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Fostering Family Bonds: Open Communication in Fertility Decisions

Fostering Family Bonds: Open Communication in Fertility Decisions

17:11 3rd August 2023 | Family

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At Bridge Clinic, we've seen firsthand the importance of honest communication about infertility among couples.

Going In Together

Going In Together

16:00 9th February 2022 | Family


The journey to creating the fruit of love varies from couple to couple as relationships also vary; however, the key element in the journey is the love. There’s no love, except two are involved. Whether it turns out to be as straightforward as just one act of coitus or it involves the incredible journey of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), two individuals are involved and only ‘two can come together to make one’. An egg cannot by itself grow to become a baby, neither can a sperm; but when the two fuse together (fertilization) they can become one baby.

Fatherhood in all its Glory

Fatherhood in all its Glory

18:04 28th May 2019 | Family

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As a father, you are not only doing the duties of a ‘dad’, you are leaving behind an example that will shape the trajectory of the next generation

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