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“To the entire staff of Bridge Clinic
Words cannot express how thankful we are for the care and compassion we received from the beginning. Entering the world of IVF is beyond terrifying, expensive and worst of all, unknown. We were treated with utmost respect and had every details explained to the least way possible. There was never a time we were given false hope but rather positivity and encouragement to keep trying and keep our hope alive
I would never wish anyone infertility, but if you are faced with such issue, Bridge Clinic is the sure deal. I can honestly say I looked forward to every appointment because I knew that it meant we were one step closer and our desires came to reality by all your tireless efforts at just our first attempt as we are expecting our babies.
We consider you all a very important part of our lives and journey that we will never forget. I will choose Bridge Clinic over and over again.
God bless Bridge Clinic and the entire staff’’.
Mrs T.J”

“Dr. Obikili and the staff of Bridge Clinic [nurses, lab staff, etc.] are all very professional and compassionate.
They always made the experience as comfortable as possible. They all took time to answer any question, especially nurse Chidinma, and made sure I am satisfied with the answers.
The staff are genuinely good and honest people. They supported me well and made me feel taken care of. Their kindness comes naturally and it’s very much appreciated.
A special thank you to Nurse Chidinma for taking care of me and giving me all the support through phone calls, messages and physicalsly. God bless you for me.
Thank you Bridge Clinic for making me a mum.
Mrs O.N”

“Our IVF Journey with Bridge Clinic…….
What a journey this has been, credit must go to our helper [God] for the success of the IVF…. Surprise, surprise, this is the third time we have had this process done with Bridge Clinic and they were all positive although this particular journey had so many challenges along the way, we overcame at the end.
My advice to anyone undertaking this process is to try bridge and never lose hope. It will surely come while believing in God.
Credit must be given where due, hence the staff of Bridge Clinic were wonderful through this process. Thank you very much to you all.
Best Regards
Mr & Mrs A. A”

“At first, I was uninterested about IVF. Reading through the Bridge Clinic online updates on how couples can be medically assisted in having babies, however, I got interested and decided with my wife to give it a trial, but only at Bridge Clinic.
We have been well informed about the clinic via its website regarding its human resources and the procedure for the IVF, my wife and I visited the clinic and registered for the treatment cycle. Within a space of 2 months, we got a positive outcome on the first attempt.
All thanks to Almighty God and professionalism demonstrated by the staff of Bridge Clinic as a whole. God bless you all.
Mr & Mrs A.B”

“Infertility can be very frustrating, so when a family member told me about bridge clinic I did not know what to expect.
Walking into bridge clinic for the first time I appreciated the warm reception and how I was made to feel comfortable.
On the day I was called in to do my routine test, I was so scared of what my test result may reveal but the doctors and nurses where so kind and sweet to me, they encourages me to be calm and that all will be fine. My result came back clean for which I was very grateful.
I was that patient that asked a lot of questions and always wants to know what’s going on luckily for me the doctors and nurses were always ready to answer me to the best of their knowledge, I immediately felt at home and comfortable with everyone.
We began my IVF journey with smiles and encouragement; with every medication given I was taught how to administer it properly, the side effects and what to look out for. My doctor and nurse called to make sure I was okay and was taking my medication properly and before I knew it, it was my D day for egg collection, the procedure went swiftly.
The embryo transfer was fast and surprisingly painless; I was in tears on this good day but was pampered and encouraged by my medical team. IVF can be stressful and emotionally draining but by having all the support and love of your medical team sure makes it bearable.
The two weeks wait was something else. I was told the entire dos and don’ts as I waited for my miracle and was constantly checked upon my team.
On the day I took the home pregnancy test and it showed POSITIVE it was all laughter and happiness for my family and staffs of bridge clinic.
Truth be told, the hospitality at bridge clinic was something I have never experienced in a hospital before and not forgetting all the biscuits and tea available at the clinic.
I say a very big THANK YOU to all the staff of bridge clinic.
Bridge clinic I will recommend any day to every couple going through infertility.”

“Infertility can be very frustrating, so when a family member told me about bridge clinic I did not know what to expect.
Walking into bridge clinic for the first time I appreciated the warm reception and how I was made to feel comfortable.
On the day I was called in to do my routine test, I was so scared of what my test result may reveal but the doctors and nurses where so kind and sweet to me, they encourages me to be calm and that all will be fine. My result came back clean for which I was very grateful.
I was that patient that asked a lot of questions and always wants to know what’s going on luckily for me the doctors and nurses were always ready to answer me to the best of their knowledge, I immediately felt at home and comfortable with everyone.
We began my IVF journey with smiles and encouragement; with every medication given I was taught how to administer it properly, the side effects and what to look out for. My doctor and nurse called to make sure I was okay and was taking my medication properly and before I knew it, it was my D day for egg collection, the procedure went swiftly.
The embryo transfer was fast and surprisingly painless; I was in tears on this good day but was pampered and encouraged by my medical team. IVF can be stressful and emotionally draining but by having all the support and love of your medical team sure makes it bearable.
The two weeks wait was something else. I was told the entire dos and don’ts as I waited for my miracle and was constantly checked upon my team.
On the day I took the home pregnancy test and it showed POSITIVE it was all laughter and happiness for my family and staffs of bridge clinic.
Truth be told, the hospitality at bridge clinic was something I have never experienced in a hospital before and not forgetting all the biscuits and tea available at the clinic.
I say a very big THANK YOU to all the staff of bridge clinic.
Bridge clinic I will recommend any day to every couple going through infertility.”

“My experience with the doctors and nurses at Bridge Clinic has been amazing!!!!! From start to finish, it has been exceptional.
Dr. Racheal is an amazing person. Her positivity kept me happy and hopeful all the time.
Nurse Chidinma and Nurse Faith were also very professional. It did not feel like I was in Nigeria because the same experience I get in the USA when I am there is what I got here at Bridge Clinic, even better.
They took care of me, made sure I took my drugs and injections and always reminded me of my appointments.
I am definitely referring people to this facility.
Thank you for assisting me achieve my dream of being a mother!!!!!!!!!
God bless everyone at Bridge Clinic Abuja
Mrs. E.S”

“My journey with Bridge started in 2019. I was welcomed by a friendly doctor, nurses and other staff. I felt so much at home and relaxed and in 2020, I got pregnant after a successful IVF treatment. The entire hospital was happy for me. Even after I was discharged, I would call the doctor whenever I felt any discomfort and she was always happy to assist. I got an overwhelming support from the doctor (Dr Sekinat) and the nurses including Nurse Ann.
Fast forward to 2021, I came back for another IVF treatment cycle. The doctor, staff, nurses were even more friendly this time. I recall when my test was confirmed positive; there was rejoicing among the hospital staff. That gesture touched me as they saw my success as though it was theirs too. When I did my scan and they were twins, the joy & rejoicing was even more. I have enjoyed a lot of friendship, professionalism and faith in my interaction with them. Indeed God is in Bridge Clinic as every effort of theirs culminates to success.
I will like to thank Dr Sekinat, whose patience is next to none, thanks to Nurse Faith and Nurse Chidinma who have been extremely friendly and nice. To Lawrencia and Esther, I say a big thank you. Most importantly, my unreserved thanks go to God Almighty.
Mrs .C. Os.”

It's has been a beautiful journey. Ol I can see is am 4ever grateful. Here am I feeling my baby. We r so glad & we can't thank bridge clinic enough. 2 my darling nurse faith & Dr Rachel opadiran thankx u so much 4 dis dream come true. God bless u ol. Lots of love.. Mr & Mrs SH.”

“My journey with Bridge started in 2019. I was welcomed by a friendly doctor, nurses and other staff. I felt so much at home and relaxed and in 2020, I got pregnant after a successful IVF treatment. The entire hospital was happy for me. Even after I was discharged, I would call the doctor whenever I felt any discomfort and she was always happy to assist. I got an overwhelming support from the doctor (Dr Sekinat) and the nurses including Nurse Ann.
Fast forward to 2021, I came back for another IVF treatment cycle. The doctor, staff, nurses were even more friendly this time. I recall when my test was confirmed positive; there was rejoicing among the hospital staff. That gesture touched me as they saw my success as though it was theirs too. When I did my scan and they were twins, the joy & rejoicing was even more. I have enjoyed a lot of friendship, professionalism and faith in my interaction with them. Indeed God is in Bridge Clinic as every effort of theirs culminates to success.
I will like to thank Dr Sekinat, whose patience is next to none, thanks to Nurse Faith and Nurse Chidinma who have been extremely friendly and nice. To Lawrencia and Esther, I say a big thank you. Most importantly, my unreserved thanks go to God Almighty.
Mrs .C. OSUJI.”

“I really don’t know where to start talking about my fertility journey. But, it has not been an easy one. I got married in July 2016, and like every other couple, you expect to get pregnant after a few months of marriage. But that now became a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and I lost my left tube and the right tube was said to be blocked.

The only option I was left with was IVF and I have done 4 failed IVF.
My elder sister recommended Bridge Clinic and that I should give them a try as they are good. That’s how I found myself here today, expecting my beautiful twins and my joy knows no bounds.

Thank you Dr. Racheal Oluwatunmobi Opadiran and her wonderful team at Bridge Clinic Abuja. – Mr & Mrs O.”

“Thank you to the staff of Bridge clinic because you have made our dream to becoming parents a reality. Thank you for your patience and professionalism in how you handled all our questions and concerns from the very first day we set our foot in your facility.
We appreciate your honest advice and recommendations that eventually led to a successful journey. We struggled to conceive mainly because of our lack of regular ovulation to which we were immediately given medication and later went for IUI.
I would strongly encourage anybody out there having challenges in conception or just mere enquiries related to fertility because you will not be disappointed
God bless you all and thank you again
Lots of love from baby and parents
Mr and Mrs O. B - 13/06/2020”

I and my husband have battled with infertility for a complete year after marriage. In May 2019, we registered with Bridge Clinic and started undergoing test and seeing the doctor. The doctor recommended drugs for my husband, while I was on Pregnacare Preconception. We kept trying and nothing happened. In November 2019, we paid for IUI treatment at Bridge Clinic, Abuja. I want to thank God and the doctors and nurses for all their help. We were well attended to and constantly called. During the IUI days (my two ovulation days in December 2019), I was asked to lye down and then they inserted the treated sperms. To the Glory of God on doing a pregnancy test in December 2019 it was positive. I would recommend Bridge Clinic to patients currently undergoing fertility problems for the following reason

- Good customer care provided by doctors and nurses
- Good facility/medical treatment items. They are well equipped
- Customer-friendly
- Seriousness and devoted to the job

Once again, I say a very big thank you to God and also to the customer-friendly fertility centre Bridge Clinic. Please try them, Thanks. Stay blessed - MRS O.M 16/01/2020”


“Brothers & Sisters please help me thank God and Bridge clinic for a job well done. For five years now, I and my wife have been looking for a child, but with the help of my cousin who called me from Benin and told me about Bridge clinic. When we came to Bridge clinic, we found the solution to our problem. I will bring my friends to Bridge Clinic. - MR E.A”

“To the wonderful team at the Bridge clinic, I can only say Thank You!!! You have been with me every step of the process and for that, words can never describe my sincere appreciation. The medical team has been totally amazing from the ever-smiling Dr Ogunniran to the absolutely wonderful nurses-Rosemary, Oge & Temitope. Always encouraging, always there to hold my hands through the process. In the time I spent here, I got to know the team and I know they genuinely care about their patients. I was shocked today when I was told this was it – they have become like my family but I am happy to miss them (for good reasons) I will miss them so much. I know words can never adequately convey my appreciation but to the people of the Bridge clinic, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU. So even though we may not be seeing as much as we have in the past couple of months, just know that I will be coming back to see all my paddies at the Bridge clinic. Oh and how could I forget the team at the front desk, lowkey I wonder how they put up with me but they did and always so polite and gracious-Mariam & co, thanks a lot for always being polite and understanding, it can’t be easy but you guys do it with such grace. I always say team work makes the dream work to my colleagues and I believe the team at the Bridge clinic have figured this out and have perfected it. I pray Almighty God continues to guide, keep and protect you all. Love Always. - Mrs A.A”

“We have been married for 4 years and 6 days today. We started trying to conceive a year after our marriage but to no avail and decided to go to a hospital. From 2012, we have been moving from one hospital to another, spending lots of money and taking many tests, with no definite solution. Along the line, my husband was diagnosed with Azospermica. I was crushed when I heard the news. They give him drugs but there was no significant change. I was told that I have PCOS and that patients with PCOS do get pregnant at some point, but I gave up and stopped going to the hospital. An old friend introduced us to a doctor who referred us to The Bridge Clinic. We were lucky enough to see Dr. Obineche just before he left the country. He did a couple of tests and suggested that we do IVF. Dr. Omojowa at TBC then ordered a comprehensive test which we had. He explained the whole procedure but at that time we couldn’t afford it. But the Almighty provided us with the means and I started my injections 10.03.15. It was difficult at first, but I got used to it. Then Dr. David Nandul took over my case. He is equally an excellent medical doctor. On my Day 9 scan I didn’t respond well to the FSH Injections and treatment. I was devastated because it meant I had to go through all those injections again. It also meant a double cost on drugs. I composed myself and prayed about it. I started my injections for the second time on 11/05/2015. This time, the dose of FSH was increased and I responded very well. At every hurdle, remember to stop, reflect and give thanks to the Almighty. I had my egg collection on the 16/06/15. I was so nervous the night before and couldn’t sleep. I prayed all night and asked the Almighty to make it easy for me. The egg collection went quite well. Even though I was sedated, I felt a bit of a pinch during the procedure but it was bearable. When I woke up I started to vomit. I felt sick for a couple of days. The same day I had my collection, my husband had ICSI and I hoped they would get a viable sperm to fertilise the egg. At the beginning, the doctors stressed the importance of having a donor sperm in case ICIS didn’t work. If ICSI didn’t work it would be the end for us because we didn’t want a sperm donor. We managed to cross that hurdle. The following week, the embryologist told us the 5 eggs had fertilised. We were thrilled! On the day of embryo transfer, I was nervous as usual but with the team of doctors I was privileged and lucky to have, it went without a hitch. Two weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test and I couldn’t believe it. I had to take four tests to be sure. The most amazing thing was seeing my baby’s heart beat on the first scan. It’s an indescribable feeling. We give our unending appreciation and thanks to Allah. Without him, none of this would have come to be. Our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude goes to Dr David Nandul, Nurse Ijeoma, Nurse Ann and the entire team at TBC Abuja, and those who came from Lagos. The team at TBC are very warm and supportive. To me TBC has become part of my family and I will never forget them. We will not hesitate to recommend TBC to friends and family. Thank you TBC!”

“We’ve been married for four years (4 years) and have constantly believed God for the fruit of the womb but because we are busy people there was little or nothing we could do than to seek help from God and men until I came across the bridge clinic on Facebook without any referrer, my husband and I decided to visit the BRIDGE CLINIC at jabi Abuja above all odds and without shifting blames. The journey started last year, we endured the processes with the support of the doctor “Dr. John, the nurses most especially Nurse ANN , the Pharmacist and the joint effort of these well experienced , calm , patient, understanding and supportive workers of Bridge clinic , we made it to the end.
The mind blowing testimony is that we are carrying our “twin” Children. We cannot hide the blessing of the almighty God.
We remain grateful to God for all his infinite support and appreciate the bridge clinic for allowing God use them for us. Bridge clinic staffs in Abuja are WORLD CLASS, their public relation is so much to talk about. Thanks so much for tolerating and accepting our excesses.
Engr. and Mrs H.”

