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At The Bridge Clinic we are committed to helping you realise your dream of having a family. With FertilitySure we can make an accurate diagnosis and design a treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

What is FertilitySure?

FertilitySure is a series of assessments which help us to diagnose the reasons for infertility challenges in patients.

There are three fertility assessments; FertilitySure Lite, FertilitySure Comprehensive and FertilitySure Plus, and an additional, optional assessment called FertilitySure Life which assesses your general health.

The fertility assessments increase in complexity, if your first assessment reveals the source of the problem, you may not need to progress to the next assessment. They each fulfil different requirements. Couples who are unaware of their fertility status require certain tests. Different tests are required for a couple who have already undergone treatment without success.

FertilitySure Lite is the first and most accessible step toward diagnosing any fertility challenges you may have.


9 out of 10 couples know what the cause of their fertility challenges are after a FertilitySure Lite assessment.

FertilitySure Lite is recommended for:

  • Individuals or couples who have had no prior consultation or treatment
  • Couples who are unsure of their fertility challenges
  • Couples who are about to get married or recently got married and want confirmation of their fertility status.

Men and women can be assessed separately, but since infertility generally affects couples, we recommend that they are both present.

FertilitySure LITE for men N35,000
FertilitySure LITE for women N65,000
FertilitySure LITE for couples N85,000

Couples save 15% when undertaking an assessment together

Procedures and test relating to women:

  • Transvaginal scan
  • Hormone screenings

Procedures and test relating to men:

  • Semen analysis

This comprehensive assessment helps your specialist to diagnose your problem and recommend the right Specialist Care or Advanced Care for you. FertilitySure Comprehensive includes a 90-minute consultation with a specialist.

Men and women will both undergo a series of pathology screening tests, which are important to the wellbeing of mother and child during pregnancy and at birth. The tests also include an analysis of the uterus and hormone testing for women and a semen analysis for men.

FertilitySure Comprehensive is recommended for:

  • Couples who have had treatment for infertility before without success,
  • Couples who believe that they need Specialist Care , Advanced Care , Alternatives Care
  • Individuals with critical medical conditions which could affect their fertility post-treatment, such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Couples that have unique or hereditary conditions that they do not want to pass on to their children

This package includes all assessments and pathology tests required before starting Specialist Care or Advanced Care treatments and costs N 246,000

Procedures and test relating to women:

  • Transvaginal scan
  • Hormone screenings
  • Infection screening

Procedures and test relating to men:

  • Semen analysis
  • Infection screening

FertilitySure Plus is a series of pathology tests that support FertilitySure Lite in the treatment of patients who require Specialist Care or Advanced Care.

Screening tests are conducted for the wellbeing of mother and child during pregnancy and at birth. The tests also allow the gametes of patients to be processed in our labs. Both the man and the woman are required to be present.

FertilitySure Plus is recommended for couples who have taken the FertilitySure Lite assessment and established that they require Specialist Care or Advanced Care at the Bridge Clinic.

FertilitySure Plus requires the couple to be tested for:

  • HIV I & II
  • Hepatitis B & C
  • VDRL
  • Rubella
  • Blood Group
  • Genotype

You may not book a FertilitySure Plus assessment yourself but can be referred by the specialist who supervised your FertilitySure Lite assessment.

The cost of the additional pathology tests is N 162,000

Tests relating to women:

  • Hormone screenings
  • Infection screening

Tests relating to men:

  • Infection screening

FertilitySure Lite is a general wellbeing health assessment. As medical practitioners we encourage our patients to be aware of any health conditions they may have. We offer couples, who are undergoing fertility assessments, a FertilitySure Life assessment at a special rate.

A cholesterol test helps to assess your risk of developing narrowed arteries that could lead to heart disease.

Healthy kidneys and proper liver function play a key role in removing waste products from your body. The thyroid gland is integral to healthy hormone production, which helps regulate many of your body's natural processes.

FertilitySure Life cannot be booked in isolation of a FertilitySure Lite assessment

This support package of wellness tests are N 12,000 per individual

  • Cholesterol
  • Thyroid Function
  • Kidney Function
  • Liver Function
  • Diabetes
  • Full blood count

What sets FertilitySure apart?

