Are IVF babies normal?

11:46 1st July 2015 | IVF Offspring

IVF Babies Assisted Reproductive Technology Healthy Young Adults

The earliest IVF babies are now in their mid-30s and recent studies show that children conceived using assisted reproductive technology compare favourably with those conceived normally. Are IVF babies more prone to illness than other children? No. Neither do they have six fingers or other strange physical defects. Nothing is 100% certain but most IVF babies have a similar quality of life to non-IVF children and have a normal body mass index and history of pubertal development. Educational outcomes, including university admission and completion of tertiary education are similar to children conceived normally. So most IVF offspring grow into healthy young adults with a quality of life and educational achievement comparable to those of their non-IVF conceived peers. There’s no reason why an IVF baby should not play football for the national team or win a Nobel prize.

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