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Refund Policy

  1. All treatment fees must be paid in full on/before the day of your pre-FSH scan. Treatment fees may be paid in two instalments, 50% at the start of injections with the balance paid on/before your pre-FSH scan day.

  2. To benefit from any of our bundled or discounted packages, you will be required to pay all costs in full as stated in Condition 1

  3. Where you only pay for one cycle at a time, you will not be entitled to the bundle package price.

  4. You may be eligible for a refund if treatment is paid for or cancelled before completion

  5. Request for refunds must be submitted physically to the clinic administrator in writing or filled online.

  6. Eligible refunds will be processed within 21 working days from date of submission.

  7. All refunds will attract a deductible charge determined by the type of service and the stage at which the request is made. For our detailed deductible charges, please refer to our Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

This document describes the refund policy for services commenced but not completed and for services that have been paid for, but not commenced.

Deductible Charges

  1. There are no refunds except where it is indicated specifically. All payments will be kept as credits for future treatments.

  2. For Appointment Consultation, there will be NO refund if cancellation is done less than 48 hours before the appointment.

  3. For Appointment Consultation, a 30% administrative fee will be charged if cancellation is done more than 48 hours before the Appointment.

  4. For Standard Investigations Review, a 30% administrative fee will be charged if cancellation is done more than 48 hours before the Appointment, while there be no refund for cancellation notice less than 48 hours.

  5. Payments are made at predefined points of treatment with no refund applicable once payment is made e.g., at start of injections (Buserelin) and before start of FSH (pre-FSH scan)

  6. The scheduling fee (1st payment) is non-refundable and no refunds once client has been scheduled for treatment.

  7. 2nd payment covers start of injections to pre-FSH.

  8. 3rd payment covers stimulation to ET (includes Egg Collections)

  9. Cancellation for poor response at monitoring scans – If client declines recommendation of donor eggs, no refund is applicable, any payment is kept as credit to any future treatment.

  10. For certain situations where a refund may be considered, such a refund will only be made if claimed within one year (12 months) and a 10% administrative fee will be charged.

  11. For all PGT payments, the refund will be made with the prevailing naira equivalent at the time the payment was done, and this refund will only be valid if claimed within a year (12months)

  12. If a client decides to stop Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) treatment for any reason, before embryo biopsy, an administrative fee of €465.00/$615.00 will be charged for PGT-A and it is €340.00/$450.00 for PGT-SR*.

  13. For PGT-M, a non-refundable fee of €1,455.00/$1,890.00 applies if the client decides to stop treatment after buccal swab/blood collections for setup preparation has been done. This fee also applies where there is no egg at UDFA, failed cleavage or no blastocyst*.

  14. If a client decides to stop PGT treatment after biopsy due to non-survival of the embryo, a cancellation fee of €2,500.00/$3,310.00 will be charged for PGT-A & PGT-SR and €3,500.00/$4,550.00 will be charged for PGT-M*.

  15. If a client decides to stop PGT treatment after failed amplification, a cancellation fee of €5,250.00/$6,950.00 will apply*.

  16. If a client decides to stop PGT treatment after biopsy with good embryo survival and transportation of cells to the Genetic laboratory, a cancellation fee of the total cost of PGT will be charged*.

* This fee applies when the consent to PGT has been signed. It also applies for clients going through a cumulative IVF cycle with PGT.

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