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Medications that could interfere with Fertility Drugs

Medications that could interfere with Fertility Drugs

14:38 30th August 2019 | Medications

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MYTH: It's best to stop taking prescription medications while trying to get pregnant. FACT: Don’t stop taking any prescription medications until you've discussed this with your doctor or specialist.

Why is IVF Important – Part I

05:03 11th January 2013 | Common Infertility Pain

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For the last 14 years we have seen couples come through our doors from different parts of the world, some known to us personally and others absolute strangers, sharing a common pain and an equally common need. One of our earliest couples, who had been married for 7 years without having a child, referred to the “deafening silence” in their home brought on by the absence of the noise of children. They went on to have 4 beautiful children ...

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