We had our great day on the 25th of April 2011, married to the love and happily looking forward to having a wonderful family. The gradual passage of time awoke us to the reality of failure of conception. We waited faithfully for 24 months hoping every month that our miracle will manifest.
Realising time was going, we began our search for solution. We moved from hospital to hospital and from one process to another and was finally recommended an IVF treatment and referred to Bridge Clinic by a family member.
Stepping foot into The Bridge Clinic on Aug. 2013 raised a new phase of hope. The reception, smiles, professionalism and warm reception we got from the doctors and nurses. We cannot forget Dr. Mrs Alkali and how she took her time to educate and answer all our numerous questions.
Our first attempt on IVF was not successful and we felt so bad, it seemed the end of the road. Thank for good family and friends that encouraged us to take a second shot at it.
We started our second treatment in Feb. 2015, tested positive by April 2015 and was told the two embryos transplanted was growing well.
We left the clinic that day with heart full of joy and thanks giving.
At seven weeks, we had a scan that showed that one of the two was not responding well.
Finally at 9 months, we had our dear beautiful baby girl.
Today, our dear Ogechukwu Deborah is 9 months old. We thank the Almighty God for the priceless gift he has given us. We are always grateful we chose the bridge clinic Abuja.
We encourage anybody passing through what we passed through to trust in God through the services of The Bridge Abuja.
Thank you.
Mrs. I.C”

“MY STORY !!!!!!!!..... TO GOD BE THE GLORY ………
Indeed, the lord is faithful. What else can I say but thank you lord and Bridge clinic. It is like a dream but then it is real.
I did my egg collection and embryo transfer here at the Bridge clinic on 20th and 23rd July, 2011 respectively .
The two weeks waiting time for the pregnancy test was the longest period of my life with so many thoughts and anxieties but at long last, the day came (6th August, 2011) to take my urine sample for PT test. I was discouraged and even thought of not going because there were no signs of pregnancy but I reluctantly went.
Then that moment of waiting and finally I was called into the consulting room to see my managing Doctor, and when he said “ Madam Congratulations you are pregnant “ and the only word I uttered was THANK YOU JESUS because all through this period, I kept on trusting God and prayed fervently that it works and truly it worked. I am almost three months pregnant now. What more will I say but thank you God and thank God for modern technology.
This is my story …To God be the Glory
8th Sept 2011”

We give thanks to God Almighty for the wisdom bestowed on the management of the Bridge Clinic in Nigeria, whom God used to change our story. We’ve been expecting the fruit of the womb almost 17years without hope
News of The Bridge Clinic came to our knowledge /awareness around march 2011, we took the bold step of faith and made a trial, like joke we started all the recommended process of medical lab test ,advice and follow up that involves taking of daily injections scanning etc. which culminated in the realization of our dream
To God be the glory our marriage is now blessed with a bouncing baby boy on 3rd December 2012
Mr and Mrs Y”

“After (8) years of waiting, am 44years old. I return all glory and honour and adoration to Almighty God for the wonderful things He has done because is only Him can do what no man can do.
I thank God for Bridge Clinic that through them God proved his supremacy over my family. By God’s grace am caring my baby now and i know that God will see me through in Jesus name (amen). And I pray for bridge Clinic that God will continue to move the clinic forward in Jesus Name Amen. Truly God is here.
“Bridge Clinic continue moving forward and backwards never”

Thanks God bless you All.
B. O”


All thanks be to almighty Allah (S W T) for witnessing this day in my life
I will like to advise all the people who are coming to this special clinic that they should know or believe that Allah “S W T” knows about what you are looking for i.e. keep on praying.
The staff of this unique Clinic, I am really proud of them because they are very intelligent. I wish you all what you wish yourselves.
Be blessed! One love!
I gonna miss you all

I have come to return all the glory first and foremost to the Almighty God and to the staff of Bridge Clinic Abuja for putting some smiles on our faces once again.
After being married for some years without fruit of the womb, I started doing some online research for a specialist and came across The Bridge Clinic in November 2016 and after so much comparisons I know Bridge Clinic was the place. I spoke to my husband and took a bold step of faith to visit in January 2017 where I met Dr Nandul who advised we do some series of tests. I was given an estimate of how much the IVF procedure would cost us, of which we couldn’t afford then, I returned in September 2017 where I was referred to D r Ekweani and the procedure was commenced.
The team was so wonderful right from point of injections down to the embryo transfer. Dr Ekweani was always ready and available to listen to our questions and complains. The nurses (Nurse Ann and Nurse Ijeoma) never stopped calling to check up on us. Today I can see my babies on the scan with strong heartbeats. Not to forget the reception, it was so welcoming.
Once again, on behalf of my husband and myself, we say a big thank you to The Bridge Clinic for your care, love and smiles. Love you all”

Thank you to the staff of Bridge clinic because you have made our dream to becoming parents a reality. Thank you for your patience and professionalism in how you handled all our questions and concerns from the very first day we set our foot in your facility.
We appreciate your honest advice and recommendations that eventually led to a successful journey. We struggled to conceive mainly because of our lack of regular ovulation to which we were immediately given medication and later went for IUI.
I would strongly encourage anybody out there having challenges in conception or just mere enquiries related to fertility because you will not be disappointed
God bless you all and thank you again
Lots of love from baby and parents
Mr and Mrs O. B”

“Can’t really express my gratitude as much as I would want to because it’s just endless. All I can say is that God is good and forever gracious.
He directed my path to Bridge Clinic for an IVF procedure which ended in testimony. He used amazing people (Fertility specialists, doctors, Nurses, etc.) to make this testimonial a reality.
To my doctor Dr Michael Okoli and my nurse Peace, I say thank you as well.
With God on our side “We did it”.
Mrs. C.J. O”

“We have been trying to start a family for three years but unfortunately, we were not able to achieve our goal.
We then decided to try and IVF procedure at Bridge clinic, and we got lucky on the second cycle. We will like to thank the staff at Bridge clinic and especially Dr Oguniran and Nurse Temitope for their kind words and customer service.
Yours faithfully,
Mrs. S”

“My journey with Bridge clinic started in December 2021. I was welcomed by a very jovial and all smiling nurse (Desk Officer) called Amina who later took me to a very dedicated doctor by name Dr. Ogunjimi. I got an overwhelming support from nurse Chizaram who was assigned to take care of me, I could call her on weekends, public holidays, sometimes even in the midnight and she will attend to me without grudges.
I recall when my test was confirmed positive, there was rejoicing among all the clinic staff that gesture touched me as they saw my success as though it was theirs too.
I will like to thank all the staff of Bridge clinic from doctors, nurses, desk officers, embryologist, securities, cleaners and everybody that contributed in one way or the other for this success story. Thank you, the CEO of Bridge clinic, for allowing God to use you to reach people like me. God bless Bridge clinic.
By Mrs C.N.T.”

“God alone deserves all glory, honor and adoration. We waited 3 years to have us write this testimony and God indeed answer our prayer.
We got to know about Bridge clinic from a friend of ours when all means prove abortive. We got our positive news of a baby 4th of April and we are super excited.
Thank you all bridge clinic staff (receptionist, nurses, doctors and counsellor) for your care and attention given to us. We are grateful.
Thank you oh God of all flesh for what he cannot do does not exist.

“Friday celebrations are in FULL SWING following the birth of one of our babies through the magnanimity of @ibidunniighodalofoundation's #40@40 project!

Reposted from @ibidunniighodalofoundation
After 25years of marriage.
At Age 54
Mrs Fagbemi recounts their journey to Fertility with our Executive secretary @grace.inn

Married for 25 years, since November 1996, without records of pregnancy ever.
After seeking medical and being diagnosed of Tubal blockage after which she was counselled on the need to try IVF, the new mother further narrated how she had made several efforts through herbs and prayers as she could not afford Medical Fertility treatments.

Miraculously she caught wave of IIF'S Project 40@40, scaled through the the process of registration and screening, though menopausal, she knew her season had indeed come when she was picked as one of the successful applicants, given Grant to begin her fertility journey.

And from test strip, to blood test, the positive pregnancy result stayed confirmed. Then there was the scan, showing sac without foetus at 3weeks, and after few more weeks, the sac had only grown bigger without signs of foetus.
Mrs Fagbemi mentioned that she continued in Faith, believing her baby was in there, hidden by the Almighty.

Then came the challenge of several oversights by medical personnels at every hospital appointment as most perceived her as being too old to be considered pregnant, on many occasions she was attended to last after many attempts at convincing them she too had come for her antenatal care.

She expressed gratitude to God for making her strong and healthy during the pregnancy, carrying on with her usual business, as many couldn't tell she was pregnant.

The beautiful Elizabeth was born through a Caesarian Section, an experience she tagged a miracle.

She thanked the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation for the care, support shown throughout the journey.

We hope this story has inspired you to believe for your own.”

“My name is Mrs B.A, my husband and I came to Bridge clinic for ivf procedure at the beginning of 2021 after being married for 7 years. This year, we're celebrating our 8th year marriage anniversary with our baby, we give all glory to God for directing our path and the opportunity to go with Bridge clinic. With Bridge clinic and their team, I got pregnant from the first transfer, it was very amazing because we have tried to conceive through ivf twice before both in America & here in Nigeria and none was positive. We're thanking our doctor, doctor Tunde and nurse Tope, for putting in their best for us, they really have passion for what they're doing and we'll always be grateful.”

“I used bridge Clinic the first time in 2018. I had written a previous testimony about the excellent service and case that led to the birth of my beautiful and healthy daughter in 2019.
I was circumspect about going through another IVF procedure a second time, but I eventually took consolation in the quality-of-care Bridge Clinic provided to me the first time.
I decided to have baby number 2, the quality of care was no different and I have the entire team to thank for this. The doctors, the nurses, the front desk officials, counsellors etc.
I am glad that the second time around my pregnancy test turned out positive, While I totally thank God for the success of my procedure, I am not oblivious of the role Bridge clinic played in making my dream of having baby number two a reality.

“I can testify to the fact that God the giver of children is here at Bridge Clinic. The countdown to nine months has already begun.
Glory be to God, thanks to the doctors and nurses that God used. God bless you all.
Mrs. T. A”

“Wow! I’m writing a testimonial (smiles).
So grateful to God almighty for making our dream come true through the Bridge Clinic.
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now. I came across the clinic’s Instagram page and immediately booked an appointment.
About 3 months after our first visit (and first round of IVF), we got pregnant!

Words can not express my gratitude to the amazing staff. From the smiling faces at the reception to the caring/helpful nurses and then the professional, knowledgeable and comforting doctors. They made the scary and stressful journey easier.”

“My name is Ebiere, I’ve been married for two years without conceiving. I figured it was time to seek medical attention. I surfed the internet for fertility hospitals and then I came across Bridge Clinic.
From my first encounter with them at the reception, the ambience of the clinic. I knew I was making a good decision. Treatment started for myself and my husband and after about 6 months we decided to opt for IVF also with the advice from the doctor.
I followed every step of the medication, sincerely at times it could seem a bit difficult. I am grateful I adhered to all instructions from the team at Bridge Clinic.
To the glory of God, my first attempt at IVF I conceived of Twins. I would like to say a big thank you for standing by us, checking go me at intervals and ensuring everything was going well with me during the process. All thanks to God almighty.”

“I came to Bridge Clinic shattered; a hopeless verdict had just been passed on me somewhere. With uncontrollable tears, I found my way to Bridge Clinic, I just wanted to speak with the counsellor and that was the beginning of a long but productive journey for me.
My testimony will be incomplete without mentioning the human face to the treatment I received here. The support system is second to none. The nurses would usually call to check up on me, same for the counsellor. Every step of the journey is well explained.
I am eternally grateful to the team and I would recommend Bridge Clinic to anyone in need of specialized fertility care.
Mrs O T.”

To God be the Glory.
It has been a beautiful journey up until now when we were finally referred to a hospital to commence Ante-natal care.
The sleepless nights, the struggles of meeting up with appointments, the traffic jams and other inexplicable struggles. Here we are, God has been so good, when we were almost losing hope. The wonderful hands that God used to intervene, the doctor- Dr Ogunjimi, Nurse Busola, Temitope, Elizabeth, Angela and others- “A wonderful team” may God bless you all.
To all who are expectant of God’s goodness and mercy, He is Able, He remains on the throne and there is nothing He cannot do.
The pharmacists are not left out, having to wait after closing hours for us to pick up our medications- thank you.
To God be all the glory, Thank you Lord.
Mr & Mrs AOB”

“We thank all the great nurses and doctors of Bridge clinic for not only your care but also your dedication. With God, your clinic has completed and saved many marriages.
I pray that the good Lord will meet you all at the point of your needs. I’m happy today because God answered me through faith and your help, forever I’m indebted to you all, especially Dr Ogunniran. May the good Lord bless you so much for me.
Mrs N.O”

“We visited Bridge clinic in 2019 based on our infertility issues, we did our first and second transfer and it was successful for the both transfers.
We really want to thank the entire management and staff of Bridge clinic for all their care, support and finally putting a smile on our face by successfully making us a family.
Mr & Mrs N.M”

“We came across the Bridge Clinic on the internet. We visited three centers before we finally settled for the Bridge Clinic. Our decision was mainly based on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and a preliminary interactive discussion we had with a doctor at the center.

Everyone working at the Bridge Clinic was understanding, supportive, and professional - right from the gate to the consulting room. We did not really mind travelling over long distance to attend clinics. We were determined to achieve what we wanted - have baby(ies), despite three previous unsuccessful trials in a Scadinavian country. Our story has changed. We achieved pregnancy here 😃 , and we are very grateful.

Mr & Mrs O.K”

“Bridge clinic has been a great opportunity for me. I Finally achieved my aim.
The staff including the Nurses and doctors were so wonderful to me. They made sure I had a positive mindset; they call always to know how I am doing.
It’s been a pleasure having come down to Bridge clinic for my IVF procedure. I will always recommend this clinic to the people I know.

Mrs C.O”

“I am really overwhelmed; I want to thank God Almighty for this opportunity and for using Bridge clinic to perform this wonder in my family.
Really, what God cannot do does not exist, My Love goes to Dr Ogunjimi, the nurses and the entire team, for the attention and encouragement. Our Joy knows no bounds.

Mr & Mrs K”

“Our journey as a couple started on 5th October 2014, we tried every means to conceive but to no avail, before Dr Sekinat Raji referred us to try Bridge clinic. With the help of Allah and the guidance of our doctor, Dr Olaniyi and the entire staff of Bridge clinic, our first IVF cycle was successful.

We give immeasurable thanks to Allah and every staff of Bridge clinic on their efforts and warm reception.

We wont hold back in advising other trying couples to give Bridge clinic a try. It will be worth it.

Mr & Mrs H.F”

“Bridge clinic is more than a clinic, they are life savers. The IVF process was so professional, I got the best treatment as if I was abroad and most of all the first IVF cycle was successful. I did an IUI with them before it was successful too but I miscarried. I really appreciate the doctors, most of all Dr Ogunniran and Nurse Tope, you guys are the absolute best.

Thank you for making my family happy.

Mrs A.S”

“We are always grateful we chose Bridge; I remember when our doctor referred us to several clinic. Coming to Bridge clinic was the best thing that happened to us, today we have our beautiful daughter and also anticipating the arrival of our new baby. Through the help of the hardworking doctors and nurses here, we were able to achieve our goal and also restore joy and happiness in our home. I can’t thank you people enough for your support and everything. You all are the real MVP. We also encourage anyone passing through what we have passed through, to trust in God and through the services of Bridge clinic, you will laugh last.

Mrs E.C”

“My hubby and I have been married for 3 years; we have visited several hospitals but to no avail. Our journey with Bridge clinic started on 25th of May 2020, and guess what; it’s a positive result, my first attempt comes out positive.
We thank Almighty Allah and all Bridge clinic staff for their support and encouragement.
To all reading this testimony, God has empowered Bridge clinic to put smiles on faces of families trusting God for children just like me.

Mr & Mrs O.”

“Immediately after I got married in 2017, we started trying for a baby. Unfortunately, after 3 years of trying nothing happened. We came to Bridge clinic in August 2020, and our treatment started in October 2020.

With the grace of God and the help of Dr Olaniyi, Nurse Oge and Nurse Temitope, I had my first positive pregnancy test in February 2021. We are so glad and can’t thank Bridge Clinic enough for this dream come true. May God continue to bless you guys in all you do and as you put smiles on couples faces. - Mrs S”

“It has been the most wonderful year for us, we got a positive pregnancy result January 4th after 2 failed IVF with another hospital. We are glad Dr. Ogunjimi and the Bridge team encouraged us to carry out further tests and give it another try. The professionalism and commitment is admirable. May God continue to use you all to bring this priceless joy to other homes.
Mr & Mrs. E”

“We really thank Almighty God for wiping away our tears through institute of Fertility Medicine (IFM) for granting us our heart desire for making us Father and mother of children. God Almighty will continue to use this institute for many couples. Our appreciation also goes to the staff of institute of Fertility medicine and the Bridge clinic for their love and care rendered to us to achieve our desire. May God bless them all. Thank You.”

“We have been married for 9 years now and have been trying to conceive since the first year of marriage. We have visited so many Doctors and done many tests but none yielded any positive result. We were referred to LASUTH fertility Centre in 2019. The Initial Consultation and Preliminary test were carried out to confirm status and afterwards treatment was started. Right now, we have achieved conception after going through the process and procedures diligently. We are really excited about the result achieved and we really appreciate God, the Nurses and other staffs of the institutes.”

“I thank the Lord Almighty for what God have done in my life through the Bridge clinic. I thank all the nurses and doctors they are so caring when I was told that I am carrying baby in my womb I did not believe it. I thank God Almighty for what he has done in my life and my special thanks go to Nurse Busola, Dr Alake, Matron Awopetu and Aunty Charlotte. I thank all of them may God answer their prayers. Thanks”

“I want to give all the glory honor and adoration to God Almighty for His mercy and grace. After two IVF, he finally perfect it to His glory. I want to thank all the staffs od=f this clinic for their caring attention and just to mention but few. My gratitude goes to Nurse Busola, Nurse Nneka and the Nurses at scan department, all Doctors too. May the good Lord continue to bless and uphold them and to everyone out there looking for this type of blessing all you need is prayer, patience and perseverance. Our God is all wonder in is very much in the business of miracle, may he surprise you as He did mine in Jesus name.”

“It has been a period of waiting and prayer since we got married in 2015. We joined and registered with the Institute of Fertility medicine managed by the Bridge Clinic. The Journey continued and we received professional guidance by the medical experts in the clinic who managed our case. Today, we give God all the glory for the success we achieved. The pregnancy came and we were elated. We use this opportunity to express our gratitude to the entire staff of the IFM and the Bridge clinic for their commitment in making this miracle happen. God bless you all. Praise the LORD!”

“I got married in 2010 had two still birth in 2011 and 2013, after that I was unable to conceive again, till my husband browse IVF websites and got Bridge IVF center. It was from bridge that my testimonies began. I went through vigorous treatments and stress before God answered my prayers through Bridge IVF Centre located at Ikeja. To God be the glory that I was tested positive after two weeks of embryo transfer. I return all the glory to God Almighty for using Bridge fertility Centre as a point of contact to my blessing. Thank you, JESUS!!!!!!”

