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Why is it Important to Know Your Genotype and Blood Group Compatibility

BloodtypeIn this blog post we will look at the definition of the words genotype and ...

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Why is it Important to Know Your Genotype and Blood Group Compatibility

How to Prevent Your Baby from Inheriting Sickle Cell Disease

The last thing loving parents want for their children is suffering. Grazed knees and...

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How to Prevent Your Baby from Inheriting Sickle Cell Disease

This is Why Medical Records are Important

Medical records typically consist of self-reported patient information along with do...

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This is Why Medical Records are Important

Steps to IVF Treatment – Administration of drugs

There are several steps to IVF treatment and instructions to patients undergoing IVF...

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When it comes to costs, you have options

Have you seen the cost comparisons and success rates on our website,which have compa...

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When it comes to costs, you have options

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s disease (HD) or Huntington's chorea is a progressive, hereditary neurodege...

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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease

PCOS: Reasons, Prevention, and Trends in Polycystic Ovarian Treatment

It is important to encourage women not to be afraid of asking their physicians difficul...

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PCOS: Reasons, Prevention, and Trends in Polycystic Ovarian Treatment

What is Sickle Cell Anaemia and How Can PGD Help?

Healthy red blood cells are responsible for distributing enough oxygen throughout th...

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What is Sickle Cell Anaemia and How Can PGD Help?
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In-Vitro Fertilisation – An Overview

In-vitro fertlisation (IVF) means fertilisation “in glass” or outside the body. Typically the woman is given drugs to stimulate her ovaries to produce a lot of eggs, more than she ordinarily would in her natural cycle, which are collected by ultrasound guidance and fertilized with the man’s ...

Low Sperm Count and Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

The list of drugs and procedures that have been tried is endless but none of them have been scientifically validated to lead to effective improvements in sperm count. Some of these empirical treatments which have been tried without demonstrable success include the use of hCG, hMG or a...

Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Nigeria

The Bridge Clinic introduced Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) to Nigeria with the birth of the Emekwue twins in 2000 and since then thousands of couples have benefitted from the procedure. The interesting thing is that the procedure can help couples with the most abnormal semen ...

Steps to IVF Treatment – Egg Collection

When you are ready to have your egg collection arranged, you will be given an instruction sheet telling you exactly what you need to do. Specially trained doctors perform egg collections in the clinic’s theatre. Your partner or another relative or friend is welcomed to be&nbsp...

IVF the Bridge Clinic Way

The first visitThe objective of the first visit is to meet our doctors who will explain our services and elicit a history that will allow us to address your own particular issues. We will give you an overview of human reproduction and then prepare a plan of investigations for you. The re...

Infertility Treatment Options

In the next few posts we’ll be discussing the various treatment options/programmes available for infertility. The treatment programme selected will depend on the needs of each individual couple, and could consist of one or a combination of the following treatment options: Ovula...

Treating Ovulatory Abnormalities

Treating Ovulatory AbnormalitiesThe treatment of ovulatory problems is guided by the woman’s desire to get pregnant. Some women may only be desirous of seeing their periods while the majority of women are primarily interested in getting pregnant immediately or at least in their ability to co...

IVF abroad? Make sure you know the rules

IVF is practiced all over the world and the costs and standards vary as much as the countries themselves. Popular destinations include India ($2, 300),Dubai ($6, 800), the United Kingdom ($4, 500) and the United States ($12,000+). These fees exclude medication, consultations and IMSI (Intrac...

The Importance of Healthcare Quality Audits in Nigeria

Reliable, high quality care is very important when it comes to patients’ health and safety. Why? Because people trust medical experts with their concerns, conditions and future wellbeing. If the right programmes and regulations are not in place, quality cannot be controlled, putting many liv...

8 Major Fertility Breakthroughs You Should Know About

The world has seen so many fertility breakthroughs in the last couple of decades. To think, babies have been conceived after using sperm that had been frozen for over 20 years; IVF treatments have resulted in the birth of over 5 million babies; ovarian tissue freezing can be performed; and e...

When Do I Need IVF and How Many Cycles?

Questions that are being asked more frequently by couples who are trying to fall pregnant are, “When do I need IVF?” and “How many cycles of IVF do I need to fall pregnant?” Some of us might consider IVF as one of those vital family planning services, when in fact it’s not being recommende...

What is Male Factor Infertility and Why the Stigma?

When talking about fertility challenges, we are referring to couples who have trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. Fortunately, there are tests to determine fertility status and treatments to overcome infertility challenges. Even though these challenges are often attributed to women...

Advanced treatment options for male factor infertility

Some causes of male fertility challenges may have simple solutions while others require more advanced treatments. After an assessment, the reason for infertility will help determine the best treatment plan to improve chances of conception. What Does an Assessment Entail After minor c...

The role of primary care in the management of infertility

General practitioners (GPs) are in most cases the first clinicians consulted by patients who are concerned about possible infertility.

The Role Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Plays in IVF

Your treatment will be exactly the same as with IVF.

Why Egg Preservation could be your Best Bet

Unlike with fertilized egg freezing (embryo cryopreservation), egg freezing does not require sperm because the eggs are not fertilized before they are frozen.

IVF Implantation Issues

In Nigeria and most of sub-saharan Africa, a high premium is placed on child bearing. Studies have reported rates of infertility as high as 40% of women who have completed their reproductive years without bearing a child ( 12 ) . National Health Statistics Report from the U.S has results th...

How Far should Medications go in Fertility Treatment?

fertility drugs should not be taken without the recommendation of a fertility specialist/doctor.

While Trying to Conceive, Exhaust All your Options

When a couple is ready to have children, they begin to question how long is too late and whether they should seek medical care. Also, navigating professional help can be overwhelming because you have to consider questions like ‘Where do we start looking?’, ‘Who do we talk to?’ ‘How credible the r...

Getting Pregnant with Tubal Blockage: Understanding your Options

One of the commonest causes of infertility is tubal blockage, accounting for up to 30% of cases. Essentially, fallopian tubes must be open and have no swelling or scar tissue to perform optimally. With one healthy tube natural conception is certainly possible.

Dealing with Male Infertility

In this part of the world, more emphasis is laid on the female partner as the culprit in the challenge of fertility. However, the crucial factor of male infertility is on the rise and is a vital contributor to the prevalence of infertility.

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