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Tips to help promote and preserve fertility in men

Tips to help promote and preserve fertility in men

04:44 4th July 2013 | Preserving Fertility

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There are a number of things that men can do to preserving and promote their fertility which don’t require a medical consultation. Simple lifestyle choices go a long way in helping men stay healthy and fertile. Listed below are simple but important actions recommended to help preserve fertility in men:

  • Eat a health balanced diet
  • Take regular exercise
  • Try to maintain your weight in the ideal range
  • Don’t smoke
  • Keep alcohol consumption within recommended limits.
  • Don’t use recreational drugs and finally
  • Try as much as possible to reduce stress.

The above listed may seem like simple choices that fit into every day life; they are but a lot of people still take these simple choices for granted or find it difficult to adhere to them.
It is recommended that a man should drink no more than 21 units of alcohol per week, no more than four units in any one day, and have at least two alcohol-free days a week.

Two other actions have been suggested. They may improve sperm quality parameters, but evidence that they improve the successful pregnancy rate is poor or non-existent.

  • Avoid tight underwear or wear boxer shorts – the evidence for benefit from this is very poor. One study from the Netherlands showed that tight leather trousers and tight plastic underpants affected sperm quality when worn together, but not alone! Y-fronts probably do not make much difference.
  • Cold showers or scrotal soaks – while these might take the mind off fertility concerns for a few moments, there is no evidence of their effectiveness.

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