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What You Should Know About IVF Mix-ups and Witnessing

What You Should Know About IVF Mix-ups and Witnessing

20:18 20th May 2017 | Medical Negligence

Fertility Challenges IVF Medical Procedure Healthy Baby IVF Mix-Ups Medical Institution Procedural Error General Negligence Witnessing Protocol Cross-Checking Overseeing Specialist Procedures Quality Management System Quality Austria IVF Clinics Prof. Zech

Most couples do not anticipate fertility challenges. It is something almost unimaginable that is only suspected after trying to conceive for a considerable period of time. However, with tests, at least answers can usually be provided and often successful treatment can be recommended.

IVF as a Beacon of Hope

IVF continues to deliver favourable results for couples who struggle to conceive, worldwide. It has become a beacon of hope f...

Why is it Important to Be Audited as a Clinic by Quality Austria

Why is it Important to Be Audited as a Clinic by Quality Austria

01:33 25th March 2017 | Quality Management

Quality Medical Care Regular Audits Bridge Clinic Quality Management Systems Quality Austria Quality Service Continual Improvement International Standards Accredited Fertility Specialist Treatment High Standards

Working with human lives is no small matter. For patients to receive the best medical care they need to choose a clinic that’s qualified and trusted to provide that care. There needs to be accountability and systems in place to ensure order and consistent excellence.

Why is Quality Important

Patients, doctors and the clinic as a business could be at risk if the right programmes are not in place to control quality. Regular audits h...

The Importance of Healthcare Quality Audits in Nigeria

The Importance of Healthcare Quality Audits in Nigeria

07:33 7th March 2017 | Quality Audit

Quality Regulations Quality Care Health and Safety Quality Control Fertility Treatments Wrong Clinics Right Equipments Proper Training Wrong Diagnosis Treatment Plan Increased Fertility Medical Problems Quality Management System Quality Austria Integrated Management Business Excellence Internationally Monitored

Reliable, high quality care is very important when it comes to patients’ health and safety. Why? Because people trust medical experts with their concerns, conditions and future wellbeing. If the right programmes and regulations are not in place, quality cannot be controlled, putting many lives at risk. This is not acceptable.

Take fertility treatments for example. Patients seeking help with fertility challenges are already concerned, ...

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