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World Embryologists Day

World Embryologists Day

20:31 23rd July 2019 | Embryology

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Our Clinical Embryologists are dedicated individuals, amazing scientists, intelligent professionals, excellent wielders of the ART* that we are proud of.

*ART- Assisted Reproductive Technology

Bridge Clinic's team of dedicated embryologists are some of the priceless faces behind the scenes of our over 2,580 live births. 

Because of our knack for quality management, our embryologists are consistently exposed to industry-standard practices, globally-acceptable processes and systems, and training that make them as effective as their colleagues in the western world.

Some of our Embryologists recently returned from Vienna, Austria where they attended the 35th Annual Meeting for ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) 2019. They mingled with ART clinicians and professionals from across the world and added immense value to themselves and ultimately, to Bridge Clinic. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear scrubs!

Our Embryologists are crucial components of helping make miracles happen in the IVF Lab. They manage the entire laboratory along with its accompanying processes to ensure that every couple is struggling to conceive a child and eventually opts for ART (Assisted reproductive techniques) has the very best chance. 

Managing an IVF laboratory is no small task – it requires people who are extremely attentive to details. Every data, every procedure, every task is all part of helping couples conceive. Aiding the miracle of life is such a big deal, but the miracle starts with the littlest details. If the details are not taken seriously, grave consequences can follow.

When a baby is conceived, it is all jubilation and smiles! The miracle of life with their helping hand is such a motivation and encouragement, however, there are cases where there is no conception, despite several cycles and strict adherence to the protocols guiding the IVF process(es). In cases like these, Embryologists can feel frustrated but must embrace the strength and the will power to do what they do best – try again and again, and again.  

When the occasion calls for it, Embryologists usually work late into the night, way past the clinic’s closing hours. Why? Well, since everything in Embryology and IVF is time-bound, precision/accuracy depends on doing what needs to be done at certain times of the day. Sometimes, last-minute decisions can be made to help couples who have a slim chance enhance their chances, and this can take several hours to execute, because gametes are delicate and their handling must never, ever be rushed. 

In a very compact nutshell, they are amazing individuals who lead selfless lives. Sacrificial? Yes? Rewarding? Yes, too! These radical decisions, last-minute calls-to-duty and overall adaptability to the requirements/demands of the job make our embryologists too priceless to us.

Happy Embryologists Day!

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