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Public Advisory on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Public Advisory on the COVID-19 Pandemic

10:41 23rd March 2020 | COVID-19

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Esteemed patients...

It is no longer news that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a global pandemic, and with the recent announcement of 12 cases in Nigeria, Bridge Clinic wants to ensure that all our patients take extra care to keep safe during this tense time. The health of you and your family is our priority, which is why we want you to note that, due to this event, we will be unable to physically treat clients who qualify as "International clients". This includes all clients who have been to and returned from the *Bands A,B,C (as categorized for COVID-19) countries/territories within the past 14 days.
We deeply appreciate your interest in our brand and more importantly, your trust in our ability to give you the very best fertility care. Rest assured, these measures are only precautionary and made with no intent to discriminate against any individual. 

In the interim, all international clients who have commenced treatment with us need not worry as all Bridge Clinic branches have also taken proactive steps to keep clients and our staff safe by installing hand sanitizers at different points in and around our facility as well as temperature checks at points of entry. These steps are essential towards ensuring that we provide you with a safe medical environment where you can access care without concerns about the ongoing global pandemic.

We are keeping faith that COVID-19 will run its course and eventually be eradicated. While the world waits for this development, we hope that you and your family remain protected until we can assist with fulfilling your dreams of conception.

On a final note, we strongly recommend that you take note of the following tips that would help ensure you safeguard yourself and your family from the ongoing pandemic. 

Advice for returning travellers with no symptoms of COVID-19

  • Returning from countries/territories listed in Band A: Self-isolate for 14 days. See below advice for if you develop symptoms.

  • Returning from countries/territories listed in Band B: Self-isolate for 14 days. See below advice for if you develop symptoms.

  • Returning from countries/territories listed in Band C: Self-monitor for 14 days and self-isolate immediately and do not go to work if you develop even the most minor symptoms. Check with your company’s HR department to find out whether there is a requirement to work from home during this period. See below advice for if you develop symptoms.

If you notice any of these respiratory symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Please call the National Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) on 07032864444 or 080097000010 (toll-free). 

Advice for returning travellers with symptoms of COVID-19

If you become unwell within 14 days of returning from countries/territories in Bands A, B,C, you need to observe the following steps;

  • Try to limit contact with others if you become unwell after travel until you have been assessed by a health professional.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) or with an alcohol-based hand rub, especially after coughing and sneezing and before handling and consuming food.
  • When coughing and sneezing, use disposable tissues and dispose of them carefully and promptly – if you have no tissues use the inner elbow of your clothing – do not use your hands to cover your mouth.
  • Wearing a surgical face mask consistently may help to prevent spread to others – it should be removed and carefully disposed of when it becomes wet or dirty and immediately replaced. Caution should be taken not to touch your mouth or face under the mask, as this will potentially transmit virus.

Thank you always for your continued cooperation.

*Bands A,B,C countries/territories include:
Band A (High Risk) : 

  • Hubei province (China)
  • Italy
  • South Korean special care zone*
  • Iran
  • San Marino
  • Vatican City

Band B:

  • South Korea (excluding special care zone*)
  • China (excluding Hubei province)
  • Japan
  • France
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Band C:

  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Macau
  • Germany
  • San Marino
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • Qatar
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Slovenia
  • Greece
  • Bahrain
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Kuwait
  • Israel
  • Czech Republic
  • USA: Washington state and New York state.
  • Portugal
  • Faroe Islands
  • Cyprus
  • NEW. Latvia
  • NEW. Andorra
  • NEW. Luxemburg
  • NEW. Lieichtenstein
  • NEW. Malta
  • NEW. Monaco
  • NEW. Gibraltar
  • NEW. Guadeloupe
  • NEW. Martinique


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