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How to Choose a Primary Healthcare Provider and Why it Matters

How to Choose a Primary Healthcare Provider and Why it Matters

19:26 25th July 2017 | Health Concerns

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A primary healthcare provider is your first ‘stop’ to address any health concerns. Health is assessed, treatment is recommended and referrals are provided if necessary. Receiving quality primary healthcare is important. Whether the goal is to restore your health or manage an illness, you should choose the right primary healthcare provider.

How to Choose A Primary Healthcare Provider

Providers have unique approaches when it comes to treating patients, so you have to think about your needs. Some patients look for someone who is reassuring; others prefer a more direct approach.

To get you started, find out if the provider:

  • Is proactive
  • Is friendly and formal
  • Treats patients as individuals
  • Is certified to give quality care
  • Is well-trained and experienced
  • Is kind and treats patients with respect
  • Has a conservative or aggressive approach
  • Listens to patients and welcomes questions
  • Knows when it is time to refer patients to specialists
  • Explains things clearly and makes sure you understand
  • Provides preventative care, not only diagnostic services
  • Has affordable rates and a payment option that suits you
  • Encourages healthy lifestyle choices, e.g. quitting smoking
  • Involves patients in the decision-making process (are you a ‘partner’)
  • Has a good reputation: do other professionals and patients recommend him/her?
  • Is nearby, easy to get in touch with, has reasonable office hours and attentive staff

Don’t be afraid to make an appointment for interview purposes. You can discuss your needs and see how the provider responds and interacts with you. It is often recommended that your primary healthcare provider becomes your partner in healthcare who also has access to other specialists should you require any. In the long run, this could save you costs.

You can also get referrals from relatives, friends, neighbours, medical associations, your dentist or other healthcare professionals.

Why Choosing the Right Primary Healthcare Provider Matters

Your health and the health of your family is important. You deserve to be treated with respect by a qualified professional who has your best interests at heart; someone you can TRUST.

The right provider should guide you to lead a healthy lifestyle and be there for you when you need medical care. Attentive care should lead to solutions to ensure optimal health and wellness.

A Primary Healthcare Provider You Can Trust

Bridge Clinic opened its first Primary Care Centre in Ikeja, Lagos. Here patients receive the highest quality medical care – that meets international standards – at affordable rates. It is the first of many to come and builds on the legacy of our three highly-accredited fertility clinics.

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