eating certain foods and avoiding others are things you can do yourself to help improve your ovulatory function.

You should eat more complex or good carbohydrates and limit highly processed ones. Good carbohydrates are those which contain...

The fall of the Naira: Can our patients still afford IVF?

The fall of the Naira: Can our patients still afford IVF?

02:15 11th March 2016 | Naira Devaluation

Central Bank of Nigeria Naira Devaluation Exchange Rate Foreign Currency Naira Denominated Cards Liquidation Foreign Exchange Global Oil Price World Economy Survival Fertility Clinics Success Rates Cost of IVF Bridge Clinic Sophisticated Fertility Treatments

In November the Nigerian Central Bank devalued the Naira by eight per cent and set the exchange rate at N198 to the dollar. It als orestricted access to foreign currency for items that can be produced locally. Furthermore, Nigerians are allowed to withdraw no more than $300 a day from channels located abroad with their Naira-denominated cards. There are also limits as to how much foreign currency you can spend online. This has caused pr...

What is Pathology? Why is it important?

What is Pathology? Why is it important?

22:47 10th March 2016 | Pathology

Organs Bodily fluids Physician Physical Examination Clinical Chemistry Infertility Investigation FBC Follicle Stimulating Hormone Clinical Conditions Cervical Pap Smear

Pathology is a branch of medical science primarily concerned with the examination of organs, tissues, and bodily fluids - blood,saliva,bone, urine for example - in order to diagnose a specific condition or disease.Typically, laboratories will process the samples provided and analyse the results which are given to the patient’s doctor. A general pathologist is a physician who is trained in clinical chemistry, microbiology and haematology...

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