“I give thanks to Almighty Allah for leading me and my husband through the fertility journey as he directed us towards taking the bold steps. Am using this opportunity to thank all the consultants, throughout the appointments for their devoted time and encouragement and prayers, thank you to all the fertility Nurses, the front desk receptionist, the pharmacist, thank you all and may God meet of us in our daily needs and grant us all our heart desires. It was an indeed smooth journey and it shall all end in praises and thanksgiving by God’s grace. Thank you all for the support, prayer and care.”

“It is just a miracle, a big thanks to God and Bridge Clinic what can I say been pregnant for first time in 12 years of my marriage after trying many fertility homes in Lagos and many parts of the country I cannot believe my eyes when I did the P.T after 14 days ET and it came out positive. God, I cannot thank this wonderful clinic enough. God bless you guys the workers are the best friendly and godly people. May you all be bless beyond your expectation.”

“After being married for more than 2 years and having regular sex but nothing to show for it. One Christmas we travelled and my father asked me if I have conceived and I said no and he asked if I am still seeing my period as a woman or am I out of childbearing age, while I am still thirty. On that day I broke down in tears though my husband is not worried but his family members are worried. Immediately we returned from the village we decided to visit a fertility centre, though we have been hearing about Bridge Clinic. One faithful day we decided to pay them a visit at the IFM Ikeja centre. After consultation with the doctor we keyed to all the rules and regulations given to us and today I am 7 weeks pregnant. My joy knows no bounds. Though the journey was not easy as we were believing God and the same time we were both scared. The scariest day was 14 days after implantation when we had to test for pregnancy that night was not easy. We couldn’t sleep well and were both praying and staring at the time till it was 5 am. My heart was beating fast because I didn’t know what the outcome would be. To God be the glory, it was a positive result. We were both shouting and singing praises to God that day. I also want to use this medium to thank all the team starting from the doctors down to the security men at the gate you all are so wonderful and may God continue to bless and use you people for drying the tears of all TTC women. Amen. -Mr & Mrs I.O.Ezike”

“I want to thank the Almighty God for answering my prayers, also I want to thank my Gynecologist Dr Olaniyi Ajetumonbi. It all started 3 years ago, I’ve been to many places like churches to pray to God and to give me the fruit of the womb. I’ve also given up that I will never conceive in my life but I thank God that he turned my sorrow to joy. On the 5th of April 2019, my Gynecologist said before I could conceive I have to go for IVF I told him I can't because IVF is not for my age, so he said I should come to Bridge Clinic first and that he is very sure that my prayers are going to be answered. So I came to Bridge Clinic on the 25th of May 2019 for consultation. Thanks to Dr Shittu for his word of encouragement. So I started the treatment on August and glory be to God, I’m pregnant and God really surprised me by turning my sorrow to joy. I can never forget the nurses Temitope, Busola, Oge etc. My favourite receptionist Miss Mariam, the pharmacists, Dr Shittu, Dr Bamidele, thank you all. - Mrs S.O”

“Grateful to God Almighty…. 6 years waiting for our family to grow, and we are doubly blessed. Dear Dr Bamidele and to all Bridge Clinic staff, thank you so much for the level of professionalism, patience, tolerance, encouragements, calls and above all for putting smiles on our faces when all hope was lost. The words are not just enough. Thank you again - Mr & Mrs K.E”

“I got married in March 2015, and we have been trying for a baby since then. My husband and I started seeing the Doctor after 2 years of trying. We did a series of tests, scans and at a point my husband saw a Urologist and had a surgery done. We went for a review and more tests after his surgery, only for the doctor to recommend IVF as our last resort. He gave us a few IVF Clinic options but we chose Bridge clinic due to its proximity to our family hospital. He referred us to Bridge clinic and we booked our first appointment for the 28th of January, 2019. At Bridge clinic, there are wonderful Nurses, Front desk staffs, Doctors and support staffs. We did more tests and started our treatment cycle. I took all my medications and injections as prescribed by the doctor and today I am so happy to leave Bridge clinic with a Miracle Baby in my tummy. I am grateful to God for His faithfulness and thankful for the expertise of Bridge clinic Doctors, Nurses and all other support staffs that made our dream come true. Kind Regards, Mrs O. O 26/06/2019.”

“What shall I say? Where will I begin? Hmmn!!! All I have to say is Thank you Lord, and a very big, big thank you to Bridge Clinic. The challenge of childlessness is nothing to write home about, but Glory be to God for using all the instruments in Bridge Clinic to wipe away the hidden tears from my face. Both human and medical instruments really worked for my success. To the human instruments of God, like Dr Odeyemi, Dr Ogunniran, Dr Bamidele, Mrs Umo, Nurse Oge , Nurse Kate, the entire crew at the reception and host of others which I cannot mention, I say a very big thank you to you all. May the good Lord bless you all. Bridge Clinic is working for God and humanity, and God will shower all staff with abundant blessings. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Mrs U.C.I 11/06/2019”

“I give all the glory to God Almighty that made this testimony possible. I thank God for using the doctors and nurses to make this miracle possible after four years and nine months. This was my first IVF journey and it was successful, and by God’s grace I am pregnant with a set of twins.
I want to encourage everyone on this journey to trust solely in God while on this journey, and take all the medical advice of the nurses and doctors of BRIDGE CLINIC.
I will gladly refer people here as I was made extremely comfortable during this emotional journey. I can say it was easy because of all the love, support and care I received.
I want to specially thank Doctor Ogundiran, Doctor Bamidele, Nurse Gbemi, Nurse Oge and Pamela for all their care and support during this period, you guys became my family and I could call anytime I wanted, especially Nurse Oge, Nurse Gbemi and Doctor Bamidele.
MR AND MRS D, 16/03/2019”

“The first day I entered into BRIDGE CLINIC, I knew that God will answer my prayer. Now that God has done this, my own my life is full of joy and happiness. No more sorrow in my life and I know that my good God will do the rest for me.
I pray for BRIDGE CLINIC that everything that they lay their hands on will prosper. I really appreciate the Doctors and Nurses that took care of me during the treatment and my prayer for them is that God will continue to bless them throughout their life journey through the BRIDGE CLINIC. Doctor Olaniyi Morenikeji, Doctor Bamidele and others with the help of Nurse Gbemisola, Nurse Eno and other Nurses. God has done it and made my life succeed, I give glory to God.
I really appreciate you all for your care and concern. May God Almighty continue to be with you all in all your life’s sojourn. BRIDGE CLINIC, we want to thank the management. Your message is SOUL ELEVATING. Thanks and thanks a million. I am praising Almighty God for the success of the transfer. Thanks.

“The night may be dark but joy comes in the morning. It is my pleasure to show the joy of the Lord in my family.
As the Lord has used and continues to use this Clinic to put smiles unto some faces including me and my family, we say glory, honor, thanks and praise is to our God for His mercy endures forever. Amen. And I pray that God will continue to use this clinic and to increase them with more knowledge and favour in Jesus name. Amen.
MRS & MRS O, 15TH MARCH 2019”

“I thank God for using the doctors and nurses to make this miracle possible after four years and nine months. This was my first IVF journey and it was successful, and by God’s grace I am pregnant with a set of twins – (Mr. and Mrs. D, Lagos, Nigeria)”

“The first day I entered into BRIDGE CLINIC, I knew that God will answer my prayer. Now that God has done this, my own my life is full of joy and happiness. No more sorrow in my life and I know that my good God will do the rest for me. I am praising Almighty God for the success of the transfer. Thanks (Mrs. Adeleke, Lagos, Nigeria)”

“To GOD be the glory!
I thank Bridge Clinic for everything they did for me. After two years of marriage I was directed to come here and GOD worked for me through bridge clinic. I thank Dr.Olaniyi, Dr. Bamidele and all the nurses for all their assistance. With Joy in me I will direct any couple to Bridge Clinic that desires to have a baby. Thanks to Bridge Clinic, I thank GOD for everything.”

“Glory be to GOD!
I want to thank GOD for his faithfulness and mercy upon our lives. Our GOD used Bridge Clinic to bring joy and happiness in our home. We were married for 3years without babies. When we did our first IVF, it was a success and GOD has blessed us again with another baby through our second IVF at the Bridge Clinic. We want to thank the management for a good job. Thank you and GOD bless all staff at the Bridge Clinic in Jesus’s name. Amen”

“I have been looking unto GOD for so many years. I have gone to some places in the struggle to have my baby but nothing happened. I came to Bridge Clinic and GOD did it for me. I really thank GOD for the blessing that HE gave me through Bridge Clinic, you guys are the best and I give you 100% out of all clinics. The doctors and nurses are so caring, please, keep it up. Thanks to the Bridge clinic. Thank you LORD!!!”

“I want to say a big thank you to the GOD of possibilities (OLORUN KOSEUNTI). He has turned this dream of mine into a reality; he has wiped away my tears and has given me an everlasting joy. To you LORD be all the glory and honour. My sincere gratitude also goes to Dr. Bamidele, thank you so much Sir for not giving up on me even when I was afraid and lost all hopes. Thanks to Nurse Busola who gave me strength when I was weak and encouraged me to pray. To all the Doctors and Nurses at the Bridge Clinic, am saying a big THANK YOU and GOD bless you all.”

“I want to return all glory to Almighty Allah, the maker and finisher of my life. I came to Bridge Clinic with the hope of having twins, and God Almighty blessed me with twins. It was not an easy journey, but I am a happy ‘Super Mummy’ today. My love and thanks go to Dr Shittu, Nurse Kate and Dr Olaniyi and all the Front of House Officers.”

“This is the greatest testimony of my life. I thank God Almighty for all He has done for my family and me. He has removed my tears and filled my mouth with laughter.

The first day I stepped into Bridge Clinic, I knew God would intervene. I am very grateful to God and the doctors and nurses at Bridge Clinic, may God bless them in Jesus name.

I don’t know how I can explain myself because I found joy, peace and happiness in this clinic. I will speak out to my friends who are in the same situation.

Bridge clinic is trying, and once again I say a very big thank you. I pray that in whatever area you are looking up to God for; He will surely grant your desires In Jesus Name.”

“I want to use this medium to appreciate God Almighty for using Bridge Clinic to answer my prayers. I had my first baby in the year 2000, and since then I have been unable to conceive.
I heard about Bridge clinic through a radio programme. I came to make enquiries in November 2017 when I relocated to Lagos. Today, I am glad to appreciate God for using Dr Shittu, Dr Bamidele, Nurse Kate and other amiable nurses to make me happy.
May God continue to bless your relentless efforts and grant you your heart’s desires.
Keep up the good work”

“I thank the Almighty God for what he has done for my family through Bridge clinic. I pray that God will continue to empower them—all the doctors, nurses and staff; they are wonderful, and I pray that my good God will bless them all.
I want to encourage couples that are coming for the first time that God who blessed my family will also bless them too.”

“As a first-timer with Bridge clinic, my experience has been one filled with hope and expectation. I heard so many stories of failed IVF processes and was scared, but it was different when I arrived here. The reception was superb; the doctors are kind, smiling and ever encouraging, and the nurses, so loving in their service with smiling faces.
Every step and procedure was backed up with words of encouragement; giving couples hope of success of which I am living testimony.
Glory is to God”

“We got married 7 years back and since then facing problems to conceive and so decided to go for IVF. We chose The Bridge Clinic. We are visiting TBC since 2 months. It’s very hygienic and very caring staff. Thanks to all doctors. They treated us very well and guided us properly. Special thanks to Dr. Richard, my wife is now pregnant. Once again thanks to The Bridge Clinic.”

“We are so happy. Our marriage is just 1 year and 8 months but to us it has been like ages. After many months of taking herbs, visiting black and white doctors we never knew that our baby has been at The Bridge Clinic all this while waiting for us. We return the praises to the King of Kings. The answer to all questions, the bright and morning stars. We also want to use this medium to say a big thank you to everyone at The Bridge Clinic: Dr. Okonkwo, Nurse Busola, Nurse Nneka. Nurse Toyin and all the doctors and the lab. Glory be to God in the Highest.  ”

“We got married shortly after crossing the thirty-something age bracket and for the first two years we tried starting a family but after going from one doctor to the other realized we really needed help, this was the beginning of our journey to The Bridge Clinic, Lagos Nigeria. My wife who got all carried away with the “Oyinbo” way in which things were done attended the first visit. To cut a long story short, we started treatment, which involved tiny injections to precede the harvesting of eggs (mind you, my wife can’t stand a pinch; I wondered how she could bare the jabs). On the day of egg collection, three eggs were fertilized out of five, which were selected as being good, and the three were transferred. During the nervous wait to see if we had achieved pregnancy, Ovarian Hyper Stimulation (OHSS) set in. This had my wife looking like an elephant. We saw a clinician at the clinic who advised that she drink lots of water. This was not a very pleasant experience for her. While drinking gallons of water (treatment for OHSS) and being absolutely uncomfortable, we came for a pregnancy test and were informed that we had not achieved pregnancy! Crushed hope of this magnitude isn’t the sort of thing one talks about outside the house even to the best of friends. You can say it all, not after the needles, not after the emotional pain, the hope, the tension, not after all the plenty naira, this was not what we were expecting to hear. My wife was devastated but in all of this, I was calm. I don’t think it was from strength; it was more like from wondering how we got here and what to do next! We had to make some decisions; this implies that I do some thinking while my wife is going through emotional pains and agony. The counselor at the Clinic tried her best but we had to go home to nurse our pains and heal. We made a decision to move our grief and disappointment underground and try a second cycle. The second cycle was more like a walk in the park and before long the eggs were harvested and transferred. This time around we took our minds off it and tried to go through our normal life. (I still wonder how she coped with the 2weeks wait). For fear of the unknown my wife refused to go for the pregnancy test until she got repeated calls from the clinic and was told the implications of delay. On the 8th of October 2005 she went for the test and it was confirmed positive. She had her pregnancy scan and we were informed we had achieved a twin pregnancy! Our joy knew no bounds, the excitement was so overwhelming. The pregnancy was celebrated by the staff in such a way that we were so thrilled. A few days after, there was some bleeding and I initially thought my wife was expelling or having a miscarriage. We would tell no one what was happening this was because we did not want to become people to be pitied or worried over. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. We visited the clinic and met our doctor who counseled us and advised my wife to rest for a couple of a days; an appointment was also given to us for an ultrasound scan. The anxiety we felt while awaiting our appointment was also given to us for an ultrasound scan. The anxiety we felt while awaiting our appointment was so intense. In the scan room, we hoped and prayed for the best and we had it glaring at us; when the doctor showed us our babies’ heartbeats. It was an amazing experience. Today we have a son and daughter from this same story. Special recognition needs to be made about the professionalism of the team at The Bridge Clinic; they were there for us all the time. Should you require assisted conception, believe me, there is a special place in Nigeria called “The Bridge Clinic” where excellence happens on a regular basis. ”

“It took a long time to convince my husband for us to try The Bridge Clinic. He wanted us to still use one of the fertility clinics that we had earlier patronized. Actually I got pregnant with the first treatment in the other clinic. They transferred 4 embryos and all 4 implanted but I lost all four about 6 and a half months into the pregnancy. We decided to try again but this time their services were totally poor, they showed no concern for patients and I could not stand it. Obviously the second time was negative. Then I decided to take the bold step which I am grateful to God I did. I personally went to see Dr. Sharon at The Bridge Clinic explaining my plight. I wanted to use The Bridge Clinic and did not want to go back to the other clinic but my husband wanted us to still go back to the other clinic saying that “The devil you know is better than the angel you do not know”. I told Dr. Sharon everything. She assured me that my husband will definitely be happy. She started calling, texting and encouraging my husband and I, until we eventually came for our first appointment together. Immediately his perception changed because there is something about the atmosphere, nurses, doctors, counselor and even the pharmacists that tell you that this is a solution ground. And indeed it is. I am now 2 months pregnant. Glory be to God Almighty. He who has started a good work in me will be faithful to complete it. The Customer Service and attitude of every staff at The Bridge Clinic; right from the gateman to the doctors is extremely commendable. I feel I am at home. My gratitude and regards go to my sister and friend Dr. Sharon, Dr. Bamidele, Dr. Ogunkunle, Mrs. Abang, Dr. Abiara, Nurse Busola “finest”, Nurse Bimpe, Nurse Lola “Quick Action”, Nurse Tina, and Nurse Udy. In fact no space to write more names. My prayer to you all is that God Almighty in his infinite mercies will continually be with you and cause you to smile and be happy always and all the days of your life ”

“This happens to be my third cycle and after the second I was discouraged but thank God for Doctor Sharon who encouraged me to try one more time. During my two weeks wait, I wrote my own testimony believing that it was my time to shine. When the pregnancy result came out, it was joy overflow. It was positive! I can’t stop thanking this wonderful family called the Bridge Family. I’ve come to know all my doctors – Onyinye, Abiara, Sharon and my sisters Lola Busola, Toyin and Udy. I say a big thank you for the love and care you gave me in this journey. Every prayer and tear the Lord saw and heard. I believe the Lord and his word. I know it might be personally draining, but in the end the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way. To those looking for a wonderful clinic, come to the Bridge Clinic. I think it is still the best that I’ve seen so far, with dedicated friendly staff and very clean and neat arrangements. God bless you all.”

