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Ovarian cancer and your options for having a baby

Ovarian cancer and your options for having a baby

17:31 9th February 2016 | Cancer

Fertility Problems Cancer Treatment Damaged Glands Egg Freezing Frozen Embryo Transfer Surgical Procedure Embryo Thawing Cryopreservation Vitrification Advanced Care Ovarian Cancer

Cancer is not an easy subject to discuss, particularly for women who want to become pregnant. Fertility problems may occur when cancer or cancer treatments damage glands or organs involved in reproduction such as the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus, and the cervix. The ovaries are particularly important because it is where the eggs are stored. Any damage to the ovaries can cause a decrease in the total number of eggs in both ov...



08:05 9th February 2016 | Medical Assessment

Sterility Infertility Fertility Unprotected Intercourse Pregnancy Testicular Factor Abnormal Sperm Production Testosterone Deficiency Genetic Defects Undescended Testes Post Testicular Factors Male Fertility Male Genital System Testicular Sperm Production Prostatic Retrograde Ejaculation Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction Hypospadias Impotence Fallopian Tubes Pelvic Infections Endometrosis Ovulation Cervical Blockage Mucus Production Hormone Testing Sperm Count Microscopic Examination FertilitySure Assessment

Many people use the terms sterility and infertility as if they are interchangeable. They are not and it is important to understand the difference. Primary Sterility is when a couple is unable to conceive after having unprotected intercourse for a specified period. Secondary sterility is when a couple has had at least one child but has been unable to achieve another pregnancy.

There are two categories of infertility. Primary infertilit...

No sign of a baby? Talk to us

No sign of a baby? Talk to us

21:27 8th February 2016 | Infertility Treatment

Family Baby Fertility Simple Procedure Infertility Treatment Successful Pregnancy 47% Gold Standard Clients FertilitySure

Today I’m going to talk about something that few people want to talk about. You have been married for a year and there is no sign of a baby. It is vital for you to prove your fertility and your husband wants a family. It is expected and a woman who can’t have a child is a social outcast. Your family, your husband’s family and your friends are looking at you with disapproval. You can’t get pregnant and everyone thinks it is your fault. Y...

What do we do when treatment fails?

04:09 3rd September 2015 | Failed Cycle

Treatment Cycle Review Consultation Good Quality Eggs Older Women Oocytes Donor Multiple Cycles IVF Transplant

The most likely outcome from any treatment cycle even when everything has gone well is not to conceive. This has been explained in the previous post. It is imperative that all couples undergo a review consultation after failure of the treatment to get advise on the best way to move forward. The advice we give will depend on the outcome of the cycle in terms of the number of good quality embryos generated.

Some couples will be advise...

It’s not necessarily your wife’s fault.

It’s not necessarily your wife’s fault.

18:15 1st July 2015 | Perfect Sperm

Sperm Fertilise Egg Baby Perfect Sperm IMSI WHO Mature Sperm Oval Head Successful Conception

We only need one sperm to fertilise an egg and produce a baby. But how do you find the right one? There are approximately 300 million sperm in a single ejaculation but not all of them can do the job.

Finding the perfect sperm

There’s a process called Intra-cytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) through which sperms are selected under an extremely powerful microscope. According to the World Health Organisatio...

Are IVF babies normal?

11:46 1st July 2015 | IVF Offspring

IVF Babies Assisted Reproductive Technology Healthy Young Adults

The earliest IVF babies are now in their mid-30s and recent studies show that children conceived using assisted reproductive technology compare favourably with those conceived normally. Are IVF babies more prone to illness than other children? No. Neither do they have six fingers or other strange physical defects. Nothing is 100% certain but most IVF babies have a similar quality of life to non-IVF children and have a normal body mass i...

Fertility Decline

Fertility Decline

11:48 30th June 2015 | Age & Pregnancy

Fertile Unprotected Sex Pregnant Ovulation Induced Therapy Reproductive Surgery IVF Fertilised Eggs Embryo Cryopreservation FET

Nature has a plan but you can beat it

Women were meant to have babies in their late teens and early twenties. These are their most fertile years and generally speaking, the older a woman gets the less fertile she becomes. This graph shows that, on average, women aged 22 -23 years who are having regular unprotected sex, have a 25% chance of becoming pregnant every month. This slowly declines for women between 24-30 years and by the t...

What are the known causes of Female Infertility?

What are the known causes of Female Infertility?

22:55 25th March 2015 | Causes of Female Infertility

Female Fertility Tubal Factor Uterine Factor Ovarian Factor

Female infertility can be categorised into three factors: tubal, uterine and ovarian.

Tubal factors which affect the fallopian tubes
Uterine factors which affect the lining of the uterus
Ovarian factors have to do with the ovaries and the eggs they produce

All three are linked, and if you have a problem with one or more it could make you infertile.

Let’s start with the ovaries. If you have a problem with them, you may not be...

How long should you wait before seeking fertility help?

09:35 15th February 2015 | Radio Show

ASPIRE Radio Talk Informative Educative Interactive Fertility Treatment Options Rhythm 93.7FM

Hello Everyone!

ASPIRE will be on the radio today talking about the topic:

How long should I wait before making my fertility treatment option?

Do tune in to Rhythm 93.7FM at 5.30pm.

It’s guaranteed to be very informative!

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