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Transport IVF Partnership

Bridge Clinic believes in a Nigeria where patients don’t need to travel abroad to receive international standards of care. We are committed to help develop and build a world-class, reliable and advanced healthcare system within our country that is accessible and affordable for ordinary Nigerians.

What is Transport IVF?

In Transport IVF, most of the direct interaction with patients, from ovarian stimulation to ultrasound-guided follicular fluid aspiration, is conducted at a satellite clinic. The follicular aspirates are then transported under strictly controlled conditions to an IVF laboratory. Fertilisation of embryos is conducted in the IVF laboratory after which they are returned to the satellite clinic for implantation.

Transport IVF has been around as a proven concept for the better part of two decades and has been implemented in countries across the world. Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre successfully manages various Transport IVF partnerships and the concept is well established from an operational point of view.

Transport IVF allows satellite clinics to offer advanced fertility services without having to invest in a state-of-the-art laboratory.

This process means that satellite clinics without the necessary laboratory equipment to handle IVF are able to offer these advanced fertility services to their patients without making significant investments in staff and advanced equipment. Clinics are able to retain their patients and patients are able to avoid the cost and emotional distress of having to travel to a doctor that they don’t know for the procedure.

Research on the effectiveness of Transport IVF has shown that there are no discernible differences in fertilisation, cleavage and implantation rates between oocytes collected in the central laboratory and those brought in via Transport IVF. The same studies have also shown that there are no significant differences in pregnancy rates from Transport IVF.

It has also shown that conducting IVF at a laboratory that has already been able to obtain consistently good pregnancy rates is preferable to starting a new IVF laboratory. Using Transport IVF allows satellite clinics to rely on established and successful laboratories as well as offering an increased range of assisted reproductive techniques to patients.

Finally, Transport IVF is significantly more cost effective for clinics. It reduces the cost of the average IVF cycle by 30% as there is minimal investment in new equipment and personnel by clinics and logistics are handled entirely by the laboratory. It means that existing equipment and staff are put to their utmost use.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities of a Transport IVF partnership with Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, we ask that you please complete a form here. A representative of Bridge Clinic will contact you following the receipt of your expression of interest.

Transport IVF Partnership
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