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The Psychological Impact of Infertility

The Psychological Impact of Infertility

12:03 20th November 2018 | Infertility

Infertility psychological mental health Societal Pressures Bridge Clinic

The diagnosis of this condition as well as its treatment are factors that can profoundly affect the mental health of the infertile man or woman.

Training at Our International Partners in Austria

Training at Our International Partners in Austria

04:15 31st August 2017 | Staff Training

Bridge Clinic Clinical Team International Partners IVF Centres Prof.Zech Bregenz Austria Training Experience Europe High Standard IVF Treatment Nigeria Top-Tiered Clinic Reproductive Medicine International Standards Quality Service Quality Management

Bridge Clinic recently sent their clinical team to visit the headquarters of our international partner, IVF Centres Prof. Zech in Bregenz, Austria. As always, the training experience was invaluable. We send our staff to train at these centres in Europe so they can continue to develop and deliver the highest standard IVF treatment in Nigeria.

The IVF Centres Prof. Zech: Overview

The IVF Centres Prof. Zech are private clinics in Eur...

Why is it Important to Be Audited as a Clinic by Quality Austria

Why is it Important to Be Audited as a Clinic by Quality Austria

01:33 25th March 2017 | Quality Management

Quality Medical Care Regular Audits Bridge Clinic Quality Management Systems Quality Austria Quality Service Continual Improvement International Standards Accredited Fertility Specialist Treatment High Standards

Working with human lives is no small matter. For patients to receive the best medical care they need to choose a clinic that’s qualified and trusted to provide that care. There needs to be accountability and systems in place to ensure order and consistent excellence.

Why is Quality Important

Patients, doctors and the clinic as a business could be at risk if the right programmes are not in place to control quality. Regular audits h...

The fall of the Naira: Can our patients still afford IVF?

The fall of the Naira: Can our patients still afford IVF?

02:15 11th March 2016 | Naira Devaluation

Central Bank of Nigeria Naira Devaluation Exchange Rate Foreign Currency Naira Denominated Cards Liquidation Foreign Exchange Global Oil Price World Economy Survival Fertility Clinics Success Rates Cost of IVF Bridge Clinic Sophisticated Fertility Treatments

In November the Nigerian Central Bank devalued the Naira by eight per cent and set the exchange rate at N198 to the dollar. It als orestricted access to foreign currency for items that can be produced locally. Furthermore, Nigerians are allowed to withdraw no more than $300 a day from channels located abroad with their Naira-denominated cards. There are also limits as to how much foreign currency you can spend online. This has caused pr...

Why are blastocysts better?

Why are blastocysts better?

20:34 9th February 2016 | Fertilised Embryo

Blastocyst Embryo Day 5 Transfer Fertilised Embryo Conventional IVF Egg Collection Improved Pregnancy Rate Healthy Embryo Multiple Pregnancies Technologically Advanced Treatment Bridge Clinic IVF Clinic Highest Standards International Excellence

A blastocyst is an embryo that has been developed in the laboratory for five or six days after being fertilised. It is now possible to transfer blastocysts to the uterus as opposed to the conventional IVF approach which involves transferring three or four embryos to the womb, three days after egg collection and fertilisation.

Transferring blastocysts is an exciting development because recent advances in blastocyst culture and transfer...

Embryo vitrification relieves some of the stress of an IVF treatment cycle

Embryo vitrification relieves some of the stress of an IVF treatment cycle

03:02 16th January 2014 | Embryo Freezing

Embryo Vitrification New Technique Cryopreservation Bridge Clinic IVF Treatment Spare Embryos Pregnancy Ovarian Stimulation

The technique of embryo vitrification is an improvement on the older embryo freezing technique of slow freezing of the embryos. The pregnancy rates reported with cryopreservation are the same as those seen with fresh embryo transfer. Indeed, we have confirmed this with our work at The Bridge Clinic. It is normal to generate more than two embryos following IVF treatment. The spare embryos can be vitrified for transfer two or three months...

Is it ethical to transfer embryos before the 5th day?

03:07 12th January 2014 | Embryo Culture

Fertilisation Fallopian Tubes Natural Conception Fertilised Eggs Implantation IVF Treatment Cycle Embryo Transfer Day 5 5th Day Blatocyst Culture Conditions Quality Management System IVF Clinics Bridge Clinic Pregnancy

Fertilisation of the egg by the sperm occurs within the Fallopian tubes during a natural conception. The fertilised egg travels along the Fallopian tube to get to the uterus for implantation on the 5th day after fertilisation.

It has increasingly been shown that implantation rates and hence pregnancy rates are much higher when embryos are cultured to the fifth day before transfer in an IVF treatment cycle.

The risk, of course is t...

Aspire Welcome Forum Invitation

04:41 18th July 2013 | Bridge Clinic Welcome Forum

ASPIRE Welcome Forum Myths & Misconception Fertility Impartial Advice Conception Discussion Advice to Couples Bridge Clinic

We request the pleasure of your presence at our Welcome Forum. Come and be part of this discussion focusing on breaking the myths and misconceptions surrounding infertility.

Kindly join in this discussion which will be in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It promises to deliver sincere and impartial advice to couples facing challenges with conception. Please find details below

Event: Aspire Welcome Forum

Date: Saturday 27th J...

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