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Saviour Babies: Another IVF Breakthrough

Saviour Babies: Another IVF Breakthrough

17:03 28th May 2019 | PGT

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There are so many genetic diseases in the world today responsible for the deaths of millions of children only a few years after they are born. Diseases such as Leukemia and several different anaemias are causes of several deaths of children every day, and hundreds of millions of dollars are pumped into medical research seeking cures and solutions to these life-long genetic diseases.

Some parents have come to terms with the reality that their child(ren) will have such medical condition(s) till they die (and that is if they make it past childhood). Some cannot afford the very expensive treatments and they resort to NGOs and health foundations for aid. Some cannot bear to see their children confined to a life support machine and would rather let natural events occur through the passage of time till the child is no more.

The story no longer has to be this way, thanks to medical breakthroughs in IVF.

Science has opened a window of opportunity for parents with children who have life-threatening genetic conditions. With the revolutionary procedures of HLA Matching in Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) through IVF, one can now have a baby whose genetic make-up is free of the defect that the family passed down to previous siblings.

Not only is this “saviour” baby healthier, the baby is also a non-carrier of the genetic condition and the stem cells from the umbilical cord can be transplanted to the older siblings to cure their defects and then progress to enjoy full recovery. In some cases, bone marrow transplant is needed too and the saviour baby can provide this.

There is some speculation about this procedure resulting from the fact that some “saviour” siblings conceived via IVF, to save an older sibling, might feel unloved or less cherished. However, having the right support systems in place within their families is crucial towards creating an enabling environment for them to thrive alongside their ailing sibling(s).

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