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This is Why Medical Records are Important

This is Why Medical Records are Important

07:17 1st February 2018 | Importance of Medical Records

Medical Records Patient Information Doctor's Notes Diagnosis Care and Treatments Consultations Medical Professionals Contact Information Biographical Data Demographic Information Medical Information

Medical records typically consist of self-reported patient information along with doctor’s notes on diagnoses, care and treatments. But there’s so much more to it. We want to help people understand why medical records are important. In doing so, we hope to encourage everyone to share accurate information each time they consult medical professionals.


Information Included in Medical Records

Up-to-date medical records generally...

IVF abroad? Make sure you know the rules

IVF abroad? Make sure you know the rules

11:52 31st May 2016 | Standard IVF Procedures

IVF Practice Standard Costs Popular Destinations Medication Consultations IMSI Abroad IVF Treatment Travel Accomodation Fertility Regulations International Standards Fertility Treatment Surrogacy Reputable Clinics Indian Society Assisted Reproduction JCI ISO SRD Genetic Conditions Assisted Hatching IVF Surrogacy Donated Eggs PGD Sex Selection Genetic Disorder Embryo Storage

IVF is practiced all over the world and the costs and standards vary as much as the countries themselves. Popular destinations include India ($2, 300),Dubai ($6, 800), the United Kingdom ($4, 500) and the United States ($12,000+). These fees exclude medication, consultations and IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm Injection) which we insist upon and is included in our costs.

Going abroad for IVF treatment has its o...

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