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FAILED IVF CYCLES – Why they happen and why they should never break you

FAILED IVF CYCLES – Why they happen and why they should never break you

09:40 20th August 2020 | Failed Cycle

failed cycle lost hope IVF complications

Having the problem of infertility is enough a burden to deal with. The pain. The waiting. The periods you wished they’d come but never did. The countless pregnancy sticks that only displayed one line instead of your highly anticipated two lines. The symptoms that mimicked pregnancy but were only hormonal fluctuations in your body. The people who dropped “innocent” comments about you wasting time to get pregnant and reminding you of your biological clock… (Read more)

What do we do when treatment fails?

04:09 3rd September 2015 | Failed Cycle

Treatment Cycle Review Consultation Good Quality Eggs Older Women Oocytes Donor Multiple Cycles IVF Transplant

The most likely outcome from any treatment cycle even when everything has gone well is not to conceive. This has been explained in the previous post. It is imperative that all couples undergo a review consultation after failure of the treatment to get advise on the best way to move forward. The advice we give will depend on the outcome of the cycle in terms of the number of good quality embryos generated.

Some couples will be advise...

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