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What are the Chances of Having More Than One Baby?

What are the Chances of Having More Than One Baby?

01:53 20th October 2017 | Multiple Births

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What are the Chances of Having More Than One Baby?

This questions has crossed (and will continue to cross) the minds of many couples trying to conceive – and those just finding out they are pregnant. There are, of course, statistics about odds and theories about certain factors that increase your odds, but you cannot just look at someone or do a blood test to determine your exact chances. When it comes to having identical twins, spe...

Factors Affecting Outcome of Treatment

04:07 2nd October 2013 | Successful Treatment

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Over the next few posts, I will be discussing different factors affecting outcome of treatment. Couples need to be aware of certain factors affecting the success of infertility treatment namely: The age of Female partner, Number of Eggs/Embryos Transferred, Fibroids, Fibroids & Infertility and Hydrosalpinx. This article discusses the first two.

The age of the Female Partner
Whether a woman conceives naturally or by assisted concepti...

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