“To God Almighty, we give you all the praise, thanks and glory. He is a God of all possibilities. I also want to thank my friend, sweetheart, boyfriend and husband for his love, support and care. Thank you and God bless you abundantly. It has been an interesting journey. I have gone through all the emotions you can possibly think of; faith, hope, fear, pain, laughter and happiness. God crowned it all with a huge smile. Thanksgiving and awe! I had thought of a lot of things to write but it all seems to have disappeared. The important thing to say is that all couples who searching, or better still, praying for the gift of children should not give up hope. Their faith in God makes all things happen. Also the thought of happiness should never be for your minds. Like my wonderful friend and doctor will say, “always be happy.” Dr. Babatunde Bamidele, thank you and God bless you and your endeavors in life. You were and are a source of blessings to us. We thank you for your words of encouragement and for your prayers. You are more than a doctor to us. Thanks also to Dr Abiara, Dr Sharon, Dr Emmanuel, Dr. Joseph and Nurse Cynthia. Thank you for your welcoming hugs and love. My special Nurse Busola, thank you for your smiles, hugs, empathy and encouragement. ”

“Glory be to God Almighty in the Highest, who gave me another opportunity to have children at TBC. I gave birth to a baby girl on July 15, 1995. She was my only child and she died after 13 years. She was knocked down by a motorcycle on 11 November 2008 and passed on 12 November 2008. Before the accident I had been trying to get another baby but to no avail. I was in my house when I watched a programme by TBC on TV. I called the clinic and obtained their address. When I got there, I met the nurses and I was introduced to Dr. Babatunde Bamidele. I explained myself to him in tears. The Doctor told me not to cry, that I will laugh at last. He prayed with me. Then he explained every process that I will undergo and asked about my husband. I told him that my husband is a tough man. Dr. Bamidele asked me to leave that to God. He later saw my husband and they spoke together. He listened and agreed with Dr. Bamidele. We listened to the doctor’s advice and went through the process. On behalf of my entire family, we really appreciate the good work that God has done through TBC and the doctors and nurses. I sincerely thank God for Dr. Babatunde Bamidele, for his prayers, guidance and counseling me through the pregnancy period and God for using him to put an end to my shame. On the 2nd of November 2015, God terminated my shame and gave me a set of twins (a boy and a girl), after 20 years of waiting. Once more, I really appreciate Dr. Bamidele’s kind gesture and I pray that God in his infinite mercy will increase your wisdom, knowledge and understanding and that TBC will go higher and higher in Jesus Name. Thank you all and God bless  ”

“In about the seventh year of our marriage, someone referred my husband and I to TBC. He said that it was one of the best in fertility treatment. He is a doctor friend. After some months we made up our minds to visit the clinic. I must confess that I knew I was in the right place when we got there. The ambience, the reception and the manner in which the doctors (Dr. Onyinye attended to us) were reassuring. We commenced the treatment immediately, believing God that he was set to visit us in our seventh year. The first treatment was not successful. l guess this is because I had a serious anticipation that really stressed me and which hindered the implant action. We started the second round, still trusting in God that He will do what He has promised to do. At last He did it. The implantation was successful and the baby is intact. I give all the glory to God for his faithfulness. We thank all the members of staff at TBC for their kind words during the process. The nurses who took care of me - Busola, Toyin and several others- God bless you. The doctors were wonderful and very professional. Dr Onyinye, Dr Shaun, Dr Abiara and other doctors- may God l continue to bless you. Amen ”

“My wife and I came to TBC for the first time in 2008 for fertility treatment, which we did not conclude because she reacted adversely to the medication. Dr. Abayomi was so kind as to refund our payments after we thought of going abroad for the treatment. Little did we know that the Almighty God had predestined TBC as the medical intermediary for the conception of our children. In 2015, we found that the awesome TBC team led by Dr. Abiara, Dr. Joseph and the wonderful nurses have made it happen, to the glory of the Almighty God through Christ Jesus Amen. Today my wife is very pregnant with our twin children. She has been spotting all through but God has been faithful and our children are doing fine. We thank God for this great miracle in our lives and thank the entire TBC Team. Thank you and God bless  ”

“The perfect gift I need to start off by saying, “Praise God.” It took us two years but the Lord has finally bought undiluted joy into our lives. I’ve always heard and read about TBC and how the hopes of increasing your family turn to reality when God uses the clinic staff members to give you your heart’s desire. Truly everyone here has always been the best from start to finish. I wish everyone – Dr. Bamidele, Nurse Busola, Ada and the many wonderful people - a perfect year. You guys are the best for sure. A very big thank you”

“Dr. Onyinye, I can’t forget you at all. Thanks for announcing our twins to us. I also want to say a big thank you to Tina -you are simply wonderful. Thank you for your smiles and welcome and for the biscuits and tea. We also want to thank the security guys. To all the staff at TBC, we say thank you and God bless you all. To all the other patients, never lose hope and be happy. Loads of love and gratitude.  ”

“First of all, my appreciation goes to the lover of my soul, my Creator, my Father. The one that says a thing and brings it to pass. All glory, honour and adoration are given to Him. Secondly, before I decided to come here, I had three fertility centers to choose from, all in Lagos. But I prayed to God to lead and direct me to TBC and He told me that “I WILL LAUGH AT LAST.” I thank God because whatever He says, He will do it. Thirdly, the staffs of TBC have been wonderful people, accommodating and warm. I thank God for the lives of Dr. Tayo Abira, Dr. Bamidele, Dr. Joseph, my nurse, the receptionist and the pharmacist for the words of encouragement. They have been wonderful people. Lastly my word of advice to others is that they should put their trust in God that can do all things. It is only God that can do it. TBC cares but God gives life”

“After working for two years after marriage, out of desperation I went online and read about TBC. Even though after reading about TBC, my husband and I couldn’t make up our minds about taking the bold step. However I put a call though to the number I saw on the TBC website and I spoke to a sweet lady called Oyin. She comforted me and encouraged me to come and meet with the doctors. I was still skeptical and thought about the distances and the fact that I had visited so many places, hospitals, clinics, herbal homes etc. To my surprise, Oyin did not give up on me. She kept calling and encouraging me to find the time and come. Then one day, after a long question and answer session with Oyin, I agreed to come. She booked me and the moment I stepped into TBC my life changed. I met the nurses at reception. They were all warm, passionate and welcoming. The environment reminded me of clinics in the UK and the US. The first doctor I met was Doctor Benpospe. He took his time to explain and told us all will be well. The encouraging words he always uses” All will be well” became my everyday statement to quote. On behalf of myself and my husband I want to specially thank the Almighty God for his grace and mercy upon our house. Also for using the following staff members of TBC for us: Dr Abiara, thank you for your prayers, advice and calls. I am short of words but thank you for standing by us. You treated us like you knew us from somewhere before. Dr Benpospe our friend, our brother and prayer partner –thank you. Nurse Cynthia and Nurse Itumulowe, thank you greatly. Oyin, again I say you are the best. To the security man who welcomed us and the night guards at the gate I say thank you. I have to say that I give God all the glory for answering our prayers and using TBC for us. ”

“God is wonderful and may his name be praised. It all started around July 2015 after being to many places with no result. So my husband and I decided to come to The Bridge Clinic. The treatment started slowly because our first schedule was cancelled because I wasn’t reponding well to the injections. Another schedule was given to us which we started around September 2015 and yet again the devil wanted to do his work. But my doctor, Doctor Joseph kept encouraging me that all is well and today God has done it on our third attempt. We came last two weeks to see our baby for the first time and today we heard the heartbeat of our precious baby. Our joy knows no bounds. God is indeed great. Our profound gratitude goes to my doctor, Doctor Joseph, who tells me the truth and who keeps encouraging me without minding my calls and text messages even at odd hours. Dr. Abiara is a wonderful doctor. She did my embryo transfer with so much love. The Bridge Clinic has wonderful nurses and they were very encouraging and they all showed me sisterly love. Nurse Cynthia, Nurse Busloa, Nurse Bimpe, Nurse Nneka, Nurse Ebele and others. I can’t remember their names but God bless you all. I will always remember you. Long live the Bridge Clinic  ”

“First and foremost we want to thank God Almighty for His Grace and Favour throughout our treatment. We also want to say a big thank you to the doctors and staff of TBC for their efforts in making us parents. This is our second procedure. The first in 2013 was also successful and our son is healthy, smart and handsome. The most challenging part for me was injecting myself. It’s scary at first but actually it is nothing to fear -especially knowing that you might get a positive result at the end of the treatment. The second procedure was like the first one and everything went well. God be the glory, I am 7 weeks gone! I want to encourage anyone reading this testimony, who is about to go through the procedure, to have faith in God that it will have a positive outcome. You will get good results in Jesus’ name. Never give up and always think positively. To TBC, thank you very much for putting a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. Nancy dear, thanks for always answering my questions and calls. I hope to have a baby girl. May God continue to use you, to put smiles on people’s faces. It is not easy but God is faithful.”

“My first day at Bridge Clinic was a rewarding experience. I was warmly welcomed by the nurses at the reception. They were so pleasant and very professional in their approach. The consultant that attended to me, Dr. Abiara was very friendly. She patiently explained the IVF processes to me, in a professional manner. At the end of her talk she said “By the grace of God, the procedure will work for me” and that she will be praying for me. Her words of faith really touched me. Instantly, I believed I was in the right place for my IVF. The state of the art high tech equipment at the disposal of the clinic all put together reinforced my belief. I had my implantation and waited two weeks for the pregnancy test. Low and behold the test was positive. I got my pregnancy; just at a shot’ putting to an end almost 20 years of waiting. At five weeks, I had my scan test and the doctor reassured me even further. My advice to the clinic is not to relent on its excellent service to humanity. To me, The Bridge Clinic ranks very high among the best fertility clinics in the world. So also, I will want to implore the management of The Bridge Clinic to introduce ante-natal and pediatric services in addition to its fertility program. Glory be to God for his wonderful works. ”

“My gynecologist referred me to many IVF clinics but my instincts chose TBC where I found perfect reception from the staff and the doctors. After the first attempt here, I got pregnant through two embryos that were transferred. One survived and I trust it is the best and most healthy embryo. I want to thank God for the success of this cycle. It wasn’t easy - especially the injections - but God saw me through it all. We checked the baby’s heartbeat today and it is perfect. My special thanks to Dr. Bamidele and Dr. Onyinye. You are wonderful. My advice is to be positive about your cycle and listen to the instructions given by your caregivers. Good luck.  ”

“Firstly, we sincerely want to express our gratitude to God Almighty for the miracle He has given us. He is indeed Jehovah Ebenezer (Our God of Help). May His name alone be praised. Secondly, our thanks go to all the staff and management of The Bridge Clinic whom God used to make our miracle a reality. Special thanks to our wonderful doctors, Dr. Bamidele, Dr Abiara, Dr. Onyinye and our counselor Abang and my lovely caring nurses Busola, Cynthia , Tina, Ada and Sandra for all your support, love and care. Good Lord bless you all more abundantly. It all started as if it was not going to work. It was our first time and there was so much fear. My husband was asking me whether it will be successful because he didn’t want to waste his resources on something he’s not sure of. But I kept encouraging him until we came to an agreement. We were praying and believing in God for a positive result. Finally God of impossibility specialist, the all sufficient God made our IVF attempt successful. Our advice for those asking God for a miracle like this is to come to The Bridge Clinic. Trust in God and pray earnestly. The same God, who made us, will equally answer you through this wonderful clinic. Amen.  ”

“We got to know The Bridge Clinic through a radio programme called, ‘Sharing Life Issues’ with Charles B. We were asked to text ‘FERTILITY’ to 20050, which we did. We got a call from the Bridge Clinic who booked an appointment for us. In 2014 we went to the Bridge Clinic. They told us all about IVF and what it would cost. We decided to do FertilitySure. After the tests they discovered that my husband has no sperm cells in his semen. We were very shocked and they advised to use donor sperm. We were horrified but the doctor said we could try surgical sperm collection but in case it didn’t work, we had to agree to a sperm donor before the surgical procedure could be done. It was very difficult for us to make a decision. We went home sorrowfully that day and decided to hand everything over to God for Him to turn the situation around. In October 2015 we went back to Bridge to start the treatment. On the day of egg collection God manifested His Power. My husband had been asked to produce semen that morning. He did but no sperm were found in it. The doctor said that he would try surgical sperm collection. He did and lo and behold, as they cut, they found sperm. Praise the Lord! About 20 eggs were recovered from me, of which about 10 were mature enough to be fertilised. The next day the eggs were fertilised with my husband’s sperm. Only 4 embryos survived up to Day 5 (the day of transfer). I had a complication which the doctor called Hyper Ovarian Stimulation (OHSS). Because of this, the embryos were not transferred that day . The doctor said that I would have to wait some months to recover before continuing with the treatment but in the meantime the embryos would be frozen. During the period of waiting we were so worried because we’d heard that freezing reduces the quality of embryos and that the success rate is lower. But we kept on praying. After about three months I continued with the treatment. On the day of transfer, the embryos were thawed. Only 2 embryos survived the freezing and they were transferred. To the Glory of God I was pregnant. I am grateful to God and the entire Bridge Clinic family. Their doctors and nurses are wonderful people. We specially thank Dr. Oyeleye. God is really using her in a special way to put smiles on people’s faces. Also special thanks to nurses Kemi, Stella, Nancy and Cynthia. May God bless you all  ”

“GLORY TO GOD, I CAN WRITE MY TESTIMONY! We were referred to The Bridge Clinic by Dr. Sawyer after unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally for 5 years. He had explained the odds and we were ready to try and hope for the best. After meeting with wonderful Dr. Abiara, I felt at peace despite the odds being against us. I really took it to heart when she said we should have faith and be positive. The process was never wrecking, painful and stressful but Nurse Busola and Dr Abiara were ever so supportive. I thank God for everyone I met at The Bridge Clinic. Right from the security gate to the doctors in the clinic. Words cannot express our gratitude for such a great team. We leave The Bridge Clinic as a success, with our first IVF procedure. I was prepared for heartache; I got a reason to celebrate instead. My advice to all aspiring parents is to be patient and ask questions where they need to. Anything is possible. Thank you The Bridge Clinic. I can finally give my 9 year old son a sibling.  ”

“Glory to God- Until now, it is like a dream for me because I have waited. I waited a solid 8 years. It all started February 2016 when my husband and I came to The Bridge Clinic to make enquiries and from there, the journey started. In May 2016, our journey ended positively. God used Dr. Abiara on my second visit to make me understand that all hope is not lost, no matter how bad it seemed. From all the indications, our case was not that bad at all. When we started, we realised that the stories being fabricated about IVF is nothing compared to the stress-free treatment we had here at The Bridge Clinic. In all God is indeed awesome and we are very grateful. Thank you for the entire team at The Bridge Clinic. May God continue to promote and bless you. ”

“We really appreciate the Almighty God for a successful procedure at the Bridge Clinic. We came to the clinic and met wonderful people like Dr. Bamidele, Dr. Onyinye, Dr. Ibrahim, Nurse Ann, Nurse Busola, Angela and all the other amazing staff who gave us great support throughout the period of our first experience with IVF. Once again, we thank God and pray that God blesses every eye that reads this and that your own testimony will come speedily, in Jesus’ name. Thank you.  ”

“We would like to show our appreciation to the Bridge Clinic staff for putting smiles on our faces! We got married in 2011 and decided to wait 2 years before trying for babies. Little did we know there would be medical issues to deal with.When we were ready to start trying for babies, we visited a clinic in Malaysia where we resided. During a normal check-up, medical issues were discovered. We were able to manage some of the issues, but the gynaecologist categorically told us that IVF/adoption was the only way for us to have kids. My husband decided we should start the process immediately, but I refused because I was still trying to process the whole IVF vs. adoption option. So we placed it on hold. Fast forward to September 2016. He brought up the issue of IVF and possible ways of having a baby and told me to do my research, including whether to go back to meet the gynaecologist in Malaysia for the process. I wanted to find out what Nigeria had to offer, considering the travelling cost and all. So we started searching online, reading reviews (some encouraging, some not so encouraging) and eventually decided to try out Bridge Clinic. We thank God for the day that decision was made. We walked into Bridge Clinic on the 7th of October 2016, the staffs were so professional. We met Dr. Olaniyi and presented our medical history to her. She explained the process and we started the FertilitySure Comprehensive tests in November and the IVF journey in December 2016. By 24 January 2017 the pregnancy test came out ‘positive’, just within one cycle. God is great and merciful! We would like to thank every one of the staff who interceded, prayed and encouraged us after every visit: May God bless you all, may He visit you during your point of need. Amen. I also want to use this opportunity to encourage any couple considering IVF. Whether through normal conception or IVF, babies are gifts from God and he has blessed the hands of doctors/nurses to take part in such miracles, so don’t look at what people will say. Seek help if needed and all the best!  ”

“We really want to thank God Almighty for the mercy shown to my family. After about 4 years and a few months of waiting, we give God Almighty all the praise and adoration for making it possible for me to conceive (twins). We have confidence in his hands that has begun good work in me and hope that this pregnancy will be fulfilled in Jesus’ name. We really appreciate and want to thank all the staff at Bridge Clinic including Dr. Bamidele, Dr. Onyinye, Dr. Ibrahim, Nurse Ann, Nurse Busola and other lovely staff who supported us throughout the procedure of our first experience with IVF. May the Almighty God bless you all and grant you all of your hearts’ desires. Thank You.  ”

