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Why is it Important to Be Audited as a Clinic by Quality Austria

Why is it Important to Be Audited as a Clinic by Quality Austria

01:33 25th March 2017 | Quality Management

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Working with human lives is no small matter. For patients to receive the best medical care they need to choose a clinic that’s qualified and trusted to provide that care. There needs to be accountability and systems in place to ensure order and consistent excellence.

Why is Quality Important

Patients, doctors and the clinic as a business could be at risk if the right programmes are not in place to control quality. Regular audits help ensure that the safety and well-being of all patients are always top of mind. QUALITY IS KEY because we value life, health, safety and best practice.

Step in Quality Austria

Quality Austria is the leading provider when it comes to quality management, integrated management systems and business excellence. They are committed to optimising the success of their customers and partners with their services and consistent further development of management systems.

Bridge Clinic has had a quality management system (QMS) in place since 2004. This keeps us all accountable for the quality of our services and products. We are proud to share that our most recent audit by Quality Austria in February 2017 confirmed that our systems are up to standard.

 What Does an Audit Entail

Quality Austria’s audit methods show success factors and opportunities for improvement for management systems that go beyond the requirements placed by the basic standards and regulations. This encourages further development and continual improvement of customers' systems.

What Does this Mean for Bridge Clinic?

By committing to quality service and continual improvement, while adhering to international standards, we are able to provide approved and accredited fertility and medical services that are on par with what’s offered in clinics overseas. The results of our annual audits act as proof of our high standards when it comes to our specialist treatments.

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