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Infertility during the Holidays- How to Cope

Infertility during the Holidays- How to Cope

13:59 1st November 2021 | Infertility

Infertility Holiday Blues Miracles in little packages Miracles take time

For many, the festive season is centred around family gatherings, children and making happy memories. But, for couples struggling to start a family of their own, the festive season may be a challenging time. So how do you navigate the holiday season while dealing with the stresses of infertility?

We’ve gathered some helpful advice from those whose journey into parenthood took a little longer. 

1) Have a plan: Prepare for expected questions. Plan where you will go and what you will attend to minimise the stresses for you or you and your partner.

2) Be honest: Own your story and embrace your feelings. Be honest with those you trust – the more support and understanding you have during this season, the better.

3) Do something for you: Take some time to do things you or you and your partner enjoy. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to enjoy the things you love. 

4) Give back: Emotional pain tends to draw us inward and prompts us to focus on our longings. Doing good and giving back when you might not feel at your best emotionally may alleviate some of the seasonal pain of infertility. By helping others, we help ourselves.

5) Cherish your partner: If you are walking this journey with a partner, cherish him or her through this season. Having each other is something one can be thankful for. 

At Bridge Clinic, we provide our patients with support throughout their journey to parenthood.

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