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Infertility can be the biggest challenge a couple might face. You might have many questions about why you haven’t been able to conceive, which might be taking a toll on your relationship.

In an effort to do away with fertility myths and ensure that those going through fertility challenges know they have options, we’ve developed an interactive platform for you to access free, accurate, and private fertility information.

Why choose to learn with Bridge Clinic?

We’ve been the first to reach many of Nigeria’s important milestones in reproductive medicine.

Bridge Clinic opened the first-ever IVF-focused clinic in Nigeria

Bridge Clinic is a 5-time winner in the “IVF Service Provider of the Year” category of the Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Awards (NHEA).

Bridge Clinic has a conception ratio comparable with some of the best rates in the world.

Introducing the Bridge Clinic learning portal

Test your fertility knowledge. Uncover fertility myths. Know the signs, and symptoms of infertility, and simple lifestyle changes you can make to help increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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Our free and easy-to-use e-learning chat platform utilises WhatsApp and openly shares accurate and credible information on all fertility treatments. The platform is also available to answer your most personal fertility-related questions privately and offer advice about some of your biggest concerns.

* This is hosted on WhatsApp and requires you to have a valid WhatsApp account and access to data or Wi-Fi.