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How to Prepare for and Cope with Failed IVF

How to Prepare for and Cope with Failed IVF

09:32 27th March 2018 | Fertility Treatment

Conception Fertility Treatments IVF PGD PGS IVF Procedure Failed IVF IVF Success Rate

Once a couple starts trying to conceive they are usually excited and filled with hope. They have dreams and plans... which do not include struggling or failing to fall pregnant.

However, for many couples, fertility treatments are the only option for conception and the physical procedures are only one part of the process.

Fertility treatments have helped millions of couples and individuals around the world, but not all treatments are...

Management of pain in egg collection

Management of pain in egg collection

06:06 11th March 2016 | Oocyte Retrieval

Laparoscope Vaginal Ultasound Probe IVF Procedure Pregnancy Rate Egg Collection Vaginal Skin Ovarian Capsule Aspirating Needle Conscious Sedation General Anaesthesia Operating Theatre Pain Management IVF Success Rates Fertilised Oocytes Pregnancy Rates

Author: Olubimpe Adetunji, Senior Fertility Nurse, The Bridge Clinic, with Agency reports.

The 1980s witnessed a drastic change from the use of laparoscope to vaginal ultrasound probe for egg retrieval during an IVF procedure. Although the technique of using a vaginal ultra-sound probe is less invasive and associated with higher pregnancy rates, it is one of the most stressful and painful components of the entire assisted reproductive...

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