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The Importance of Healthcare Quality Audits in Nigeria

The Importance of Healthcare Quality Audits in Nigeria

07:33 7th March 2017 | Quality Audit

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Reliable, high quality care is very important when it comes to patients’ health and safety. Why? Because people trust medical experts with their concerns, conditions and future wellbeing. If the right programmes and regulations are not in place, quality cannot be controlled, putting many lives at risk. This is not acceptable.

Take fertility treatments for example. Patients seeking help with fertility challenges are already concerned, anxious and bound to spend money towards growing their future family. They need to know that they are in the best hands possible, every step of the way.

Unfortunately, it’s not that difficult to open a fertility clinic in Nigeria as the regulations aren’t as strict as in other medicine fields in the country. So, if a couple trusts the wrong clinic (without the right equipment and proper training) they could get the wrong diagnosis and treatment plan, resulting in further heartache or worse: increased fertility or other medical problems.

We wanted to make sure that patients always receive the quality care they deserve, and pay for. So, since 2004, we’ve had a quality management system (QMS) in place. To date, we are the first  fertility clinic in Nigeria with a QMS, in addition to subscribing to various regulations and being accountable to a variety of organisations.

Quality Austria is the leading provider with regards to quality management, integrated management systems and business excellence.

Bridge Clinic operates under internationally monitored accreditation and our quality management system is certified and regulated by Quality Austria. This makes it possible for us to work closely with, and be affiliated to, IVF Clinics Prof Zech (considered to be one of the most renowned IVF clinics in Europe).

Our commitment to quality ensures that we always adhere to international standards, putting us in league with fertility clinics overseas. With an audit, we are able to prove that we provide quality services and have a license to provide specialist fertility treatments.

All our clinics maintain international standards of clinical quality and we are proud of our accreditations:

2004 – First clinic in West Africa to be awarded ISO certification (for Quality Management)

2005, 2006 and 2007 – Successful re-audit of our Management System (QMS)

2010 – Successful audit and upgrade of our QMS

2011 – Successful re-audit of our QMS

2013 – Successful re-audit of our QMS

2017 – Successful re-audit of our QMS

Get in touch to find out more about our QMS or other regulations we subscribe to.

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