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Training at Our International Partners in Austria

Training at Our International Partners in Austria

04:15 31st August 2017 | Staff Training

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Bridge Clinic recently sent their clinical team to visit the headquarters of our international partner, IVF Centres Prof. Zech in Bregenz, Austria. As always, the training experience was invaluable. We send our staff to train at these centres in Europe so they can continue to develop and deliver the highest standard IVF treatment in Nigeria.

The IVF Centres Prof. Zech: Overview

The IVF Centres Prof. Zech are private clinics in Europe that are world-renowned leaders in the field of reproductive medicine. They are committed to excellence and have clinics in Bregenz and Salzburg (Austria), Czech Republic, Italy, and Switzerland.

Bridge Clinic’s Training Highlights

  • Optimizing stimulation protocols
  • Use of automated 3-D ultrasound technology to enhance follicular monitoring and proper endometrial assessment
  • Stringent attention to egg collection techniques to ensure quality yield of oocytes
  • Innovative embryo transfer technique which significantly increases pregnancy rates and reduces the chances of ectopic pregnancies, amongst others

Why Partner Up?

We want our patients in Nigeria to experience the advantages of working with a top-tiered clinic in Europe. IVF Centres Prof. Zech operate at the cutting edge of assisted reproductive medicine so by working with and learning from them, Bridge Clinic is able to:

  • Build all our systems to be in line with theirs
  • Ensure that our services are on par with international standards
  • Improve the quality of services we deliver to our patients in Nigeria and across the world
  • Significantly improve our pregnancy rates through some of the world’s most sophisticated systems

This allows us to stay true to our values which define and guide us in all that we do.
Innovation, excellence, honesty and being ethical.

New Techniques being implemented by Bridge Clinic

Thanks to the training opportunities, we can use new techniques that increase your chances of having a baby. These techniques include:

  • Embryo selection
  • Vitrification (a “flash freezing” technique) of embryos and oocytes for egg banking
  • Preimplantation genetic analysis using cutting-edge techniques to screen embryos for chromosomal abnormalities and gene disorders
  • IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection): select the best sperm for injection into the egg

Prof. Zech Quality Management

Prof. Zech became the first clinic in the world to implement the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the field of reproductive medicine. Their laboratory’s quality management system is one of the most advanced in the world.

Quality Management at Bridge Clinic

Bridge Clinic operates under internationally monitored accreditation and is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all our patients. In fact, we were the first clinic in Nigeria to introduce a quality management system (in 2004) which is certified and regulated by Quality Austria. Being accredited and certified has allowed us to become affiliated with IVF Clinics Prof Zech.

Our clinics maintain international standards of clinical quality and our staff stays on top of development through ongoing training.

DynaMed Electronic Management System

DynaMed is a client management and electronic medical record system pioneered by IVF Centers Prof. Zech. Thanks to our partnership, Bridge Clinic has access to Dynamed which helps us manage processes and information such as patients’ case notes, appointments, equipment, stock management and batch control. This helps to ensure the highest standards of client care and safety, aligned with world-class standards.

The system also allows Bridge Clinic and the Zech Group team to share information. In this way, they provide valuable advice on the management and treatment of our patients.

Our objective is to compare all our KPIs with the excellent results achieved in Bregenz.

Bridge Clinic’s Journey

We pioneered fertility-focused clinics in Nigeria over 18 years ago. By applying safe and reliable fertility treatments and demystifying IVF we have made significant contributions to maternal health in Nigeria. We currently have three clinics as well as the Institute of Fertility Medicine (IFM). IFM is a corporate social responsibility initiative in collaboration with the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) that aims to give socio-economically disadvantaged couples access to safe, quality IVF services. Similar to our international partners, we were the first clinic in Nigeria to implement a quality management system with our ISO accreditation by Quality Austria in 2004, ahead of most clinics in the United Kingdom. We have continued to drive our ethos of quality management in healthcare.

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