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What is the EUTCD and Why Does it Matter?

What is the EUTCD and Why Does it Matter?

02:08 25th July 2017 | European Union Tissues And Cells Directives (Introduction)

EUTCD Tissues Cells Medical Sciences Technical Directives Assisted Reproduction Technologies

The handling of human tissues and cells, in any capacity, requires strict regulation, especially if intended for human application. Therefore, it is crucial that certain standards of quality and safety are in place when it comes to:

  • Donation and Procurement
  • Testing and Processing
  • Preservation and Storage
  • Distribution and Import/export

A world without these standards in place is almost unimaginable. ESPECIALLY with all the advancements in technology and continuous innovation in the medical sciences.


The European Union Tissues and Cells Directives is a legal document that helps to keep the complicated world of human tissue and cell handling under control. It originates from the European Union’s public health programme and covers donation of all tissues and cells within EU, excluding blood and blood products.

EUTCD Purpose: Set a common safety and quality standard for human tissues and cells across the European Union.

EUTCD: Prevent threats to human health related to the application of cells and tissues to the human body. Threats include infection and transmission of disease.

Systems should also be in place to ensure tissues and cells are traceable from donor to recipient.

There is a primary Directive with the main requirements as well as two subsequent Technical Directives. Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) is considered as covered by this directive. This applies to all ART units in all European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) member states.

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Bridge Clinic is the only fertility clinic in West Africa that meets European Union Tissues and Cells Directives (EUTCD) which means it is possible for us to send cells and tissues, including sperm, eggs and embryos, to European clinics, should it be necessary during a treatment procedure. This gives us access to procedures and services that are not available in Nigeria.

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