“First, I would like to thank the Almighty God. He is the one who says yes and his yes remains yes; my miracle working God. I also want to thank the Bridge Clinic team for their encouragement and determination in my case, specifically Dr. Bamidele, Dr Ibrahim, Nurse Ann, Embryologist Tosin and all the other Bridge Clinic nurses, as well as the receptionist. This is my testimonial: I first came to Bridge Clinic on the 14th of January 2017 because of male factor infertility (my husband had a vasectomy over 16 years ago). He was determined to start the IVF process in the Netherlands, but I think God wanted us to come to Bridge Clinic. While browsing the internet, I discovered Bridge Clinic for the first time. I read lots of testimonials and decided that I would like to have the procedure done at Bridge Clinic. The next step: I had to convince my husband to do the procedure in Nigeria at Bridge Clinic, Lagos. I prayed, I talked to him about it and he agreed to give it a try – but only when our plans and appointment for a vasectomy reversal failed. So, finally we came back to Nigeria and visited Bridge Clinic. They gave us a plan and I was positive when we started the treatment, injections, appointments and scans upon scans, hoping for the best. The key part of my testimonial: After my buserelin shot, I had menogon and later my trigger shot. My husband came with for my scheduled egg retrieval during which 8 mature eggs were retrieved. I was asked to call the next day to find out how many eggs had been fertilised. When I called the next day, I received the heartbreaking news that only 2 eggs were fertilised. For the first time during the procedure I was devastated. I was pained that only two eggs were fertilised and feared that they might not make it to blastocyst (day 5). They said they would call to give a status update on my fertilised eggs, but I was impatient so I called three days after the retrieval to find out if there was an embryo ready for transfer. I was told they were not looking good; both were only 3 cells on day 3 (instead of 8) and they didn’t think either could make it. I asked the nurse to check again in case one was viable, but she responded that neither was looking good. I cried; I was devastated and felt like my whole world had collapsed. Except for my husband, I couldn’t tell anyone about what was going on. I lost hope and couldn't stop crying. I remember calling Nurse Anne, crying and praying to God. If I could only have one child I would be OK. She kept consoling me and told me to be strong. I decided to call back the next day and embryologist Tosin picked up. I asked him about the embryos and lo and behold he said one was looking very good. Everyone was surprised that one actually made it and I was unbelievably happy; it was a miracle! I was so grateful that I had one embryo ready for transfer and I thanked Jesus. My embryo transfer was performed by Dr. Ibrahim. One week in, I decided to do an early pregnancy test. A faint line, that grew stronger, appeared. I cannot thank God and the Bridge Clinic team enough. Today is my second scan and I heard my child's heartbeat. My message to you: Never lose hope, follow the doctor's instructions and have faith. Thank you, Jesus.  ”

“Finally, we feel joy. We’ve been married for nine years and after many failed procedures and disappointment, we came to Bridge Clinic. We had our first treatment in 2016, but after two weeks of waiting the results were negative. After all the medications and mental stress we were really sad; it was heartbreaking. In early 2017 we decided to try again. After listening to the advice of the doctors, we followed every instruction to the letter. Another two weeks passed and this time we were grateful and overjoyed. Now, looking back at all the injections, tablets and stress endured, it was all worth it because God blessed us with twins. Words cannot express how happy we are. We would like to extend our gratitude to the doctors, nurses and embryologist. They were all very kind and helpful. Special thanks to Nurse Busola and Nurse Ann who were with us every step of the way, encouraging and advising us. Good things come to those who wait and we did not wait in vain. The Bridge Clinic is just wonderful. We give God all the glory.  ”

“To All Readers, Our first journey to Bridge Clinic in 2005 was great. After 5 years without a child, we went to Bridge Clinic, then located in Tiamiyu Savage Street Street (Victoria Island, Lagos). That was our first IVF attempt and to the glory of God, it was successful and resulted in pregnancy in 2006. I had a boy who is 10 years old now. After that, we had two failed IVF cycles in 2009 and 2010. We also tried again in 2017 and to the glory of God, it was confirmed that we were 8 weeks pregnant. To God be the glory. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff which includes Dr. Onyinye, Dr Ibrahim, Dr Bamidele, all the nurses, Angela and other supporting staff. May the Lord bless you all. I write to encourage all those who have tried and failed: Please keep hope alive and believe God will be with you. To God be the Glory. I will carry my baby soon. Amen. ”

“My arrival at Bridge Clinic was divinely orchestrated. After several tests and consultations, my husband and I decided to go for IVF treatment. My husband went to Bridge Clinic to enquire. He didn’t bother going anywhere else. He met with Mrs. Umo Akinselure who explained the treatments and costs involved. With her help, I got my first appointment in September 2016. I was really impressed on my first visit. The staff were so polite and the ambiance was soothing. I read through some of the testimonials of others. I believed in God and that I would be writing mine at the end of my treatment. I was assigned to Dr. Bamidele Babatunde and Nurse Anne and they both monitored my progress throughout the treatment. I’ll never forget Dr. Babatunde’s calm demeanor and assuring words. He was always gentle and encouraging which was very helpful during the procedures. At the end of my treatment I became pregnant for the first time in almost 6 years of marriage. I really appreciate all the doctors, nurses, embryologists, lab scientists, customer service officers and everyone I met during my treatment. I celebrate Bridge Clinic and I pray that God will grant this institution more wisdom and knowledge to enjoy even greater success in this area of medicine. Thank you all and God bless you”

“Great is your faithfulness, oh Lord. I cannot thank God enough, he is faithful. I have been married for 7 years and have had a failed IVF. God used Bridge Clinic to bring joy to my husband and me. I write to encourage other couples who want their own children. Don't give up. Where there is life there is hope. It can happen anytime. Thank you Dr. Ibrahim, Nurse Angela, Nurse Busola and others working at Bridge Clinic. I am really grateful for the love and care. God bless you all. ”

“All glory belongs to God in the highest. We give thanks to Almighty Allah and the entire staff of Bridge Clinic, especially Doctor Ibrahim – he is wonderful. After 9 years of looking onto the Lord for the fruit of the womb and all our efforts going from one hospital to the next, my husband found Bridge Clinic's website. The first transfer was not successful. I felt so bad and almost gave up. After some weeks, the doctor called and encouraged me not to give up. It was as if God sent him into our lives. I started my second cycle of IVF medications and Bridge Clinic wiped my tears away. I give thanks to the entire crew once again: my able Doctor Ibrahim, Nurse Adeola, Nurse Busola, Nurse Angela and the receptionist. They are so wonderful. God will answer your prayers and meet your needs. I love you all.  ”

“All praises be to God Almighty for his faithfulness and steadfastness toward me and my family. I want to say a big thank you to Him, because without Him, I wouldn’t be giving my testimony today. My journey with Bridge Clinic started on the 9th of February 2017. When I came in for a consultation, the atmosphere was welcoming and warm, and I always enjoyed coming back. I got a scary shock when I was told that my eggs would not be used because of my age. I cried so hard that I wanted to abandon the whole procedure and run away for a few months. I got a call from Dr. Bamidele one afternoon about a month later. In his soft voice, he encouraged me to come in for a chat, which I did after about 3 weeks. After we chatted, I plucked up the courage again to start right away! Everything went in a flash - both for me and the donor. Before we knew it, it was time for the embryo transfer. Thankfully this was a success, and on the 28th of September 2017 I had my pregnancy test - which came out positive! I was so overwhelmed with a joy which knew no bounds. I had my first scan on the 3rd of October 2017 and was able to see “them” for the first time. I had another scan today and I heard their heartbeats. I am so appreciative to Bridge Clinic and all members of staff for putting smiles on peoples’ faces. My special thanks goes to the front desk; Ronke, Pamela and Stella for your ever glowing smiles and guidance during this time. As well as Drs. Bamidele and Alake for their encouragement and patience. My beautiful nurses – Anne, Adesola, Nneka, Busola and all others that were always checking in on me. Thank you Jesus. Thank you, Bridge Clinic. I pray for you to reach the greatest heights and to have more successful IVF treatments. Amen.  ”

“give glory to God Almighty for putting immense joy in my heart, and making us laugh at last. I came to Bridge Clinic as the last resort, as I had been almost everywhere else in search of a child. I had done and eaten unimaginable things, until I finally realised that I had to retrace my steps to God - and trust in him alone. Thank you, Bridge Clinic, for being the instrument to take away the shame I’ve endured for 7 years of marriage without being able to have children. Thank you to my doctor (Dr. Ibrahim), your care was amazing. Thank you to nurse Angela, the receptionists, and all the other doctors and nurses that attended to me. God bless everyone at Bridge Clinic.  ”

“We thank God for the success of our IVF treatment. Initially we just wanted to give it a trial, but with the help of Dr. Olaniyi and Nurse Gbemi, as well as every other person who we had contact with - we made it! Thank you all for the hard work and dedication to ensuring that couples like us who need help end up smiling and happy. And we got DOUBLE the joy! Thank you and thank you again.”

“We had only tried for a year and a half, but after running some tests we discovered that we would need Assisted Reproductive Treatment to aid conception. I had always known about Bridge Clinic from their days on the radio - long before I got married. But I never thought I’d be their patient someday. Just before we almost chose another clinic, we were encouraged by a close relative to come for a consultation at Bridge Clinic. From our first encounter with Dr. Bamidele, I knew we would give it a shot. My husband was still hesitant, but with God’s help I convinced him, and we went ahead to start treatment in June 2017. There was no doubt it was not going to be an easy feat. It was an emotional roller coaster, but we held on closely to God and believed. At every appointment we met amazing nurses and doctors who helped us through it all. It is worth mentioning, besides my fantastic doctor, Dr. Bamidele, there was Dr. Oyeleye, who was always so sweet and friendly. There was also Dr. Ibrahim who was very helpful and kind, and Dr. Olaniyii - who always had a word of encouragement for me. Mummy Abang was an amazing counselor as well. I’m also grateful to the beautiful and very supportive nurses whose names I may not remember, but who always had a smile, a hug, or just a kind word every time I had an appointment. Thankfully in just one cycle, we were confirmed pregnant with twins on the 9th August 2017! May God bless the entire staff of Bridge Clinic for allowing themselves to be used as a channel of blessing to us, and for putting hope in our hearts, and smiles on our faces. May everyone looking to God for the same blessing get it according to their hearts’ desires, in Jesus’ name. Thank you so much Bridge Clinic. I am grateful for all God did for us through the entire staff of Bridge Clinic.  ”

“First of all we want to thank God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and all the staff of Bridge Clinic Lagos – especially Dr. Olaniyi, Dr. Ibrahim, Dr. Onyinye E., Dr. Rashida, Nurse Gbemi, Nurse Nneka, Nurse Adeola, Nurse Busola and Nurse Cynthia. Special thanks to Nurse Stella E. She was always there to keep me company. Also, thank you to those I haven’t mentioned. My wife and I do not know where to start because of what we went through before God directed us to Bridge Clinic. We had been married for over 4 years and tried everything to conceive since our first wedding anniversary, but nothing happened. The 4-year journey was not an easy one because we spent a lot of time, money and resources visiting hospitals and gynecologists without getting answers about our fertility challenges. Last year November I made up my mind to try IVF, but I was skeptical about it because I saw a Bridge Clinic advert on Facebook and thought Lagos people would do anything for money. We visited Bridge Clinic and registered, but we didn't start the treatment because the following week we travelled for vacation and came back February (2017). During the vacation we saw another Doctor, but in April I decided that we will just go to Bridge Clinic, even if it means it will not work. I wanted to satisfy my conscience that I tried everything and relied on my faith. But thank God we started the treatment immediately and everything went well. The Doctors and Nurses kept encouraging us and Dr. Olaniyi and Nurse Gbemi were certain that my wife would be pregnant. After the egg transfer, the two-week wait felt like 10 years, but that morning we woke up exactly 5 am to do the test which was positive. We were overwhelmed with joy. My wife is nearing the end of her first trimester. Please: Our testimony is not just to show our appreciation. I know there are many couples out there trying to conceive with no success. Please try to visit Bridge Clinic. This is a true story. If anyone wants to contact me they can do so through Bridge Clinic. I’m offering because many people believe IVF or fertility treatment doesn’t work; or people are skeptical like I was. Although the treatment is expensive, it’s worth it. Regards ”

“First and foremost, I want to thank God, my Lord, my Creator, the One who changes situations and circumstances and yet does not change. It has been a long journey. The King of Glory made it possible the 6th time at the 6th clinic which happened to be Bridge Clinic. God breathed the breath of life into man on the 6th day using the vessels at the clinic. I thank every member of staff I came across in this place. You’ve all been wonderful and respectful, courteous and professional. But, most especially I thank my nurse Anne Nmemah who has been exceptionally encouraging and helpful. She would always respond to my call or send an SMS even when it wasn’t convenient for her. I also thank Nurse Adeola Akinsanya who was unknowingly used by God to give us words of wisdom on the day of the transfer. My thanks also go to Dr. Ibrahim, who I met for the first time in the last stage. I saw in you a man of great faith and courage. Thank you so much for being a worthy vessel in God’s hands. Dr. John (my first contact at Bridge Clinic, currently in Abuja): you were exceptionally outstanding. There was no time I could not reach you. You shared your sister’s testimonial to encourage us and remind us that God can do all things. I thank God that today your prayers for my family have been answered. You actually went beyond being my doctor; I saw in you my brother and friend. Finally, I want to thank the man who eventually became an intercessor, holding God by His word to do that which He had promised. You were never tired of my questions and sometimes queries. You had great patience and always smiled. Thank God for giving you the wisdom to direct at the appropriate time and to do the appropriate things which eventually culminated in the success story today. Thank you so much our brother and friend, Dr. Bamidele Babatunde. May the Lord bless you and take care of all that is yours, in Jesus’ name. God has made it possible for me to be an expectant mother of a set of twins. To Him alone be all the glory, honour, power and majesty. Amen.  ”

“With gratitude in our hearts, we write to testify that Bridge Clinic is, indeed, an expert in all things IVF. The Journey After trying to conceive for about 2 years, we decided to go the IVF route. As technology-inclined people, we turned to Google and Nairaland to enquire about IVF success rates in Nigeria. The data gathered showed statistically that Bridge Clinic had recorded successful numbers. It also confirmed that Bridge Clinic has the necessary experience and a team of well-trained professionals keen on delivering results. Despite emotions, fears and a long period of waiting for the outcome of the IVF, it was a success. I encourage everyone that reads this testimonial to also help spread the word to all families and friends, which have been trying to conceive, to please visit Bridge Clinic. Our appreciation goes to Dr. Olaniyi, Dr. Ibrahim, Nurse Gbemi, Nurse Nnenna, Nurse Adeola and every Bridge Clinic team member for their professional conduct and love showed to us during this journey. In summary, it was indeed a journey and a success.”

“Where to start – with the building and environment. Bridge Clinic is warm and welcoming, and everything is orderly and well arranged. Even the security personnel are courteous and neatly dressed. The front desk is wonderful, both the atmosphere and Pamela and Stella – I really appreciate you ladies. And the nurses; Nurse Gbemi, Adeola and Selai – you are all wonderful. What is the most inspiring is the equipment of the facility – it’s just like being in a first world country. How I wish that all our hospitals are fully equipped and well maintained like this. Our doctor, Dr. Olaniyi, surprised us because normally I don’t like female doctors. But with the way she handled our situation, from our first contact to the point of confirmation of pregnancy status - I am highly impressed! In fact, she has changed my opinion about female doctors. Thank you Dr. Olaniyi, and all other doctors such as Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Alake that were involved in giving me a successful testimonial. Psalm 127:1 Of Solomon - Unless Jehovah builds the house, in vain do its builders labour in it.  ”

“Thank you to my Heavenly Father for the successful transfer of my second IVF and conceiving my twins. I had my first transfer IVF 2 years ago and had a beautiful baby girl, and now I am happily pregnant again in 2017! Thanks to Bridge Clinic and all their staff for their kind words of encouragement, their wonderful care, and to the specialist Dr. Bamidele for making this all possible. Never stop trying, because our Heavenly Father is mindful of all our hearts’ desires. Thank you to the Bridge Clinic.  ”

“God is indeed working miracles through this fertility hospital. Our previous trials at other clinics were unsuccessful, but our time at Bridge Clinic has been pleasant and joyful. The most striking observation that we have had is the level of professionalism, passion and care that we had witnessed. This experience was exactly what we needed to rebuild our confidence, and to believe that there is a solution out there to our very unique situation. Indeed, through this hospital, God has answered our prayers - and our IVF procedure has been positive! My wife and I need to praise our doctor Dr Shittu, our nurse Nneka, as well as all of the staff at Bridge Clinic. You are all blessed. Glory be to God.  ”

“I thank my God Jehovah for leading me through this journey and also pray and hope that He will finish it for me successfully.
May his name be praised for all eternity, With his help, I am pregnant in Bridge clinic after trying several times to have a baby. I also thank the staff of the bridge clinic especially Dr. Femi Oluwole and Nurse Ruth for their good work. May God continue to reward you as you strive in putting smiles on the faces of many couples.
Thank you.

