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Steps to IVF Treatment – Results

03:54 23rd December 2013 | In-Vitro Fertilisation

Counselling Review Consultation Donor Eggs Donor Sperms Counsellor Emotional Support

Professional counseling services are offered freely to all couples undergoing treatment at The Bridge Clinic. We recommend that every couple use these facilities. The  counselor’s role is to assist couples by exploring and evaluating all the possible treatment alternatives , prepare for the treatment ahead, and offer ongoing support .  In particular, we urge all couples undergoing treatment using donor eggs or sperm to receive counseling. Counseling is not an assessment of the couple. All information and discussion are done in strict confidence. Appointments with the counselor can be arranged through our Client-coordinators.

Review Consultation
At embryo transfer you will be given a date, on which you will see your doctor next, if the treatment is unsuccessful. This enables us to review your future management and provide emotional support. It may help you decide if you wish to pursue further treatment.

Ethics Committee
Our ethics committee consists of professional and lay people who meet on a regular basis to discuss any ethical considerations which may arise. They have been closely involved with the clinic over the last seven years and have helped us resolve many difficult ethical issues. However, each case is discussed individually before a final decision is taken.

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