There is more to a FertilitySure fertility assessment than diagnosing the reasons for your fertility challenges and presenting the correct treatment plan. What sets FertilitySure apart is the fact that each assessment includes additional services which add value and ensure an all-round reassuring experience.

After your initial appointment at The Bridge Clinic, your specialist may recommend a FertilitySure assessment. Prior to this assessment you need to have blood tests in a PathCare laboratory. Remember to take the results of your tests to your appointment with your specialist.

A detailed report PLUS a review appointment with a specialist

At the end of your FertilitySure assessment, your specialist will review all the tests and procedures undergone and give you a comprehensive report. This report will help you to understand the challenges you face and will be clear and easy to understand. You can take it home to study at your leisure.

Diagnosis and treatment plan

Propose based on the report and findings during the assessment, your fertility specialist will propose the best treatment plan for you. At The Bridge Clinic, we consider all possible treatment options for our patients. These options fall into four different categories; Primary Care , Specialist Care , Advanced Care , Alternatives Care.

When we have found the cause of your fertility challenge and suggested a treatment plan, we compile a schedule and explain the various steps and procedures. The treatment plan will identify the treatment process in detail and, in some primary care treatment options, we may refer you to our doctor partners to ensure you get the best possible care, without paying specialist rates.

Financial planning

Specialist medical care is costly the world over. It is the same in Nigeria, where access to world class healthcare is not readily available. During your treatment at The Bridge Clinic, you will receive excellent care from internationally-trained doctors who use top quality, imported equipment and leading brand medication.

Infertility treatment can pose a financial challenge but we don’t want the lack of money to prevent you from fulfilling your dream. We offer our patients assistance with financial planning in terms of loans and savings plans, free of charge.

This service was developed in partnership with Access Bank and Page Bank.


Coping with infertility can be traumatic and place an unnecessary strain on your relationship. Stress can make becoming pregnant even more difficult. We believe in supporting the emotional as well as the physical wellbeing of our patients and, when you choose FertilitySure, you can consult one of our professional counsellors at no additional cost. He or she will give you invaluable support throughout your assessments and subsequent treatments.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Once a quarter on the first Saturday of that month, The Bridge Clinic hosts a get together for couples facing fertility issues. At these Welcome Forums, you can meet other couples experiencing the same challenges and families who have gone through the treatment process successfully. This is the ideal opportunity to exchange experiences and ask any questions you may have about our treatments. Read about our upcoming Welcome Forums for 2016 and the topics we will discuss on the day here.

Taking the first step to fertility

Are you ready to take the first step towards having a family of your own? Would you like the very best medical treatment with additional emotional support? We believe that FertilitySure is the best way to overcome the challenges of infertility. Why wait? Make a general appointment with one of our doctors or book a FertilitySure Lite or FertilitySure Comprehensive assessment with The Bridge Clinic today.

If you request an appointment for a FertilitySure assessment on our website, you will save the initial appointment fee of N 20,000. Once we receive your assessment request, we will schedule an appointment on a date that suits you. Upon receiving payment we will issue you with the necessary pathology test forms that you need.

In short, the process is as follows:

  • 1
  • Make an appointment
  • 2
  • Have all relevant pathology tests
    done with PathCare Laboratories
  • 3
  • Meet your specialist and receive
    your report. Don’t forget to take your
    pathology results with you.

If you have booked a FertilitySure assessment and have never been to The Bridge Clinic, we suggest you join us for a 15-minute tour of our medical facilities. During the tour you will visit our facility and learn about our internationally accredited, quality management system. We are the only fertility clinic in Nigeria to have this system and it means that you are in the best possible hands.

  • An assessment and pathology tests
  • Review appointment with a fertility specialist
  • Comprehensive report
  • Individually designed treatment plan
  • Financial planning
  • Counselling with a professional counsellor
  • Peer-to-Peer support

FertilitySure is the best way to get the medical confidence your future family deserves.

Our commitment to quality

As fertility specialists, we rely upon top quality diagnostic services to ensure the accuracy of our test results. We work exclusively with PathCare Laboratories because they are the only laboratories in Nigeria to comply with International Standards. PathCare Nigeria has the distinction of being the first laboratory in West Africa to attain ISO 15189 International Accreditation(2006) and this accreditation ensures that PathCare’s results are accepted all over the world. PathCare Nigeria is the only ISO 15189 accredited laboratory in Nigeria.