International Patients

The dream of having a child is universal. No matter where you are in the world, the same opportunities for growing your family through our services at The Bridge Clinic still exist. Our international coordinating team is ready and waiting to help you start the journey to building your family.

Our international services are designed to make the entire process, from initial tests to treatment and care, as easy as possible.

We are here to help you:

  • explore your options for egg donation
  • coordinate initial tests and procedures with a reputable ISO 15189 certified laboratory in your area
  • start your treatment cycle, from planning a timing schedule to facilitation of treatment
  • prepare for your journey here by helping with immigration, passport and visa applications and coordinating your travel and accommodation arrangements
  • afford your treatment by offering different financing programmes

Plan your treatment

After your initial appointment your dedicated International Client Coordinator will speak to you about your treatment plan.

    At the same time our concierge team will contact you to start planning your travel and accommodation details. The services we offer you include:
  • Letter of invitation for your visa application if needed
  • Assistance with hotel booking and details of the hotels nearest to the clinic you will be visiting
  • Airport pick-up and greeting when you arrive


22 October 2016
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Schedule your first visit to The Bridge Clinic

You can schedule your first visit to The Bridge Clinic for around 1–3 months after your initial appointment call. This visit will cover all assessments and procedures necessary to get you started on your treatment plan.

    During your visit you can expect to have the following assessments to develop the best treatment plan for you:
  • General assessment of your health and fertility
  • Blood screening such as hormonal tests and infection screening for both you and your partner
  • Ultrasound scan and semen analysis
  • We then review your results together and schedule your treatment plan
    During this visit there are other services available if you need them, such as:
  • Sperm drop-off for sperm cryopreservation (freezing) for your upcoming IVF procedures should your partner not be staying in Nigeria throughout your treatment
  • A consult to review your egg donor or sperm donor so you are 100% satisfied
  • Additional consults with our counsellor if you want it

Plan your next visit

You have completed your first visit and have started your treatment cycle. Now it is time to schedule your next visit to The Bridge Clinic for your procedure. Your Client Coordinator will help you find the best time.

Contact us

Email us at enquiries@thebridgeclinic.com Contact us by phone +234 (1) 4619006 Your initial appointment will be conducted by telephone or by Skype.