Mrs E”

“Being in a situation where it seems as if the joy of every couple, the fruit of the womb, is a challenge can be depressing. You give up all hope to the point where you sometimes wish for negative things. But thank God for his mercies and guidance to Bridge Clinic PH. We started the journey with treatments under the very professional guidance of Dr. Femi Oluwole. There were other staff at the pharmacy and account department to whom we want to say our profound gratitude to. Special among the staff also was the ever-smiling Nurse Ezinne. She was like a pillar you rely on from morning to night and we quietly view her as a family on the journey. Though the journey was tough, but as they say, the end justifies the means and we thank God almighty for getting a positive result. It's always not easy but with God, good doctors, nurses, and staff, like what we have at the Bridge clinic PH, you can be rest assured that you reading this message and hoping for your own good news, will come out also with a positive result. Thanks be to Almighty GOD and the wondrous staff at the Bridge Clinic PH.

“We got married in 2013 and after two years of trying, we went for our first consultation in 2015 and was diagnosed with azoospermia. We concentrated at looking for a solution but there was no known proven solution.
So in 2018 we approached the Bridge and made a decision to attempt IVF. After evaluation, we decided to back out (I was so scared of the procedure, most especially my husband’s health) Dr. Femi-Oluwole was very patient and assured us the procedure was safe but respected our decision). Finally, in 2022 we had a release in our hearts from God to commence treatment and follow through with the entire procedure. To the glory of God, the procedure was successful. My husband’s procedure was professionally done, with zero complications, and thank God the healing process was fast. Honestly, I started my procedure with fear but at the end of the day, i realized there was nothing to be afraid of if one abides by the instructions given, I had zero complications. (Thank you Dr. Oluwole for answering my unending questions we should have more doctors like you.) Today I am 17 weeks pregnant writing this.
We would like to encourage couples who may be in our situation to use the tools of prayers and as well medical help. (None other than the Bridge)
We are forever grateful for the good work done by all the staff of the bridge clinic. Dr. T. Oluwole, you will forever have a special place in our hearts, your empathy, patience, and professionalism are compared to none. I remember all the calls and repetitive questions, but most of all, the day I sent you the positive result, you were so happy like it happened to you. Your trust and faith in God helped us a lot and to Nurse Chidinma, and Nurse Ruth, your kindness and reassurance pulled us through and to others who might not be captured. Sincerely we appreciate all staff they were very professional.
Mr. & Mrs. O”

“I would like to remain anonymous.My name is Mrs. C. A friend of mine referred my husband and me to Bridge Clinic after trying to have our 2nd child. I am so glad I followed her advice. I started my treatment July 13th, 2022, and today 26th of September 2022, my scan showed my baby's heartbeat. I am very thankful to Doctor Tambari and Nurse Ruth for their show of love and passion throughout my treatment. With them, you feel safe and relaxed.
May God richly bless the Staff and management of BRIDGE CLINIC for their help in making miracles happen.

Mrs. C.”

“Halleluyah to the miracle working God who has made it possible for us to be pregnant after nine years of trying to conceive and five failed IVF cycles from different specialist clinics in Delta state. We came across the bridge clinic online and decided to contact clinic. We visited Port Harcourt clinic and got registered to start the treatment. Though the first cycle failed, we never gave up and so we tried again. God has perfected His creation through Dr Femi Oluwole. We sincerely appreciate all the Bridge Clinic staffs most especially Dr Femi Oluwole, embryologist Victor, nurse chidinma, nurse Ruth for all the lovecare and encouragement. God bless you. The journey was not an easy one but the end justifies. As you read up, have faith and be confident. If God has done it for others before us, He will do it for you also. You are in the right place with the right doctors and you are next
~Mrs A.B”

“To the glory of God Almighty, our family was blessed with twins at the Bridge Clinic after several failed IVF cycles in other hospitals. We are grateful to God Almighty for the good works he has been doing with this Clinic and it's wonderful staffs especially Dr.Obikili, Dr. Tambari, Lab scientists, nurse chidinma for their efforts and words of encouragement, We pray that the good Lord continues to wipe the tears of his children through this Clinic. Amen.
Mr and Mrs A.J”

“I never thought I would have issues with fertility, because within one year of marriage I conceived and delivered my son. Having a second child became an uphill task. Series of test revealed I couldn’t conceive naturally and had to undergo IVF, so I had no choice but to commence treatment. The IVF journey is one of the most difficult things I have had to do in life, but the help and support of the Bridge Clinic Staff made it somewhat easy.
It felt like they were family to me, talking to them was so easy ( the emotional support was next to none) I am so grateful I choose the Bridge Clinic for this experience. I am almost 8weeks pregnant and I am more than glad I was able to achieve pregnancy in my first ever IVF cycle. I praise Almighty God who is the giver of Children and I am thankful to the Bridge Clinic PHC family for being the instrument in the hands of God.
I will always remember you guys, God bless you all.
Mrs O.A”

“After 3 years of TTC, our journey with Bridge Clinic started in January 2021. God remembered my family through Bridge Clinic. It wasn't an easy journey but at the end of all, our bundle of joy is breathing healthy and strong.
We tried for the first time but the first cycle failed, I and my husband weren't happy but we still believed and trust in God. We came for the second treatment and to our greatest surprise it came out positive.
my heartfelt gratitude goes to Dr. Femi Oluwole for always reminding us to always be positive and pray. The nurses they are special kind of people, their kindness and words of encouragement, all i can say is God you all. Nurse Chidinma, Ujunwa, Ruth and others thanks a lot for always calling and reminding me to take care of myself during my journey with Bridge clinic. God bless Bridge clinic. Amen!! "
Mr and Mrs Anunam.”

“Firstly, we want to thank God who by his infinite mercy made this journey ad successful one. We have been to various hospitals without any hope until our doctor directed us to this beautiful place where our testimony was made real.
We sincerely appreciate the staff of Bridge Clinic, the Doctor (Dr. Obiliki), nurse Chidinma, nurse Ruth, the pharmacy, and others. Your services were so admirable, may God continue to bless you all.
Today, to the glory of God I am a pregnant woman and hope to have my baby in my hands very soon. We pray that the good Lord who did it for us will do it to everyone who undergoes this treatment in Jesus’ name. Amen
Mrs. Chijioke”

“My name is Mrs O. E, first of all i want to thank God Almighty for his love, favour and guidance upon me and my family. Our journey with bridge clinic port harcourt started February 2021, we were transfered from their branch in Lagos November 2020. We have been trying for a child for the past 8 years now and yet to no avail,we were adviced by family members to try IVF, me and my husband came and we met doctor Oluwole femi who counseled us and assured us that we are in good hands, we started with the first stage of the treatment which is buserelin and it was going on well untill we met a hitch. In one of the scan they discovered a polyp in my uterus that needs to be removed asap, so we had to put a stop to the medication and go and remove the polyps. When we were certain that everything was ok we started everything from the starting and I must confess I was really really taken care of by the the administratives of the clinic, the doctor (Dr. Femi Oluwole) she was so wonderful, the nurses (Chidinma, Amina, Anthonia, etc) they were awesome, always calling to check up on me to know how am doing, am so grateful to God for he has done it for me, today being the 21st of June 2021, I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time and that gave me so much joy in my heart, I want to advice u that is reading this testimony to keep pushing and believing in God, he will do it for u just like he did mine. Cheers.
Mrs O.”

“It has been a really long journey..
I was diagnosed of endometriosis, PCOS later on Fibroid and mild adenomyosis. Having gone through two failed IVFs in another clinic, coming to bridge clinic was just with very little enthusiasm. I had the first IVF treatment with Bridge clinic in 2019 and it failed, though this resulted into 5 frozen embryos which we hoped to use when we were ready for another cycle. We came back in 2021 this time for a Frozen embryo transfer, along the line I got a little discouraged when I was told my uterus lining was getting thick at a fast rate. I got more discouraged when I was told that it was only 2 embryos that were fine for transfer and had already made up my mind that whatever the case maybe I wouldn't want to go through a fresh cycle again if I didn't get any result from all the stress.
In all I prayed and put all my trust in God. Also, the encouragement of Doctor Oluwole, Nurse Chidinma and my husband helped me pull through. We finally got a positive pregnancy test and we are expecting our baby. God is indeed great! Just to encourage everyone out there, the road might seem really difficult and tiring but it is all worth it at the end.
Mr & Mrs Obinna.”

“With unending happiness I find it difficult typing this testimony which I am penning down with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. I was glued inlove with my good friend years back and officially made the declaration in the year 2018 and since then we found it difficult fullfiling the marital dividends ie the fruit of the womb and that contributed heavily to my constant sadness though my God given man has been there encouraging me and giving me hope that one day God in his infinite mercies will abound us in his love on a very good day. This hope I entertained for consecutive 3 years until God we serve directed me to a page in the social media where I read about BRIDGE CLINIC and I did well to call the attention of my ever faithful husband of mine and since he was in support of anything that could have brought happiness to my face. He asked me series of questions about that and later adhered to my opinion not minding the cost implications. We prayed together presenting the matter to our only but living God and He showed us series of signs of his approval which we followed. We did well and urgently traced the BRIDGE CLINIC location in PH which was very tough on the first day considering the far place we were coming from. To cut the whole story short is that we drove in and was welcomed by the trained receptionist who introduced us to one trained and respectful nurse called CHIDINMA who as well showed her professional prowess in all ramifications. We were further brought to the Doctor FEMI who I can describe as an Angel in human form, she gave us orientations on our choice and latter followed it up religiously and here we are today that I am about becoming a mother to twin babies as I am 8 weeks pregnant today.
Our special thanks goes to our able God whom we serve and the management and staff of the BRIDGE CLINIC who spared no time in calling and reminding me of my appointment days. BRIDGE CLINIC is highly organized. Pls the reader help me thank God thank the BRIDGE CLINIC management, thank Dr. FEMI and nurse CHIDINMA and above all thank my able husband who stood by me and provided the required logistics including money which he never spared...Pls make una continue to put me to your personal prayers for safe delivery........”

“My name is Mary C i came to Bridge Clinic with a heavy heart but today the storry has changed,my husband and I have been married for yrs we triad many things no baby was coming until I came across bridge clinic on face book so we visited the warm smile gave us hope today we are perent, thanks to bridge clinic and all glory to God”

“It has been a really long journey..
I was diagnosed of endometriosis, PCOS later on Fibroid and mild adenomyosis. Having gone through two failed IVFs in another clinic, coming to bridge clinic was just with very little enthusiasm. I had the first IVF treatment with Bridge clinic in 2019 and it failed, though this resulted into 5 frozen embryos which we hoped to use when we were ready for another cycle. We came back in 2021 this time for a Frozen embryo transfer, along the line I got a little discouraged when I was told my uterus lining was getting thick at a fast rate. I got more discouraged when I was told that it was only 2 embryos that were fine for transfer and had already made up my mind that whatever the case maybe I wouldn't want to go through a fresh cycle again if I didn't get any result from all the stress.
In all I prayed and put all my trust in God. Also, the encouragement of Doctor Oluwole, Nurse Chidinma and my husband helped me pull through. We finally got a positive pregnancy test and we are expecting our baby. God is indeed great! Just to encourage everyone out there, the road might seem really difficult and tiring but it is all worth it at the end.
Mr & Mrs Obinna.”

“My journey to this particular day was not a straight forward one at all, lol. At a point I would say to myself this clinic people will say I am not a serious person. When I started out I was overweight and need to lose about 18kg for me to be approved for the procedure. 18kg for not actually look like a lot until you are on a clock and it is the only thing between you and your goal. It took me a while to get that weight off. But in all I am grateful to God almighty because I believe that everything went as he had initially planned. I might have been moving slowly but looking back I believe I was moving according to God’s own time and plan for my life.

My transfer was done on February 16th and I went to have the chilliest drink. Tested on the 26th of February and I had my BFP. Today I just heard my munchkin’s heartbeat and I am at peace that this whole journey was worth all the time it took.

Dr Femi walked me through this whole process like it was nothing and I am ever so grateful. Nurse Chidinma and nurse Dara too kept checking on me and I honestly didn’t feel alone throughout. The lady from the customer care lie I honestly do not know why I cannot remember her name at this time but I often joked that she was my boyfriend because really all the calls and update was so attentive ad greatly appreciated.

As you read this, know that your journey is yours to enjoy and be hopeful that everything will be worth it at the end. Here’s wishing you sticky embryos and BFP’S!! Congratulations in advance!!
I return all glory to God Almighty.
Ove and Light,
Mrs. E.S.O”

“To God be the Glory.
My name is Mrs. Dummoluwa Kuteyi, I am from Owerri. My journey with the Bridge Clinic started 4 years ago (2017) ago when I did my first cycle with the clinic here in Port Harcourt which produced my adorable bundle of joy.

Them towards the end of last year, I decided it was time to try for another baby and to the glory of God it came out successful and I am 2 months gone as at the time of writing this testimony.

The dedication and professionalism of the staff of the Bridge Clinic is second to none. They make their patients feel so much at home. From the lady behind the desk that confirms your appointments with a charming smile to the nurses, doctors, embryologist that was explanatory throughout the procedure.

A special shout out goes to Dr Tambari, Femi –Oluwole that has never been tired of my unending questions, always patient to my complains and would pick my calls at any time of the day even at night. Thank you for what you do and to Nurse Chidinma, thank you for always checking up on me and making sure I do not miss any of my drugs.

Doctor T, you rock, God bless you my doctor turned friend. Thank you, Miss Amina.
Thank you “the Bridge Clinic””

“After 7 years of marriage, trying to no avail, I visited Bridge Clinic in January 2017, my treatment was successful ad I was blessed with beautiful twin girls who are three (3) years plus now.

I came back and started another journey in January 2021 and today, 7 weeks plus pregnant with twin babies. To God be the Glory.

Sometimes I wonder what would have been my faith if not for Bridge clinic PH. The care from all the staffs including those that called from Lagos to check up on me.

My sincere gratitude goes to Dr T. Femi – Oluwul, nurse Chidinma, Mrs. Taiye, Mr. Idoko Victor and all the entire staffs.

Above all, I give glory to God almighty for the prayer answered, for using the Bridge clinic to put smiles on my face and I pray he continues to use them to help all TTC motives, amen.

Mrs. A³”

“I and my husband came to Bridge Clinic through our family doctor, having exerted several options concerning our unexplained miscarriages. We have been married for six years and considering the societal pressures, side talks and gossips, we went through a great ordeal. Psychologically and emotionally.

We heard our options from Dr Tambari. She did good in encouraging us and we went with Viva Donor IVF options.

For our first trial, we succeeded with our little one breathing healthily in my uterus.

Anyways, we are very happy that it was all worth it, the injections ad tablets, very plenty I must say but when there is a will, there is a way.

We want to thank the entire team at Bridge Clinic P.H, especially Doctor Tambari, Nurse Chidinma, Mrs. Aghogho, Mrs. Amina and others. We trusted you with all our might and you delivered 200 %. May God in his infinite mercy reward you. God bless you all.”

“To God be the gory, this is my second time in the Bridge Clinic. I had my frozen embryos with the clinic, two were transferred and one of them implanted.

I have tested positive and I give God the praise. To the Bridge clinic, may God continuously use you to put smiles in people’s faces, your warm reception cannot be compared, and may God bless you all, the doctors and the nurses, all other staff. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Jerome .I.”

I am Mrs. Imomoptimi Victor and here is my testimony for the second time.

Firstly, I will like to return all glory to God almighty , giver of life and all good things, he alone satisfies with our heart desires.
Our first attempt of IVF was a success, resulting to our very handsome son which gives us joy on a daily basis. After two years, we decided to come a second one, also trusting in God that this too will be a success.

The process began and everything went on smoothly, embryo transfer was made from my stored embryo .To cut the long story short, after the two weeks wait, I came in for my scan and was confirmed pregnant with twin babies (Smiles), just what I prayed for.

I am so grateful to God almighty for his mercies and love and kindness. I am grateful to the Bridge Clinic for your professionalism and service to humanity. God has used you guys to put smiles in many famines .As you are there for many families, He also be there for you all.”

The joy in our hearts is immeasurable.

We thank God almighty for his wonderful work, blessing and special gift to Bridge Clinic.

Our journey to Bridge clinic from 20th Oct 2020 is a huge success to the glory of God as our first cycle of treatment is successful, also, thanking God for giving my wife the strength, courage and positive mind in all her treatment processes. MAY God be praised.

God used the Bridge clinic team “This is not just a team, this is a Family to us “

Words will not be enough to tell how grateful we are to have a fantastic family, starting from the receptionist, nurse Chidinma, the pharmacist dept., account dept., laboratory, embryologists, Victor and Dr Femi. We love having this team attending to us.

To Dr T. Femi and nurse Chidinma, your guidance, everything seems so easy, we truly appreciate your effort and advice that you gave to us.
To all, including the teams that called from Lagos, all the time and efforts you had put into this work that is beyond excellence, take our cordial THANKS.

All are really efficient, organized and result oriented team. May our good God richly bless you ll in Jesus name, amen.

We are so glad that our journey is success and my wife is pregnant with twins to God’s Glory and God to finish his good works and we encourage all to trust in God and HE WILL DO IT IN JESUS NAME.”

“It was a small building ,the Bridge clinic Port-Harcourt ,even though neat.
No staff seemed above 35.
I would normally link that to inexperience. But then, their professionalism and approach stood out.
Femi was straight ,when I asked if this process is likely to be a success. My reserved and young doctor.
“We can only try our best Ma’am, then leave the rest to God’. That did not sound like an assurance. But somehow, my heart was sure that we had come well.
Today, we listened to the heart beat of our first child in several years of marriage and confess truly the good work God does to humans through the Bridge clinic.
Thank you so much and let’s keep to Femi’s words “leave the rest to God”.

