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Why Trust and High Standards are Important

Why Trust and High Standards are Important

11:41 2nd June 2017 | Uncategorized

Believing in someone and trusting in someone are different. The first is more temporary while the second is about real, long-term expectations. Trust is also about confidence in someone or something as well as reliance on integrity and ability.

When it comes to assisted conception, specifically fertility treatments, patients deserve exceptional care and support from qualified professionals. They need to be treated in a place where standards are high, by people who value honesty and transparency.

It’s important that all the necessary checks are done regularly and that systems are in place to manage efficiency and quality. After all, you can’t just trust anyone with your wellbeing and plans for your future.

Bridge Clinic continues to work for and keep your trust by delivering service excellence, backed up by independent and authoritative third-party assessments. We do this by willingly making our data available so that success rates, births and other statistics related to service delivery can be verified.

Alexander Forbes Audit

It’s that time of year again! The annual Alexander Forbes audit is underway which means our clinic’s success rates are assessed and verified by this international auditing firm. After the highest integrity scrutiny, they put their seal of approval on our performance data. We go through this process to ensure that we are true to our promises, because we value honesty.

Our pregnancy rate for our gold standard clients (patients below the age of 35) for 2015 is 48%. These numbers are higher than any other clinic in Nigeria and puts us in a highly competitive stance with our peers in Europe and North America.

Live Births in March 2017: 15
Live Births in April 2017: 12

For more information about our commitment to quality and honesty, visit our Quality Management page and read more about our Regulation and Accountability.

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