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What is Mutant Gene Identification and Can PGD Help?

What is Mutant Gene Identification and Can PGD Help?

04:06 20th May 2017 | Inherited Genetic Disorders

Mutant Gene Identification Mutant Genotypes Genetic Disorders Genotype PGD PGS IVF

Mutant gene identification (also known as disease gene identification) is the process during which scientists identify mutant genotypes. Mutant genotypes are responsible for inherited genetic disorders.

The genotype is the part of an organism or individual which determines a specific characteristic of that cell, organism or individual.”1 A gene mutation is a permanent alteration in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene.2 Essentially...

Two, four, six, eight... the more babies the merrier?

Two, four, six, eight... the more babies the merrier?

03:09 24th June 2016 | Multiple Pregnancies

Mutiple Births Twin Births West Africa South West Nigeria Special Yam Multiple Ovulation Identical Twins Fraternal Twin Girls 3D Ultrasound Images Genetic Disorders Multiple NewBorn

Nigeria has the highest number of multiple births and identical twins in the world. In fact the rate of twin births in West Africa is about four times higher than that of the rest of the world with the epicentre being Igbo-Ora, a small town in the southwest of Nigeria. More twins are born here than anywhere else on earth. Scientists have attributed it to the Yoruba tribe’s high consumption of a specific type of yam. A research study car...

The Andrologist and Male Reproductive Health

04:40 22nd July 2013 | Male Fertility issues

Andrology Andrologist Fertility Fertility Problems Erection Ejaculation Varicocoele Genetic Disorders Prostate Problems

Andrology is the medical specialty that deals with male health, particularly reproductive health. An andrologist is a medical doctor that specialises in andrology.

Why do men get fertility Problems?
There are several different causes of fertility pronlems in men. They include:

Obstructive Problems (blockages in sperm-carrying tubes) Testicular injury and disease Varicocoele Genetic Disorders Problems with erection...

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