Mrs C.I.O - 29/9/2020”

“The joy in my heart is immeasurable as I write this testimony. I lost hope on having my own children but God did his wonders through the help of Bridge clinic.
At the age of 23 I lost my two fallopian tubes due to an ovarian cyst and an ectopic pregnancy ,I cried bitterly when the doctor looked into eyes and told me that I can’t conceive naturally . I thank G od for my husband who stood by me and showered me with love regardless.
I am so happy that I followed my conscience to seek help from the Bridge clinic ,wow the love,
care I received from from every staff was so amazing.
I thank Dr Femi, nurse chidimma , nurse clara, Cynthia and other staff that I came across in one way or the other. God will bless and reward each and every one of you abundantly in Jesus name,Amen.
Am so glad that my journey was successful and am pregnant with a twin gestation. May the name of the lord be praised now and forever more, amen. - 15/09/2020”

“Am so short of words right now cause my heart is filled with so much joy. I just want to thank God for using the bridge clinic PH branch to do this great blessing in my life. On behalf of me and my husband I want to say thank you lord and to my amiable doctor Femi OLUWA and my fertility nurses , nurse Clara and nurse Confidence for coming as a team to make this possible . Now am a mother of twins all thanks to God and the bridge clinic. Can’t believe that I just tried IVF once for the first time and it came out positive, twins for that matter. Infact am short of words right now but all I can say is thank you lord.

Mrs C.A - 03/9/2020”

“I want to use this opportunity to thank God for a wonderful and successful IVF journey .Also using the bridge family for their wonderful love and support .The nurses and doctors in the bridge clinic are amazing ,always giving my husband and I hope even though we thought the possibility was slim. We met doctor FEMI and nurse Clara and they took us through the IVF treatment .I t was not an easy Journey from injections to egg collection which all turned out successful. All thanks to God we are PREGNANT! And we are so excited .God used Bridge clinic to make this beautiful miracle happen. Thanks so much to doctor FEMI, nurse Clara and all the amazing staff in Bridge clinic. God bless you all richly!. Mrs C.E - 03/9/2020”

“I and my husband have married for five years without an issue. We visited several hospitals but to no avail. We decided to give bridge clinic a trial, our journey with bridge clinic started February ,2020 and we are pleased with the staff. I did my first IVF cycle and God gave us victory on our first attempt irrespective of the medical condition. The process wasn’t easy but it was worth it. After my embryo transfer, waiting for 2 weeks was like waiting forever. I did my test on the 9th of July,2020 and it was positive. My IVF cycle ended in praise, we are grateful to God and the entire team at Bridge clinic Port-Harcourt. Thanks. MR and MRS .B. - 30/07/2020”

“My name is Mrs A.A .I have been married for 6 years and for these years,I have not missed my period for once until my husband and I decided to go for test.
My testimony is to the glory of God and I want to encourage every TTC woman out there .This is my first trial and it came out positive after 6years.God did and do answer his own.Just have faith and put your trust in God knowing fully he is the author and finisher of our faith.
God is Alive.
God is on the throne.
Halleluyah. - 22/06/2020”

“At a cross road, with puzzled mind, what next? was the question on myself and my wife’s lips. Bridge Clinic was on top of the search on Google as I queried “No 1 Fertility Clinic in Nigeria” then the journey began. Our first visit gave a glimpse of hope as the staff all had smiles on their faces, which made us feel we were at the right place. We knew the smile meant there was no need to worry. We went through the process one after the other with the guidance of our assigned nurse, Ms Clara who was cool, calm, calculated and exceptionally patient with us. At a stage when we needed someone’s story to inspire us Nurse Cynthia was there for us to share hers with us which uplifted our spirit. The day to use the pregnancy test kit came and our heartbeats doubled. My wife quietly stood up from the bed, went inside the toilet and I thought she only went to urinate. I heard a loud scream of my pet name “Babe!!!”And I rushed there only to see two lines on the kit. That was the turning point and a new phase of our lives, we knew from there henceforth we are potential parents. My appreciation goes to everyone at Bridge Clinic Port-Harcourt Branch; they are all amazing, starting from the front desk, to the laboratory, to the nurses, to the pharmacy section and most importantly the Doctor. God bless you.”

“I am grateful to God for making it possible for us through Bridge Clinic. I got married Nov 1st 2008, got pregnant and had a miscarriage and since then I couldn’t get pregnant again. I went from one hospital to another no way, so I decided to try IVF. I tried four times and only one worked and I was happy but later they said that the babies were not developing well that I need to evacuate, which I did with the hope that the next one will be successful but it wasn’t. I finally found myself in Bridge Clinic, I tried the first time, it failed, the second one failed too and I became scared and almost gave up. It took another 2years to make up my mind to try again. This time it was successful. And this time it’s twins, God made it a double blessing for my family. I give God the Glory for making it possible by using Dr Udensi, Nurse Cynthia, Dr Ifunanya, Oge and Nurse Clara and others to help me. They stood by me and encouraged me when I was almost giving up on everything. I want to encourage every woman believing God for the fruit of the womb not to give up because the same God that did it for me is still alive and he will do it for everyone. I am grateful to God Almighty and big thanks to all the staff of Bridge Clinic.”

“We are grateful to God for the miracle of conception. This was our first IVF procedure, and God has allowed it to be successful. We thank Dr Udensi, Nurse Blessing, Victor and all other staff members at Bridge Clinic for their support throughout this process. We are seven weeks today and hope for a successful delivery.”

“To God be the glory, we are already 16 weeks gone. It has not been an easy journey and I’ve had some bleeding and spotting. But Almighty God was there at every stage of the procedure and we have every reason to thank Him and the wonderful TBC team of TBC, Port Harcourt. This second successful journey started in February 2014. We had our first success on the 4th attempt. I say never give up. Patience is the key. We had to wait a whole year for a suitable egg donor. The procedure started in April 2015 with injections, which one never gets used to. We thought all was going well but were faced with ‘no sperm cells’. We rejected the donor plan and prepared for surgery but God showed up again. A few cells were found and gradual storage done as a backup. Thirteen eggs were collected and, to God alone be the Glory, sperm cells were found. Only two were fertilised, and we hoped against hope they would make it to blastocysts. Day 5, the two embryos were transferred and we waited for two weeks. On the evening of Day 13 I started bleeding heavily. On the morning of Day 14, as instructed by the clinic, we carried out a home pregnancy test that returned positive. We came for an ultra sound scan which confirmed our pregnancy. Today all is well and our bundle of joy is growing daily to the Glory of God. We encourage everyone passing through this route, that God will use the skillful hands and knowledge of TBC team and that God himself will show up for you throughout the procedure. God bless”

“To God be the glory, for I was worried and scared. Today I am smiling at my bundle of joy. It all started when we got married on 15 September 2011. Four years went by without an addition to our family. By God’s grace, we were able to learn about TBC via online and decided to give it a try. We tried IVF through the Port Harcourt Bridge Clinic and it was successful. Thanks to God and all the doctors and nurses at this clinic for their prayers and words of encouragement. May God that is using you to do the good work, continue to bless and favour you in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

“I am indeed grateful to God and thankful to everyone at TBC for the blessing of our pregnancy. By the grace of God, this is my 4th child. This was my first experience with IVF and thanks to God’s grace and everyone here, it was successful. I want to thank all the doctors and Nancy, Stella, Ann, Ola, Amina and all the others for their encouragement and kindness. I pray that God will continue to bless many other couples seeking the fruit of the womb. God bless you all. ”

“I have been asked to write an essay on infertility and I think I could use many pages to express myself. I am writing this to encourage someone out there to take the right step. The rest of the story and the success you have been waiting for is at the Bridge Clinic! I had my fears but having read the profiles and success stories of other mothers, I was encouraged to try myself. I started my treatment in October 2015 and had my embryo transfer on 7 December. Before it was time for my test, I had almost all the signs of early pregnancy. Today I am 12 weeks pregnant and God has been awesome. I had 2 embryos transferred but when I had my first scan, one heartbeat was shown. This is to say that God determines what he wants to give you. Please my brothers and sisters, don’t wait if you have the resources to have IVF. It’s true. It’s real. It’s natural and so little stress compared to the days, months and years of waiting that are full of pain. A hymn to the Bridge Clinic. A very big thank you to my Doctor (Mrs.) Oyeleye for her patience and understanding. I also say a big thank you to all the nurses and staff. I think one of the greatest things you can do in life is to put a smile on someone’s face. The team at this great clinic did that to me and my whole family. I am so grateful for their commitment and all their services. You were not just interested in collecting the money, you were really interested in achieving a positive result. Thank you Doctor Fabia .Thank you Lord.”

“To God be the glory, honour and adoration. For He is faithful. God never fails. When all hope was lost, God used TBC to restore my hope and put a smile on my face. I got married in November 2013 and after two miscarriages, I was not ovulating at all between 2014/2015. As I was searching through the internet, I came across TBC which we decided to visit. I started the treatment cycle in February 2016 in which my system was no responding well for the ovarian stimulation. By the special grace of God, God used Dr. Udensi to keep trying and impacting hope on us. On the day of the egg collection four eggs were collected and two fertilized. The two were also implanted. We kept praying for God to help us. On 4/4/16 which was the day they gave me a pregnancy test, early in the morning. I prayed before doing the test and God answered me and the test came out positive. Today, as I came for scanning it revealed my baby’s heartbeat. I also saw its movement and he was 11 weeks and 3 days. Thank you TBC, thank you Jesus. My special thanks goes to my one and only Dr. Udensi. The way you took my case, the way you responded to my calls. I say to the Almighty God, continue to bless and impact more knowledge and skills for you to help many couples looking for happiness too. All thanks to all the staff at Bridge Clinic in Port Harcourt. May God of Heaven bless you and also grant all your heart’s desire. In Jesus Name.”

“We came to The Bridge Clinic, with the hope of undergoing the IUI procedure but tests carried out showed that it may not be the best option. With the encouragement of Dr. Udensi, we decided to try out the ICSI procedure. The whole process took 2 months. On the day of the embryo transfer, we decided to have 2 embryos transferred. The embryo transfer was simple with very little pain. We were skeptical of the outcome as it was our first time undergoing IVF. I was to test about 2 weeks after the embryo transfer, but I tested a week after which was shortly after the HCG injection so I felt the HCG in my system. Nurse Nancy called me in the morning of the official test to remind me to carry out the test and I did. I got a positive result immediately! The nurses and Dr. Udensi were so excited when I called them to let them know. We have been trying to conceive for 5 years and for the first time we got a positive result. We are happy with the outcome. On my 6th week scan, we saw two sacs in the scan and eventually saw two heartbeats on the 8th week scan. We were expecting twins. I would like to use the opportunity to thank Dr. Udensi for his support and appreciate Nurse Nancy, Cynthia and Kemi for their encouragement. I would also like to thank all the other staff at TBC who always had a smile on their face during the visitation days. I would also like to use this medium to recommend TBC for their professionalism. We thank God for making this process a success.”

“As I write this testimonial. I am 8 weeks pregnant. While one might think that 8 weeks is early, it is the furthest I have come to being pregnant. This is the first time that my dream of carrying a pregnancy to term that has not been dashed within antenatal care. In our three year marriage, my husband and I have dealt with two chemical pregnancies and an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in a loss of my right tube. We have been through a lot. We decided to work with The Bridge clinic based on recommendations from friends who told me that her sister had dealt with 5 years of infertility; this was before her decision to work with The Bridge Clinic. She now has three beautiful children and her reproductive issues have become a distant memory. Working with The Bridge Clinic, has been a complete pleasure. My first consultation was professional. Dr. Oyeleye was personable, knowledgeable and willing to answer all the questions I had (I had a lot!). My husband and I did not want to start immediately with IVF. Dr. Oyeleye worked with us on ovulation induction using Clomid. In November 2015 I got pregnant after the first try but unfortunately the pregnancy turned out to be ectopic and a difficult decision had to be made to remove the right tube. Dr. Oyeleye showed compassion and concern. I was touched. After taking a few months to heal, we decided that IVF would be the best way forward. In April 2016, I commenced the protocol that Dr Oyeleye and Dr. Udenis had laid out for me. I was pleasantly surprised, contrary to everything. I previously feared the process that was no horrible. Dr. Oyeleye and Dr. Udensi did everything to ensure an optimal and safe egg stimulation, collection and embryo transfer. It also helped that everyone at the clinic was so kind. There was always a smile from the receptionist and some words of encouragement or show of concern. Nurse Kemi was my assigned nurse. The other staff members took the time to know my name and to familiarise themselves with my case. When the protocol was over, and my positive result was confirmed, everyone (medical and non- medical staff) took the time to personally congratulate me. I have now been referred to another clinic for antenatal care. While I am happy to be moving to the next phase of this journey I will certainly miss the compassion and professionalism. The Bridge staff showed compassion throughout the entire time. There was never a time when I called Dr. Oyeleye that she didn’t answer my call or get back to me. There was never a time I sat in the waiting room for longer than necessary during an appointment. If I needed to change an appointment time, the clinic was ready to work with me. I could go on. I would highly recommend TBC to anyone looking for reproductive assistance. The quality of care is worth every penny. As a total package, TBC ticks all the boxes.”

“God makes everything beautiful in His own time. I had an ICSI done which failed. Seven spare embryos were frozen and we were asked to come for a frozen embryo transfer. My husband and I started the process. On the day of the embryo transfer, I was told four were dead. One was graded 3CC and two were early blastocysts. I was so scared, but I kept telling myself that if one can get to blastocyst stage, it will stay. We kept praying to God. My wonderful doctor (Dr. Oyeleye) and the whole team were all there to support me. Even with my phobia for oral drugs, I kept taking the drugs diligently. I decided to take the pregnancy test two days before the date (5 August 2016), I noticed a faint line. I was still skeptical so I decided to take a blood test and it came out positive. I couldn’t believe it (NB: the embryos transferred were 3CC and 2). I repeated another urine test and it came out positive. I shouted out with joy I am pregnant! Today my baby is 7 weeks and 2 days old and doing well. I want to thank everyone at Bridge Clinic (Dr. Oyeleye, nurses Kemi and Cynthia as well as Nancy and Ola) and all the others for being there for me. Embryologists, thank you for showing my baby love during his stay with you in the lab. Muah! I love you all!”

“Our journey towards Bridge Clinic started sometime in April. We began to consider visiting the clinic and finally came to Bridge Clinic for many reasons. (1) We heard people’s testimonies, particularly my aunt’s. She used the Lagos branch in 2001 once and it worked out. (2) We guessed since Bridge Clinic pioneered IVF it would be more professional. We came here optimistic that it would work for us the first time, despite discouragement about the failure rate. The treatment started on the 6th of June. I never envisioned that the injections were going to be hellish. I had my fear about egg collection and so many other things. With encouragement from Dr. Ifeoma, nurse Kemi and Nancy, I was able to go through the treatment. However, two days before the embryo transfer I needed surgery for a Bartholin cyst. I never knew I would have to start taking injections afresh. I was shocked to hear that. I started again. Then, during the process, there was some mix up with tablets. I started taking them earlier than required. The treatment was cancelled again and I had to start over. I was heartbroken. To God be the glory as I got over the disappointment and started the treatment for the third time. In the meantime, the embryo was frozen. Today I am here for my five-week scan and thanks to God the baby is doing well. Finally, God crowned our effort with success. I am just excited that after the stress, I am an expectant mother today. My story has changed for good. To God, who made provision for us to start and finish this treatment, I say a trillion thanks, and to the management of Bridge Clinic I say: well done and God bless you all. You people are warm, courteous, understanding and friendly. Please keep it up. To anyone at Bridge Clinic starting this journey to motherhood, please don’t underestimate the power of prayer, because at the end of the day, God has the final say.”

“I am writing to testify to the Lord’s goodness after my second experience with Bridge Clinic. The Lord saw me through the first and second time. The first time I had a son. Two embryos were transferred, but only one survived. Now the Lord has done it for me again by allowing the two embryos that were transferred to survive. To God be the glory. I am encouraging you, if you are going through this process, have hope in God Almighty, because only He can help you. I will not forget to thank Bridge Clinic and its staff. You people are too much. My special thanks goes to Dr. Oyeleye, nurse Kemi, Nurse Nancy and every other staff member of Bridge Clinic. Thanks and God bless you all.”

