While Trying to Conceive, Exhaust All your Options

While Trying to Conceive, Exhaust All your Options

18:55 6th January 2021 | IVF

When a couple is ready to have children, they begin to question how long is too late and whether they should seek medical care. Also, navigating professional help can be overwhelming because you have to consider questions like ‘Where do we start looking?’, ‘Who do we talk to?’ ‘How credible the referrals are?’, ‘What facility should we visit?’ and so on.

IVF Implantation Issues

IVF Implantation Issues

13:02 10th June 2019 | IVF

Implantation IVF

In Nigeria and most of sub-saharan Africa, a high premium is placed on child bearing. Studies have reported rates of infertility as high as 40% of women who have completed their reproductive years without bearing a child ( 12 ) . National Health Statistics Report from the U.S has results that the percentage of married women aged 15 – 44 who were infertile fell from 8.4% in 1982 (2.4million women) to 6% (1.5million) in 2006 – 2010.  ( 1...

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