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What do we do when treatment fails?

04:09 3rd September 2015 | Failed Cycle

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The most likely outcome from any treatment cycle even when everything has gone well is not to conceive. This has been explained in the previous post. It is imperative that all couples undergo a review consultation after failure of the treatment to get advise on the best way to move forward. The advice we give will depend on the outcome of the cycle in terms of the number of good quality embryos generated.

Some couples will be advised to take further treatment with a modified dose of drugs so as to improve the performance of the cycle. Older women may be advised not to take further treatment without the use of donated oocytes. Although a lot of couples conceive on the first attempt, most coupes will require three to four cycles of IVF to achieve a pregnancy. Some couples may not be able to achieve a pregnancy with IVF and we make it our duty to advise every one in a transparent and honest manner of their chances of success before embarking on the treatment cycle.

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