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5 Medical Benefits of PGT

5 Medical Benefits of PGT

03:21 20th May 2017 | PGD/PGS

Healthy Baby Family PGD PGS IVF Treatment Couples Embryos Blastocycts Mother and Child Genetic Conditions Parenthood PGT

Having a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy, followed by the birth of a healthy baby, is something all parents-to-be hope for.

However, there are many things that can stand in the way of this ideal – a fact that those who have experienced various miscarriages and failed IVF cycles know all too well.

At Bridge Clinic, we aim to help couples battling with infertility fulfil their dream of getting pregnant and starting a family of thei...

IVF abroad? Make sure you know the rules

IVF abroad? Make sure you know the rules

11:52 31st May 2016 | Standard IVF Procedures

IVF Practice Standard Costs Popular Destinations Medication Consultations IMSI Abroad IVF Treatment Travel Accomodation Fertility Regulations International Standards Fertility Treatment Surrogacy Reputable Clinics Indian Society Assisted Reproduction JCI ISO SRD Genetic Conditions Assisted Hatching IVF Surrogacy Donated Eggs PGD Sex Selection Genetic Disorder Embryo Storage

IVF is practiced all over the world and the costs and standards vary as much as the countries themselves. Popular destinations include India ($2, 300),Dubai ($6, 800), the United Kingdom ($4, 500) and the United States ($12,000+). These fees exclude medication, consultations and IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm Injection) which we insist upon and is included in our costs.

Going abroad for IVF treatment has its o...

Couples may want to consider carrying out DNA testing on their babies after IVF treatment to confirm that they have the same genetics as the baby

Couples may want to consider carrying out DNA testing on their babies after IVF treatment to confirm that they have the same genetics as the baby

11:01 18th March 2014 | DNA Testing

IVF Treatment IVF Cycle Gametes Couples Female Fertility Egg Quality IVF Clinic Treatment Donated Eggs Informed Consent

One of the determinants of success in an IVF treatment cycle is the quality of gametes produced by the couples. There is a well-defined age related decline in female fertility and it is not unusual to have an egg quality issue especially when the woman is over 40 before presenting herself for IVF treatment. A good IVF clinic will discuss the prospects with the clients and then offer treatment with donated eggs after they have given info...

Further Thoughts on Choosing a Fertility Clinic

03:00 13th February 2014 | Accredited IVF Centre

Quality Mangement IVF Treatment Ovarian Stimulation Protocol Maintainance Laboratory Media Incubators Room Temperature VOC Egg Collection Follicular Fluid HFEA Reproductive Medicine IVF Specialists Biological Science Obstetrician Gyneacologist Professional Body

What does quality management mean to you?
Quality management ensures that the IVF treatment that you receive is good enough to provide you with your best chance of getting pregnant. It means;

Your egg yield for IVF is optimal. Ovarian stimulation protocols are tailored to the selected patient’s parameters to assure adequate egg yield, adequacy being a function of the quality and quantity of the eggs, at egg collection. The handl...
Embryo vitrification relieves some of the stress of an IVF treatment cycle

Embryo vitrification relieves some of the stress of an IVF treatment cycle

03:02 16th January 2014 | Embryo Freezing

Embryo Vitrification New Technique Cryopreservation Bridge Clinic IVF Treatment Spare Embryos Pregnancy Ovarian Stimulation

The technique of embryo vitrification is an improvement on the older embryo freezing technique of slow freezing of the embryos. The pregnancy rates reported with cryopreservation are the same as those seen with fresh embryo transfer. Indeed, we have confirmed this with our work at The Bridge Clinic. It is normal to generate more than two embryos following IVF treatment. The spare embryos can be vitrified for transfer two or three months...

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