How Does Klinefelter Syndrome Affect Fertility

How Does Klinefelter Syndrome Affect Fertility

15:13 27th June 2018 | Male Fertility

Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) is a random, genetic abnormality, where males are born with an extra X chromosome. As the symptoms are subtle, often males may be completely unaware of having the extra chromosome and lead normal, healthy lives. Complications may only arise when trying to have children.

 What is Tested in a Semen Analysis and Why

What is Tested in a Semen Analysis and Why

03:45 26th March 2017 | Male Fertility

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Male infertility and the need for sperm analysis are not topics that are often mentioned, never mind openly discussed. However, in 40% of infertility cases in the USA, issues with the male partner are the cause of infertility. In Nigeria, male infertility is a major factor in about 80% of couples who struggle with conception.

But please don’t be discouraged by this information if you think are facing a challenge. Become informed, take...

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