Trust is earned

Bridge Clinic was conceived to deliver medical care of uncompromising quality in Nigeria. We earned your trust and became the number one centre for fertility services in West Africa.

Our reputation for quality resulted in patients asking for everyday health services. Bridge Clinic now offers a broad range of medical services for your everyday health concerns at any of our dedicated medical centres.

We are humbled that you trust us with your health.


We Deliver!

25 August 2019

Bridge Clinic Fertility Centres celebrate the birth of babies. That's the equivalent of 1 baby every 3 days since 1999.

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Inside Medicine Today

In our April edition of Inside Medicine Today, you can learn about how to manage patient waiting times, how to diagnose and treat sexual disorders, ectopic pregnancy and so much more. We are also calling on health partners, do you have an article that you would like to publish? Contact us to get your article published in our next edition

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Struggling to conceive naturally is normal. Fortunately there are ways to improve yo...

World Breastfeeding Week

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Aspire is a Bridge Clinic community created on Facebook to promote and encourage open communication about fertility between our staff and the community. Members are encouraged to ask questions and speak freely; no topics are off limit...

Get the answers with FertilitySure

The easiest way to understand why you are not getting pregnant. A couple's assessment that includes a semen analysis, a transvaginal scan and hormone tests. Various package options available.

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Our values are the pillars of our brand, keeping us grounded while raising us up. They represent what is important to us and guide not only our behaviour, but also how we interact with others.

Upcoming Events

Welcome Forum - 24th Aug

With certain young couples struggling to overcome fertility challenges at first, it is easy to overlook the fact that there are those who may have had it easy conceiving the first time but may not be as lucky later. Several couples struggle to understand why secondary infertility is now their reality.

At our welcome forum this month, we invite you to find the answers that you seek from highly qualified medical professionals who also understand the importance of wading through the stormy waters with you till you achieve a successful outcome. Click here to book your free reservation to our welcome forum or call 01 631 0092 today.

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