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Infertility - the Good, the Bad, the Truth

 Infertility - the Good, the Bad, the Truth

14:51 1st February 2022 | Love and Marriage

Marriage Infertility Let love conquer

Infertility can be a real test of a couple's relationship, shaking the foundation of a marriage right down to its core. 

The result? 

It can either:

1.) Make a solid relationship stronger. 


2.) Weaken the core of a troubled one. 

The good news is research has shown that, for most infertile couples, the experience strengthens their marriage by teaching them life-long skills to deal with problems. 

Since infertility is one of many challenges couples may face in their life together, the skills learned can be adapted to use at other difficult times.

For couples struggling with infertility, the message to take home here is that love conquers all. 

Know that you and your partner are in this together and be sure to communicate this with one another. 

At Bridge Clinic, we provide our patients with support throughout their journey to parenthood.

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