“I have been married for 2 years, but have been with my husband for 4+ years and not once did I ever get pregnant. I did a series of tests and was told that I could not get pregnant naturally because both of my fallopian tubes were blocked. My husband and I researched fertility clinics on the internet and Bridge Clinic was our first choice. We started our treatment in October of 2016 and after a series of injections and transplants, I am really happy to tell everyone that my IVF treatment was a success and I am pregnant. This was my first attempt at IVF and it was successful. Today I came for my final scan and to hear my baby’s heartbeat which was considered satisfactory by the doctor. I want to really voice my appreciation for Dr. Udensi, Dr. Ifeoma, nurse Kemi, nurse Nancy and Oge for making me a part of the Bridge Clinic family and treating me as if I was a relative. Thank you”

“We started our fertility journey in February 2017. My husband stumbled upon Bridge Clinic when he was surfing the internet, all the way from the USA. To the glory of God, our situation changed after visiting Bridge Clinic. We were impressed with what we saw and the whole success story that gradually unfolded. Even though the journey was not easy, with its series of tests and investigations, it was worth every bit of it. We sincerely want to thank Bridge Clinic’s staff. The relationships that exist between them and their patients are just awesome. I feel at home whenever I am there and I appreciate their encouragement and support. We were especially impressed with their high sense of professionalism. In fact, every aspect was just perfect. Special thanks to Dr. Udensi, Nurse Kemi and Oluchi, the embryologist and pharmacists, as well as my friend, the tall, fair lady I met at reception, along with the rest of the receptionists. Obviously, you guys are just wonderful. We will not hesitate to refer anyone. To the glory of God, the success story keeps unfolding as I expect to hear my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Kudos to Bridge Clinic and its staff. My husband and I are saying thank you so much. May God bless you.”

“Imela Chineke Obioma. Lord, I humbly bow before your throne. I return all praise, worship and adoration to your Holy name. A journey that started on the 30th of January 2017, with the first medical appointment on the 3rd of February 2017, has ended with a wonderful testimony. God has done what no man can do. As someone who hates needles, I never believed I could give myself injections. However, I have come to realise, with God, anything is possible. When I started the treatment and realised it mostly consisted of injections, I knew my own strength would not be enough. I prayed and handed it over to God. Honestly, God proved his faithfulness. I started giving myself injections without fear. Even when I was introduced to a new medication, which I found out I couldn't give to myself, I employed the services of a nurse. I now surrender to injections. My sisters, if I can do it, honestly, so can you. The 6th of April 2017 is a day I will never forget; a new beginning; the day I got the double lines. I prayed, cried and laughed. My advice, to anyone reading this, is to overcome fear and have faith. Fear is a feeling that can go away, but faith – your choice to believe – will remain. To the amazing people at Bridge Clinic, God bless you. You became my family from the first day I set foot in your clinic. I love your procedures and you explained each one to me. My questions were given the right answers. I disturbed the doctors and nurses yet they never complained. I can always call at any hour and be attended to. To my Doctor, Doctor Udensi, thank you so much for bearing with me. You have a heart of gold. I won't forget to mention Oluchi, Kemi, Oge, the embryologist and my good friend at the pharmacy, Rosetta. You are all awesome. God bless you!”

“The journey to success begins one step at a time... 7 years of issues have finally come to an end, thanks to the merciful God, through Bridge Clinic's expertise and commitment. It took a lot of prayers, counseling, courage and guidance before this spectacular breakthrough. Amongst others, our family’s most profound memories are of the sincerity, knowledge-based approach, customer care, friendliness, motivational skills and the brotherhood of the entire Bridge Clinic staff. These mentioned characteristics were not experienced by us alone. Our observation during IVF revealed that this level of excellence is experienced by all customers, clients and patients of Bridge Clinic, Port Harcourt. We are profoundly grateful to God for his bestowed blessings and mercies; for giving us our own baby. We are also specifically grateful to Dr. Udensi, nurses Kemi and Oluchi, the customer desk staff as well as the lab staff. We hereby recommend those who want to be parents to try Bridge Clinic.”

“My heart is full of joy and gratitude, God Almighty. I have been hoping and praying for the fruit of the womb for four years. I went to Bridge Clinic and God answered my prayers. Now I am pregnant with twins. I am most thankful for the support and encouragement provided by Dr. Ifeoma Oyeleye. Nurse Kemi, Nurse Oluchi, Nurse Oge and every other staff member: thank you all for your support and positive attitude.”

“Lord, I am grateful. In 2015, we heard about Bridge Clinic on a radio programme, "Sharing Life Issues", anchored then by the late Chaz B (may his soul rest in peace). Having been married for three years and not being able to conceive, I decided to take the bull by the horns. I enquired and booked an appointment. By early 2017, we came to Bridge Clinic, optimistic, and God blessed us. The numerous drugs and injections I had to administer were painful, making the journey somewhat uncomfortable. I also experienced severe abdominal pain for some days after the egg collection. However, a few days after the egg collection, two embryos were transferred and one survived. The last scan confirmed that my baby's heartbeat was perfect. I am currently 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I give God all the praise! I can't thank Bridge Clinic enough. Dr. Udensi treated me more like a younger sister that a patient. Nurse Oge, Amina and Rosetta, I appreciate you all.”

“We got married in July 2013 and thought we would have children immediately. Not so easy. The first year, nothing happened. We started our first fertility treatment and I was placed on clomid for three cycles. Still, it did not work for us. This was towards the end of 2014. We started looking for help and were introduced to ICSI treatment at a hospital in Port Harcourt (we will withhold their identity). Here, we started the treatment and it did not work for us. Again, it failed. We were devastated and confused. I mean, ICSI was or is supposed to be the ultimate fertility treatment? Nobody called us from the hospital to encourage us or offer sympathy. We had to bare the pain and heal from it all, alone. We did not know what went wrong or what steps to take next. This was in March 2015. We had already made up our minds to not go for the ICSI procedure again, because I was still in physical and emotional pain from the last procedure. We were both still in pain. I came in contact with Dr. Ifunanya and she invited us to Bridge Clinic. We started talking and were encouraged to do the procedure again. We started treatment as soon as we were physically ready. The journey was scary because of our past experience, but any time the fear returned, my husband and I would pray and talk about it. The treatment process was a lot different this time than at the previous hospital. We got one on one treatment from the doctors. The nurses were always at our beck and call. It was surreal. This time, I understood what medications I was taking and why I was taking them. The egg retrieval was a lot less painful, during and after; unlike my last experience when I was in such serious pain that I could not function on my own and had to take cataflam (I did not have to take even Panadol this time). The embryo transfer was carefully done with our complete attention and understanding. The nurses and doctors checked on me during the two weeks’ wait before the pregnancy test. Hallelujah to the king of all kings! He makes things beautiful in His time. He has settled me and made me a happy mother of children. Our lives were changed forever when I tested positive. Finally, I did the pregnancy test and it came out positive and it is still positive! I want triplets oh! I have always prayed for a miracle and I know God can do all things. This was our early Christmas gift in 2016 and we are forever grateful to God Almighty for his mercies and compassion. We were not consumed by trials and temptations. To God be all the glory. My husband and I and our children want to say a big thank you to every member of the Bridge Clinic team – the doctors, nurses, embryologist even the cashier too! We know you prayed for us. We prayed for you too, every day. Thank you for letting God use you mightily. To God be all the glory!”

“We give glory to Almighty God who never fails in his words; who promised his children that none shall be barren in the land; who said that for our shame, he will give us double. We return all glory and adoration to him for he is true to his word. We also want to thank our friends (Bridge Clinic staff): Dr. Oyeleye, Dr. Ifunanya, Cynthia, Oge, Kemi and Nancy, to mention but a few. We call them our friends because they were and are more than doctors, nurses or consultants to us. They are warm people indeed. This journey was not an easy one because it tested us in every aspect of our lives: spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and otherwise, but God saw us through. Having been diagnosed with blocked tubes after 3 HSG scans, my husband’s doctor friend advised us to go for IVF, specifically at Bridge Clinic. In 2015, we went to enquire and met Dr. Oyeleye who took us through the whole process. We came back and started the process in June, 2016. Along the line, polyps were found in my uterus which filled me with doubt, but the doctor assured me in her words, “Don’t worry. By God’s grace, once this is removed, everything will be just fine”. I went for a polyps removal surgery which was successful and was given some time to heal. The treatment started again in September 2016 and by October the main procedure took place. I am happy to say that my result came out positive. We are expecting our babies! I want to encourage others out there to not lose hope. If God can do it for me after 7 years of waiting, God can and will do it for you. Just hold on to him. Lastly, I want to thank my one and only husband who supported me in every way I can think of and I pray that God will continue to preserve and protect him. Once again, kudos to Bridge Clinic. May God bless you all, Amen.”

“My profound gratitude goes to God Almighty for his protection and faithfulness. My journey with Bridge Clinic started in March 2017 after two ectopic pregnancies and a diagnosis that I was unable to get pregnant naturally. We received intensive counseling from Dr. Oyeleye who advised us to return in April for treatment. We believed in God and followed the clinic's instructions, even though it wasn't easy to inject myself. To the glory of God the egg collection was successful and my embryos were transferred 6 June 2017. Although I was nervous at first, I did my pregnancy test and I saw two lines. I was very happy that it was a big positive. Today I am 8 weeks pregnant and heard my baby's heartbeat. With joy in my heart I say a big thank you to Bridge Clinic for their facilities and technology. To Dr. Oyeleye, Nurse Oluchi and Nurse Kemi: thank you for putting smiles on our faces. Once again, we say thank you to Bridge Clinic – your care, concerns, love and smiles I just can't quantify. Love you all.”

“I am a 44-year-old lady who got married at the age of 25. I had my first child, through natural conception, at the age of 32. Since then it has been tough conceiving, despite all attempts. I underwent three unsuccessful IVFs, two via Bridge Clinic, after which I gave up. In 2016, I decided to try again and was looking for a place to go. My husband insisted that we should go to Bridge Clinic, no place else. Unbeknown to me, he had been privately reading about developments in artificial insemination and probable cause of failure in the initial procedures. He told me that Bridge Clinic had upgraded to a level that would eliminate initial setbacks. I trusted him. Unfortunately, there were complications at 24 weeks and I lost the twins. My life was clearly in danger due to an acknowledged error of judgment on the part of the resident hospital. I was devastated. My nurse at Bridge Clinic, Cynthia, listened as I narrated what had happened. She was excellent and encouraged me. The Doctors were amazing. They told me to get back on my feet, come in and use the frozen embryos – they reminded me that my babies were still in them. They were very professional and caring. I got discharged from the hospital and drove straight to Bridge Clinic. Dr. Ifeoma Oyeleye., who was my contact, felt my pain. She was very caring. One month after the other, the brilliant Dr. Fabian transferred frozen embryos and they implanted again. As I write this, I am 7 weeks pregnant, courtesy of a clinic with such professional excellence that is yet to be matched by any other fertility clinic in the country. Special thanks to the entire clinic staff – the doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff and oh, you Kemi, I didn't forget you.”

“This journey of procreation turned from the proverbial 40 days to 40 years in the wilderness! Having married in 2011, my dear husband and I thought we would take two additional years to just enjoy ourselves before starting a family. After all, “age was on my side”. Imagine the shock, pain and despair when we actively started trying in 2013 without experiencing ONE missed period! We didn’t know what to do and where to begin. Then we started our journey, trying everything from church programmes and different hospitals to herbal medications (some extremely bitter and smelly, I must confess). All the while enduring pitiful words, encouragement and advice from family and friends. We also had to contend with side gossip and mocking sympathy from foes. My sister then encouraged me to actively pursue IVF. My office colleagues further encouraged me by strongly recommending Bridge Clinic. We were off to a very slow start, I must confess, but my husband encouraged me all the way through, especially when it had to do with all those injections! I never believed I could inject myself, let alone every month. Then, off course, Doctor Google made me really scared that the process wouldn’t work, after reading other people’s negative stories. But, here I am today, staring at the picture of my beautiful baby’s heartbeat and fetal pole. I still can’t believe it, I’m a parent! I want to say a very big thank you to the entire Bridge Clinic staff. Especially Dr. Oyeleye (who made the whole process seem so effortless), Nurse Kemi (my go-to person whenever I coughed or sneezed), Nurse Cynthia (for the encouragement), Oge (who bore my snappy moods with a smile) and Mopheth Pharmacy (for their support and understanding). I LOVE YOU ALL. Please let me stop here so that I can go start celebrating full time with my darling husband. Kisses. ”

“Great thanks to God Almighty! We also appreciate the efforts of the management and staff at Bridge Clinic, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, for making us parents. We were married for a few years and heard about Bridge Clinic. We went there, did a series of tests as instructed and had the first IVF in May 2015, but failed to get a frozen embryo. The Almighty God heard our prayers in June 2016 as we summoned up the courage for another IVF. Today I am a proud, pregnant mother. The baby has come to stay. Indeed, God answers prayers. My joy is full as an expectant mother as we believe that God gives children in his time. He who has made it possible will continually guide, protect, preserve and sustain my pregnancy and at the right time I shall deliver safely in Jesus’ name, amen. Special thanks to Dr. Oyeleye and team and my husband for his prayers. We give God the glory, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

“With a heart full of joy, I want to give all praise and honour to the God who will never ever fail, my sweet and wonderful God. I also want to thank God for the day I discovered Bridge Clinic, because God used Bridge Clinic to make my heart’s desire come to pass. This is my testimonial to the glory of God. I first came to Bridge Clinic in 2012. God blessed me with a baby boy. I came back in 2016 and God used them again to give me twins. This is wonderful beyond words. God is using Bridge Clinic to put smiles and happiness in the lives of families all over the world. This is the place to come. I am writing to every family that will read this: when you come to Bridge Clinic your family will not regret it because they take their jobs seriously. I am proud of every member of their staff. Each and every staff member at Bridge Clinic is a blessing to me and my family. Words are not enough to express everything I feel in my heart for Bridge Clinic. They were a great blessing to me and my family. When you come to Bridge Clinic, come with great expectation and they will not fail you, by God’s grace. Bridge Clinic will always give appointments and keep to them. They will always call you for your tests and encourage you during the process. They will help manage your health all the way through the process. They are a blessing in our generation. From the first day of my treatment, to the day I did my egg collection, it was good news all the way. They collected my eggs, injected and transferred two and they, by the grace of God, became twins in my womb. My special thanks go to my wonderful and hardworking doctor, Mrs Ifeoma Oyeleye; to all the wonderful nurses; and all the staff working in Bridge Clinic. Keep up the good work and God will continue to use you guys to do great work.”

“We thank God for his mercy in our life and family. We also thank God for using Bridge Clinic that put smiles on our faces after 6 years. In fact, we didn’t believe it when a friend directed us to Bridge Clinic. We said, ‘let’s try our luck’, and today we have so much happiness in our home. Bridge Clinic attended to us in such a way that we started wondering. The nurses kept calling, often asking us how we were. Even Doctor Udensi, who is the best Doctor I have ever met. I will never forget him because he really took care of us. The clinic was very nice to us; the nurses and everybody else were so friendly. It made me feel at ease. I thank God for that clinic. They have given us much to remember. God answered our prayers through Bridge Clinic. We are grateful to God because he has returned our joy. Once again, thank you Bridge Clinic.”

“To God be the Glory First of all, I give God the glory. My special thanks go to almighty God for his infinite mercy and grace and for making this IVF journey a success. He is an awesome, magnificent, wonderful God. I thank him a million times. God is the giver of children; children are a blessing from him. Put your trust in God, he never fails. I return all glory, adoration, thanksgiving, praise and honour back to him alone. My husband and I got married in June 2012. For four years I did not miss my period and talked less of getting pregnant. My husband and I agreed on IVF, but didn’t know of any hospital offering it here in Port Harcourt. My husband’s friend’s wife recommended us to Bridge Clinic through the help of her doctor in Aba. We came to Bridge Clinic on January the 8th in 2016. The screening test was okay. My first scan showed that I had endometrial polyps in my womb. I was asked to have it removed, which took almost two months, before the commencement of IFV. At last God miraculously removed it from my womb. Another challenge we encountered was my husband’s diabetes. He was told that he would have to undergo surgery to retrieve more sperm cells – or that we should consider donor sperm. This was a hard decision for us to make, knowing the consequences it would have. I started my treatment cycle on the 7th of May 2016, taking my injection every night. The injection treatment was a success. It taught me how to inject myself. The egg retrieval was a success. Ten eggs were collected, four fertilised and my husband’s surgery was a success. God healed him speedily. Sperm cells were retrieved from him. Two embryos were implanted into my womb. I was asked by my doctor to do a pregnancy test in two weeks’ time. During the two-week waiting period, I prayed and fasted and sowed seeds to God for perfection and protection. Because I had faith that he had done it. Two days before my pregnancy test on the 30th of June, I had a dream that my pregnancy test would be negative. I had abdominal pain and woke up from the dream. My stomach still hurt. I placed my hands on my stomach and asked it to stop, in the name of God, and instantly the pain ceased. On the 30th of June 2016 I did my pregnancy test and it was positive. Doctor Nwanna was the first to call. She was very happy for me. Others called later on. A week later I went for my first scan in the hospital. The baby was okay. The doctor saw one mass in my womb. I am very grateful to God that at last I was finally pregnant. I will not fail to thank my lovely husband, who stood by me, for his support and care. My special thanks go to my pastor and his lovely wife for the daily prayers, words of wisdom and for allowing God to use them as a medium to contribute to the success of the IVF. I am also grateful to all the staff of Bridge Clinic for their concerns, support, care and words of encouragement. They are wonderful people to be with – so nice, kind-hearted. The doctors – Nwanna, Udensi, Fiebia – and the nurses – Cynthia, Kemi, Ola, Nancy, Amina and Oge.”

“My name is Mrs A.A .I have been married for 6 years and for these years,I have not missed my period for once until my husband and I decided to go for test.
My testimony is to the glory of God and I want to encourage every TTC woman out there .This is my first trial and it came out positive after 6years.God did and do answer his own.Just have faith and put your trust in God knowing fully he is the author and finisher of our faith.
God is Alive.
God is on the throne.
Halleluyah. - 22/6/2020”

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