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“Thank you to my Heavenly Father for the successful transfer of my second IVF and conceiving my twins. I had my first transfer IVF 2 years ago and had a beautiful baby girl, and now I am happily pregnant again in 2017! Thanks to Bridge Clinic and all their staff for their kind words of encouragement, their wonderful care, and to the specialist Dr. Bamidele for making this all possible. Never stop trying, because our Heavenly Father is mindful of all our hearts’ desires. Thank you to the Bridge Clinic.”
“My heart is full of joy and gratitude, God Almighty. I have been hoping and praying for the fruit of the womb for four years. I went to Bridge Clinic and God answered my prayers. Now I am pregnant with twins. I am most thankful for the support and encouragement provided by Dr Ifeoma Oyeleye. Nurse Kemi, Nurse Oluchi, Nurse Oge and every other staff member: thank you all for your support and positive attitude.”
“In addition to what has been said by my wonderful husband, who has stood by me for a journey of about 6 years, I am overwhelmingly happy for this blessing I’ve received. A blessing of having a twin pregnancy, of which I am about 7 weeks along. I am beyond appreciative of Bridge Clinic and will continue to let people who are in my shoes know about them and their wonderful deeds. Through the help of my heavenly father Jehovah, the giver of life, I am pregnant. I love everyone at Bridge Clinic - but God loves you more. Thank you.”
“With gratitude in our hearts, we write to testify that Bridge Clinic is, indeed, an expert in all things IVF.”
“I testify to the goodness of God, Who used Bridge Clinic’s IVF program to assist me with conception. The facilities, procedure and team are all superb. In addition to that, it was my first “shot”. I had faith in the clinic when I took my first step. I keep thanking God and continue to appreciate the clinic and its staff, for always doing their best.”
“We thank God for the success of our IVF treatment. Initially we just wanted to give it a trial, but with the help of Dr. Olaniyi and Nurse Gbemi, as well as every other person who we had contact with - we made it! Thank you all for the hard work and dedication to ensuring that couples like us who need help end up smiling and happy. And we got DOUBLE the joy! Thank you and thank you again.”
“Amongst others, our family’s most profound memories are of the sincerity, knowledge-based approach, customer care, friendliness, motivational skills and the brotherhood of the entire Bridge Clinic staff.”
“Bless the name of the Lord Almighty, for He alone deserves the glory for making us the joyful mother and father of our children. We want to thank God for the wisdom given to all the staff at Bridge Clinic who produced excellent results. Also, thank you staff members for your hospitality, care and counselling. We appreciated the smiles that were always on your beautiful faces. Please keep it up. If we have the opportunity to refer clients, we will definitely do so. God bless you all. God has made our case different. To Him alone be all the glory!.”
“To my Doctor, Doctor Udensi, thank you so much for bearing with me. You have a heart of gold.”
“We really appreciate the Almighty God for a successful procedure at the Bridge Clinic. We came to the clinic and met wonderful people like Dr Bamidele, Dr Onyinye, Dr Ibrahim, Nurse Ann, Nurse Busola, Angela and all the other amazing staff who gave us great support throughout the period of our first experience with IVF. Once again, we thank God and pray that God blesses every eye that reads this and that your own testimony will come speedily, in Jesus’ name. Thank you.”

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