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Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, Abuja


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Phone: 0810 460 7791, 0810 460 7782, 0810 460 7790
Address: 724 CAD, Zone B04, Umaru Dikko Street, Jabi

Monday - Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm
Sunday Closed
Public Holidays 9am – 1pm

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About Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, Abuja

In 2013, Bridge Clinic opened its third Fertility Centre in Abuja in an effort to respond to the increasing demand for fertility services and to increase access to treatment for clients living in central Nigeria.

Since its opening, Bridge Clinic Abuja is fully functional and operational, delivering the same standard of treatment as some of the best fertility clinics in the world. Nestled in the leafy-green suburbs of Jabi Abuja, the clinic offers a range of fertility services for both men and women in a tranquil setting.

Bridge Clinic Abuja offers comprehensive gynaecological assessments, as well as specialised services, including IVF, IUI, blastocyst culture, surgical sperm collection, and oocyte freezing, in addition to various support services, such as surrogacy and cryopreservation.


Comprehensive gyneacological assessments

Men’s Clinic



Surgical Sperm Collection



Blastocyst Culture




Peer-to-Peer Support




Hysteroscopy Diagnostics

Cysts Drainage

Assisted Hatching

Oocyte Freezing

Our Clinical Team

A clinic is nothing without the team that serves its patients. As an organisation, we take pride in employing the best personnel and we are humbled and thankful when our patients credit the individuals who have helped them achieve their success story. Our patients' experience is all the better for having a competent clinical team by their side, each step of the way.

Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre Abuja has a comprehensive medical training program to ensure that all our personnel, across all our facilities, deliver the same quality of care irrespective of their clinical base. In addition, through our partnership with IVF Centres Prof. Zech, our team receive training in Europe.

 Janefrances Ugwuodo

Janefrances Ugwuodo

Years of Experience

 Elnathan Wang

Elnathan Wang

Years of Experience

Lawrencia Obi

Business Development Manager
Years of Experience

Testimonials and Patient Reviews

We appreciate it when our patients share their experience and stories with others. In line with our commitment to honesty, we have created a review platform on this website for each of our facilities. This allows our website visitors to see an honest public opinion of each of our facilities.

We encourage our patients to share their stories with you and furthermore review our clinic and the service that they have experienced. This provides our future clients with an unbiased opinion ahead of committing to service at our facilities.

Read Our Testimonials Here

” The best clinic so far “. -  Cecilia   Ignatius

” There's truly a convention that this is preferably and unarguable the best of maternity home “. -  John Ohis   Oghaekor

” Great “. -  Samuel   Ajayi

” Experienced staff “. -  Mary   Onwe

Our Clinical Capabilities

  • We have a fully-equipped laboratory
  • We have the ability to do multiple treatment cycles at a time
  • Our well-resourced clinic means we can ensure better development of blastocysts
  • Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre Abuja offers patients comfortable consulting and recovery rooms following treatment, ensuring privacy when patients need it most.

We are unique in the following ways

  • We proudly operate under ISO principles in accordance with Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre Lagos
  • We have an open communication policy and we choose to share our fees and success rates
  • We adhere to the Human Fertilisation & Embryo Authority (HFEA) guidelines. We do not transfer more than 2 blastocysts to ensure the health of both the mother undergoing treatment and the unborn child or children
  • We choose to perform IVF treatments with ICSI or IMSI as a standard procedure in stead of conventional IVF as these procedures are more accurate and offer higher success rates
  • We ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information we present to the public by choosing to submit our data to annual audits managed by Alexander Forbes