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The Art of Patience for Parents-in-Waiting

The Art of Patience for Parents-in-Waiting

10:46 29th June 2021 | Infertility - Stress

Parents in waiting trying to conceive ttc Patience

We all desire to have good things in life. For some people, one of those good things is having children of their own. When trying to start a family, some may experience a slight delay while others may have to wait a long time. In both situations – waiting is one of the hardest things about the journey.

Fighting the Stigma on World Fertility Day!

Fighting the Stigma on World Fertility Day!

19:54 28th November 2020 | Infertility - Stress

Infertility stress Stigmatization

In many cultures around the world, women who do not have children suffer from stigmatization, discrimination, and ostracism, even if the underlying cause lies in their male partners or husbands. It’s not always intentional, but it’s there.

Stress and infertility

Stress and infertility

03:25 24th June 2016 | Infertility - Stress

Stress Pressure Anxiety Fertility Treatment Conception Infertility PGD PGS IVF Welcome Forum

You cannot get pregnant and your partner can’t deal with it. You can’t deal with it either, if the truth be told. You both want to start a family but the more you try, the worse it gets. Stress is eating you up and while you don’t want to play the blame game, it is difficult not to when the stakes are so high. And the stakes are high when it comes to having, or not having, a baby in the Nigerian society. A woman is expected to produce a...

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